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  1. Jen, thanks for the cool videos and thoughtful posts in this thread and the forum. All, on the subject of "good design" or "poor design" to directly solder wires through thru holes I opine this is not a black and white true or false issue. I started the first 13 years of my electrical engineering career designing airborne electronics for the USA (and friends') Dept of Defense. In this environment, such a termination was forbidden. (I recall faintly that waiver could be had, however if the circumstances denied any other type of connection and the soldered wire received additional strain relief than just the soldered connection.) Having said that, in many years of industrial and consumer design there are always cost, performance, size, reliability, ... tradeoffs. The inherent reliability weakness of this termination can be mitigated as Jen noted above if other mechanical aspects of the design prevent the wire at the PCB interface from moving under the duress of shock and vibration. So, are the BMW and Zed "poorly designed" because they don't meet the standards of Mil-Std 810? No, not necessarily given cost, size, manufacturability ... constraints. As Steve notes on product evolution, if ML has seen a noteworthy failure rate due to the design of this termination, then YES. Else, NO.
  2. http://meteorites.wustl.edu/what_to_do.htm#actlabs Salutation at this very informative website us below: (and yes, do click on those read this and this links too) Prepared by: Randy L. Korotev Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Washington University in St. Louis Please don't contact me about the meteorite you think you've found until you read this and this.
  3. This is why I read Detector Prospector for my news these days! I need good stories like this about humanity to help "positivate" me of all the bad news.
  4. This is a very informative thread. Thanks Steve. Does anyone have a metallurgical explanation why some some steel indicates non-ferrous when it rusts? I find this most often on some forms of steel wire or cable that has rusted to the core, often disintegrating when you dig it.
  5. In more fishin' analogies : My Uncle Joe's common line, "the catching wasn't so good today but the fishing was good". Fishing and Catching are different elements of the activity. You gotta like fishing (even if you're not catching) to have the tenacity to keep on "spend lot's of hours doing it" so that over time it adds up to catching. You have to overall enjoy - the environment, the prep, the travel, ... non-catching stuff.
  6. "This 6 ounce piece could not be heard with a GPX 5000 with a 25" mono attached no matter what settings we tried. This is just some of the gold that was found with the GPZ 7000 and a large coil during development. If the gold is there the GPZ 7000 and GPZ19 combo will nail it." -JP cut and paste quote from JP from his FB site in association with the "giant hole" photo he posted above. https://www.facebook.com/JonathanPorter.TheOutbackProspector/posts/1783833608524470
  7. I talked to two USA Dealers. They have been given no information yet from Minelab USA about price and delivery for the GPZ 19. They were both apologetic that all they have is rumor. They both learned of yesterday's announcement when customers started calling.
  8. http://www.infomine.com/careers/ ballardbrandon, I find infomine.com to be a good resource for all things mining.
  9. Within a year, two at most we'll be in the midst of another worldwide recession. It will be fueled by the weakening economies of China and Europe, yet will be felt in North America, too. Historically, a lot of money goes moves into gold to weather the storm of such events. So, gold is on an upward trend until the world comes out of the next recession. I'm still a working man so don't take my economic advice. The above is from the smarter people who now manage my meager retirement account since I've quit squandering it
  10. Jasong et al, My experience and that of a detecting buddy with the Zed in a USA hardrock environment is that 100% of our confirmed gold finds went high-low in HIGH YIELD/NORMAL. Some switch to low high with other ground type settings, some don't. However, my wife's large 18kt wedding band is low-high in HIGH YIELD/NORMAL in an air test. Our gold is typically 85% Au 15% Ag. Our various types of hot rock can sound high-low or low-high. I started a thread on this subject in June 2015, http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/1057-gpz-7000-discrimination/ and am pleased to find more great commentary in this thread. Sorry to be late to your thread. I have believed (from reading MD theory and discussions with experts) the gold purity is less the factor than gold size / shape for the phase of the return signal and hence tone. I have confirmed this with tin foil tests, that is I can cut small pieces of flat tin foil and on HIGH YIELD/NORMAL it rings high-low. I can cut larger pieces and/or shape some into a ring shape and the Zed sounds low-high on HIGH YIELD/DIFFICULT. Having read this thread I understand Steve's point on conductivity of object relative to ground balance point and I'll just have to ponder that some more. "Digging" in our environment almost always involves explosives so we go through a process to qualify a gold target. My normal hunting routine is to go prospecting with the Zed. Mark interesting spots to come back to with other MDs and my partner to help in discerning gold/hot rock. I have come to use the Zed high-low trend as a PART of the target validation process. If it sounds low-high and I can visibly see known hot rock rock structure at the site of the target or a lot of it in the close vicinity my analog brain moves toward judging hot rock. If I get a low-high in visible quartz, I'm thinking (well, more hoping) for a large bonanza and come back with more weapons. A low-high has not yet turned out a bonanza or any amount of gold. Yes, I've walked away from quite a few low-highs. The Zed has sounded high-low on multiple finds that ended up being equal in ounces to many, many of my wife's wedding rings. These were natural deposits spread over a volume of quartz. Again, my wife's ring sounds low-high in an air test.
  11. Super informative thread. Thanks Steve, Jonathon and other contributors.
  12. NVChris thanks for documenting your Zed repair story. Nov 12 to Dec 2 = 20 days out. I have an RMA from Minelab Chicago for the same Zed pixel issue yet have not sent it in since I don't want to be without it 3 weeks. They quoted me "2-3 weeks" for the turnaround. My display never goes blank and the thin vertical line is about 4 mm wide and does not interfere with any critical characters and is not getting worse. Been this way about 3 months. A friend's Zed has the same missing columns of pixels issue and his is continually getting worse - more vertical columns of pixels going black. The pixel issue and broken plastic footrest are the only problems I've had with my Zed. I don't do gentle well. Mine has seen a lot of abuse to more parts than the coil cover.
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