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  1. I will hit the Q show tomorrow and ask Debbie, the Minelab rep, if she knows what GeoSense is. I doubt she does, but if so, will she even be allowed to talk about it yet?
  2. Well of course the GM 1000 has no timings, since it's VLF - that's where the comparison diverges - but according to what we know so far, there are 4 timings on the GPX 6000: Normal, Difficult, EMI cancel and Salt cancel, all of which are manually selected via buttons on the control panel. Nothing so far has indicated automatic switching of timings. But yes, it would be cool if there were other timings being utilized behind the scenes to compensate for changes in the detecting environment as they occur, certainly. Perhaps GeoSense runs multiple timings all at once, not unlike the multi-frequenc
  3. Since the GM 1000 does all that too, I'm assuming GeoSense involves something more. Oh, the anticipation!😀
  4. And we will probably have to wait until Minelab publish a Knowledge Base Article by Bruce Candy and/or the engineers that explains what GeoSense PI is and how it works, like they did with the ZVT tech. I would imagine that there will also be a marketing diagram of some sort that will describe it without going into too much detail, like they did with the ultra-wide dynamic range 45 kHz tech of the Gold Monster 1000.
  5. Yes, I also have observed that for some reason, hunters are allowed to obtain permits for their hobby on government lands, while being denied to other groups like detectorists. Other examples of this are wildlife refuge areas and military reservation lands.
  6. Or it could simply be that the GPX 14 decals hadn't even been made yet, so a GPZ 14 decal had to be used to show the decal positioning for the photo.
  7. Steve, your astute observation mirrors what I am seeing. Minelab are now advancing 3 distinct lines of gold detecting technologies: VLF (GM 1000 & EQX), PI (SDC & GPX) and ZVT (GPZ). Each technology has strengths and applications unique unto itself, and so, like you said, they all have their place. It just makes good business sense to continue to refine each line with new detector models instead of just one of them. I envision a multi-frequency VLF GM 1100 in the future, as well as a lightweight and ease of use ZVT GPZ 7500. And of course the next generation of PI GPX is nearly upon us
  8. Hella good times with great friends; truly, a greater treasure cannot be found. Gerry, I'm so glad everyone could attend this memorable outing. Thanks for sharing the story and some great pics. Just a couple so far, Freakman; looking good!
  9. BTW, I'll be a stowaway inside Gerry's suitcase.😎
  10. Steve, I've been visiting that page religiously every day for awhile now, in rapt anticipation.😀
  11. GotAU, the south side of I-40 is relatively mild ground, but the north side is very difficult ground with lots of hot rocks. The PI & ZVT tech excel in that environment, but I have used the Gold Monster successfully, as detailed here: https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/3604-a-monster-month/
  12. Thanks Ht, It depends on the type of meteorite I'm going after, as well as the type of ground they're in. The Zed is superb at finding irons and the H and L type chondrites in difficult ground. VLF detectors are the go when trying to locate LL type stones, and are perfectly capable of detecting all of the above in benign ground.
  13. Looking to get my annual meteorite fix, I recently embarked on a 3-day detecting trip to the famous Franconia meteorite strewn field in the beautiful Mohave desert of sunny Arizona. I arrived at my destination late afternoon and set up camp, which basically just consisted of parking my truck. Following a typical gorgeous desert sunset, the stillness of the night under the sky's star-filled canopy lent itself to the other-worldly ambience of camping in the midst of rocks from space. The following morning found me hiking into the heart of the strewn field, swinging the mighty Zed across a s
  14. Hey Gerry, you better be nicer to Chef Rusty, or you’re going to be eating Top Ramen and Cheese Whiz at the next outing...
  15. Not many combos are worse than gold fever and cabin fever; been there, done that!🤣
  16. Chet, I have since lowered my threshold to 27/28; it's not nearly as intense and the target responses are more distinct.
  17. Dogodog, I will do a guided meteorite hunt in Arizona. PM me for details.
  18. Then try it by having someone hide the wrench so that you can't see it and don't know where it is.
  19. Mohave Mountains actually, although the range was originally named Chemehuevi. Found the nugget on the HGS club claims years ago as a member. There are multiple radio towers on nearby Crossman Peak, so EMI has always been a nuisance there, in addition to the numerous hot rocks. Cancel mode wasn’t required, but it sure was a good way to cover ground faster, looking for a tip-off nugget to a new patch; then it was time to swap out the DD for a mono and start gridding. The GPZ is much better at handling the EMI than the GPX; in fact, it’s not even an issue. But HY/Normal lights up the hot rocks a
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