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  1. I appreciate the reminder using the 6 incher to quiet things down if necessary. I have been using the 11 every time I go out lately, and wouldn't have thought about switching if, in fact, these unfamiliar emi/ground conditions force us to cover less turf per swing due to noise. Not so severe a penalty, especially if we can find some silver coins ... 1 would be great. 9 is off the charts! Funny you should mention desert Stage stops. We were talking about how fun it would be to hunt the Pony Express trail.
  2. Tometusns, Your simple advise is much appreciated. The noise cancel function got bigger as soon as I read it. BTW, I can assure you that my friend and I are going to have a TON of fun. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Tom for this useful information. I am so used to running my machine quiet/hot that I would have not considered sensitivity level as part of the compatibility equation. You probably saved us an entire day if not more!👍
  4. Fred, That would make two old coots loose in the same park. But it is the goal. I may give the WM08 a try. I believe one unit can pair with 4 headsets. My only hesitation being Our attention span when linked. 7 to 10 seconds max.⏳⌛️I think it's worth a try just because it's doable. Maybe for the first target just to see if my version of setup is tolerable to him. Will PM you if we need bail. It was your idea to turn him loose.😊
  5. At last, I am meeting an old friend for our first detecting session together. We bought our Equinoxs last March and I have used mine a lot. He hasn't used his very much. It just dawned on me that I don't know how to adjust our machines to reduce/eliminate interference with each other. The manual says to keep about 45 feet apart. That is my recollection, but I will check that simple factoid against my simple memory. But I am hoping to stay closer if it is possible to adjust settings. My instinct would be to go through my normal routine first- before turning on his detector. Recently, I hav
  6. Gerry, that key doesn't look familiar, but those nuggets look exactly like the ones I've been looking for.
  7. I will put in a plug for Gerry from Idaho here. Based on Steve's general advice that a good dealer is one you can call for help after they have your cash, Gerry has answered the phone and will take his time if you need help. He helped secure military discounts for a pair of 800s for my friend and I. Gerry made sure I had what was necessary to get started, but not more. A gentleman dealer.
  8. That ring is hazardous duty pay Mitchel! Hell, I'm a fisherman and you won't find me in Fisherman's Park. I would be too worried about my car being broken into. Metal detecting there is quite an invitation for trouble. I am really glad that you moseyed through unscathed. Ditto what fredmason said about Hwy 49. Last winter my neighbor said she was going to Holister from Portola during the height of a snowstorm. Donner Pass was closed, so she asked about using 49 as an alternate route. She's just got back yesterday. 😳 I tried to warn her. Exaggerated, but she swears off 49 even though she s
  9. Dan- Gonna miss your NM posts as they are always a pleasure to view. Looking forward to see what you come up with from the Lone Star state.
  10. Steve - Thanks for your UK trip report. Reading it made for a perfect start to a leisurely Sunday morning. Your discovery of that Bronze Age axe brought about a deep connection with how you must have felt finding something so ancient. Your feeling of a completed bucket list is evident in your "it cannot Ever get better than this perfect moment" expression in the picture of you holding it. A moment of metal detecting nirvana. Then the Roman bust takes you one step farther along history's path. How fortunate for anyone to be able to go someplace where so much world history intersected. I ho
  11. If you don't mind answering a couple questions about your coin program, are you using any disc, or do you run with horseshoe engaged? How many tones also. I was experimenting varying RS between 3 & 2 and IB from 4 down to 0. After the county sheriff arrived my concentration was shaken, even though he decided I was on my permission. I had no concentration remaining whatsoever when after the sheriff left, I had a concerned citizen honking his car horn at me. After explaining myself yet again, I was too frazzled to resume my experiment with F2. But my aborted experience with r
  12. Tom, good job sticking it out with that wheat cent! And thanks for describing your outing using F2. The wheat TID 17 is unsettling. It will make mandatory a return trip to the old site in my post. I recall getting TID 17 three or four times that resolved pure and steady. I passed. In the falsing cacophony of F2 on low I covered an old harmonica reed @ TID22 that was rock solid. Same TID with an old set of keys, but not from every angle. The purest tone that day was on a very old crimped bottle cap. I think it may be made of brass? Non-ferrous, heavy, and clean. Possibly copper. The point being
  13. For sure, Tom has a unique way of writing. He is usually answering questions. I always assumed he is bound by non-disclosure obligations and sounds constrained by intention. In any event, Tom roughly enlarges the known universe of Equinox operating characteristics by posting undocumented properties of operation. Probably skirting a fine legal line of his NDA with ML. The graphic Steve posted is timely, uncomplicating, shows his visionary strength, and the written explanations are liken to that of a verbal lapidary. That graphic settled for me some of the complex Fe/f2 "equivalence" scale,
  14. I cannot help with ID, and also cannot help myself comment on the beauty of the artifact you saved. It is stunningly beautiful! Best wishes in your quest to discover it's provenance. I have no doubt it will be very interesting. The members of this forum have a collective body of knowledge that they generously share, so you have come to the right place. Thanks for posting and welcome to this forum.
  15. During your Gold Mode testing you may have inadvertently (or intentionally) set your detector to operate at 40MHz frequency, which completely disables iron bias - both Fe and F2. Stated on Page 52 of the manual, "Iron Bias is only available when the operating frequency is Multi". This is not any different than previous firmware versions and applies to all modes. With that in mind, it would be interesting to see you run your tests over again in Multi using the same targets, various Fe vs. F2 equivalents, and, if available, a hot rock in close proximity to your gold targets. All prospe
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