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  1. I'd just like to jump in at this point, firstly i'm in the UK living on the North Devon coast and detect the huge sandy surf beaches we have locally. I have an Equinox 800 with the 15" coil and a Whites TDi beachhunter and have had them 18 months each detecting 4-5 days a week. Yes the Nox is deep but I find the TDI much deeper. I also find that on my benign sand the TdiBh is deeper with ground just clicked on and running full gain and delay set at 15. Just before Christmas I had 2 platinum rings of 11g and 12g, both giving high tone. I am in fact yet to get gold or platinum giving a low tone. I find the TDiBH just if not more sensitive than the Nox on small stuff and regularly dig earring backs and very small gold.
  2. I've noticed on the last couple of hunts with my TdiBH that i have a slight fogging on the inside top corners. Now I'm undecided whether to get in touch with Whites.Its never had a problem with this in the past and Ive had it 13 months now. I don't use it underwater, but the weather has been wet of late and of course colder.I may well sit the unit on a radiator for a few minutes without the battery pack in and with the rubber clamp off.
  3. Thank you for accepting me to the Forum, I’ve been a lurker for a long time but had forgotten my username so I’ve re-registered. im from the UK hence the username and I’ve been detecting since the 70’s in Cambridgeshire. 4 years ago I moved to the coast in North Devon and now only detect my local beaches. I’ve now upgraded my machines from a Ctx3030 to an Equinox 800, and my Whites dual field to the new Tdi beachhunter. Once again thank you.
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