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  1. Note from Steve Herschbach. This member was a scammer who joined the forum and worked the system to place a rip off ad. It was rather sophisticated compared to most so I moved the thread to this “scam thread” to preserve the discussion.
  2. To find out if a rock is a meteorite, look for the rock to be black or rusty brown, which shows that the meteorite has either just fallen or has been on Earth for some time. Next, determine whether your rock has an irregular shape with rounded edges as this is the typical shape of meteorites. https://www.mamasminerals.com/How-to-Tell-if-Youve-Found-a-Meteorite_ep_106.html
  3. any idea what the material / mineral it is? it`s very shiny, the green reflections are from the plastic lid i had them sitting on
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