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  1. Thanks Strick. Just the help I was looking for! Makes scoop shopping hard and scoop makers $$.
  2. LipCa, Glad to know you got that sorted out to your satisfaction.
  3. I really enjoy the freedom of wet wading in wading boots. I've been looking at scoops but haven't seen one that I would trust holding up to the local rivers. From the few times I fished the Sac I recall that the riverbed is more sandy and less rocky. At least the spots I've been. If you would, I'd like to know what scoop you use, and any suggestions you might have for me to look for size and shape-wise, and that may do ok working not only in sandy spots, but also might be somewhat effective in retrieving targets from around shallow smallish cobbles and gravel too. I have stumbled on a brand - Xtreme - that seem very solid, but hesitate to spend the $$. Any guidance you offer would be much appreciated. Curtis
  4. Strick, Just curious if you wet-wade the Sac this time of year? Summer has lived up to its reputation up here (low to mid 90s) and it's probably been a real scorcher in the Sac valley as usual. Wearing waders in the extreme heat can be miserable unless you are water-buffalo-deep most of the day. I like the way you reverse the headphones so you can wear a sun hat. Never thought of that. Are they the stock ML phones? If so, I assume you must be hunting no deeper than it takes to maintain BT connectivity because no cable is visible. Thanks for posting pics of your finds. I think it's time for me to get wet.
  5. LipCa, I just re-read your post and noticed the question you asked in the above quote. So I thought the following may assist you in getting your claim in order. The "term" you are looking for I believe is joint tenancy. The terminology on the existing deed should read something very close to " 'John and Jane Doe', husband and wife as joint tenants." You are correct in your understanding that the surviving spouse in a joint tenancy takes sole ownership conveyed by operation of law. If that is the case, then the matter is simple. In your circumstance, IF the surviving spouse held title as a joint tenant with her now deceased husband, then she has a right to convey (or quit) her now sole and separate right, title and interest as " 'Jane Doe' a widow," to your sons. You must indicate on the deed how your sons will hold title in order for it to conform with state requirements so it can be recorded. I hope this might clarify a couple of points that were not specifically addressed in my previous post. It sounds like you are right on track. My apologies for any redundant or otherwise unnecessary info I may have posted here. Once again, best wishes.
  6. If you jaded old timers got hit, imagine the impact Tom's thread, together with this thread has had on somebody new to this game! Just when I thought I was getting some Vulcan mind meld with my one and only, now the language has a long drawl and has me moving coil at a snail's pace. Slower recovery speed, 50 tones, gain as high as conditions allow, and no disc. There is a lot going on under the coil that requires everything I got ... Plus. Bordering on rude.? Actually a very positive learning experience. Lately I had been going over a fresh and clean 10x30 patch where old junipers have recently been cleaned out near an old public building. Field 1 and 5 tones set for silent running looking for coins. Started with stock coil, went to 6 in when it started getting stingy. Of course I had to try out this new info and found a 1904 V nickel with the 11 inch coil. I also found a 1943 war nickel. Both firsts, but at this stage most everything is. Needless to say, I was thrilled and even though the old nickel is very worn it looks beautiful to me. And the long drawn out tone is one that I want to hear over and over. Hunting in the shadow of fred_mason has been tough. I want to publicly thank him for leaving a couple of nickels for posterity.?
  7. Hi LipCa, Clay Diggins has provided some good information and linked to some specific helpful sites. I will add a bit more if I may. I am sure you know that Calif is a community property state. But married couples can hold title as separate entities. It is important to know how the husband (deceased) and his wife (widow) held their interest(s) on the claim with you. Jointly, sole and separate, or tenants in common? If they held a partial (one-half) interest in the claim title jointly as husband and wife, and you held the other half interest, then the transfer of their joint right, title and interest in said mining claim via quit claim deed would be correct for unpatented title. I do not have a clue what BLM requires, but as far as state law being dispository you should not have any issues with the Siskiyou County Recorder. I suggest concurrent recording of the Certificate of Death first just to establish sequential document numbers to keep the official record orderly regarding this particular issue. I will say that if your claim title is held in a different manner, then the above suggestion may not work. Title issues can be a can of worms, but not usually. Each party is willing, no title insurance is involved, and the BLM rules are public. I hope this might help you some. Best wishes.
  8. That makes sense. Time to give my Equinox a full bath in the lake. If it leaks I'll get a break. If it doesn't I'll buy a scoop. Calabash, sorry for your setback. From what I've read, ML will have your back if your warranty is still in place.
  9. That's exactly what I thought after each fly rod I dusted over the years. They never seemed really safe. I won't even say anything about the reels. So far, my Equinox has avoided unplanned modification. Still afraid to even remove the coil cover for a cleaning because I know me!
  10. Perhaps this may be the unusual circumstance when Noise Cancel would be more effective if done with the coil on or near the ground? I haven't hunted where underground power lines lie, but it seems you have mostly tried all the conventional methods of tackling your emi overload. Given your situation I'd venture to suggest making all your other settings first and then play with sensitivity and noise cancel last. Trying NC with coil grounded. Worth a shot.
  11. Lacky, thanks for the river hunt update. Good to know that the floating sifter design is not impacted by fast water. It sounds like conditions were otherwise tough for hunting. Maybe better for fishing? I was thinking about you while wading my local river this weekend. I used my wading staff and felt soled river boots just to stay standing because the rocks are like oiled bowling balls when I use the wrong soles. I was scouting a detecting site and fishing at the same time. Life can be good at times! My prospective hunting site should be cake compared to yours. Still trying to incorporate using a sturdy scoop to grab targets with, but am hesitating to buy one just yet. Wondering how you were geared to stay comfortable and not slip on those Idaho river rocks. I was also wondering what you were expecting to find if things went your way? How did your detector handle in the swift water? Curtis
  12. Reese, perhaps using a few dollars in printer ink to run a copy of your finished manuscript and mail it over to Steve (or Rob) would satisfy concerns. Curtis
  13. Excellent photos of a stunning coin.
  14. Ah, an edible pastie ... I kinda remember those days ... Great story and pics of your far and away adventure Gerry.
  15. Lacky, I hope you post a report of your river hunt. It will be interesting to learn how you do with shovel and floating sifter. Even the slow water sections near me have enough flow to make a floating sifter ackward unless the shape was more or less triangular - like a ship's bow? Even then, I cannot picture such a device being practical in size sufficient to accept a shovel without constant current pulling at the tether or anchor point in my local waters. I can only surmise that the river you are planning to hunt has a very very very low current speed in shallow depth if you are planning to use a shovel and sifter. In any event, I wish you a successful hunt. I am going to hold off for a short while until I get some additional info. HH
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