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  1. Thanks to everyone's input. I pulled the trigger on the 600 and am looking forward to getting outside once the snow melts. I loved how simple it was getting it out of the box and put together. Before I opened the box I was fairly intimidated. Getting it all together was intuitive and easy.
  2. Thanks all. No one seems to think the nox is overkill for a newbie. I am really hoping for something i can grow into and this seems to fit that goal.
  3. I always said that when i turned 50 i would treat myself to a metal detector. i am fortunate enough that i can afford an equinox 600 and everything i'm reading says it's really packing a lot of punch for the cost. i'm looking for something to work across a lot of environments, including beaches. i couldn't have less of a specific need in mind- i want something that works pretty well anywhere i might pull up. if i dabble with a cheaper Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro will i notice where it comes up short? will i quickly wish i had just bought the nox? and i'm also worried about the learning curve. i don't want to spend all my time fine tuning if i don't really know how to fine tune. i realize i kind of want it all so that's why i am here for a reality check. being honest with myself, it's not something i am expecting to do too frequently right now- i sadly don't have the time. but i would love to take it on road trips and vacations as an extra something to do. maybe 10-15 days a year. Minelab Equinox 600 metal detector
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