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  1. I got in the creek with a Backpack dredge and soon realized that my arms aren't long enough to get down past the sand to the clay layer. I will need a hookah pump on my dredge. Looks like I need another gas motor and a gast pca-10 pump. These pumps are hard to find used. New they run around 680.00-700.00. That's more than I have into my Keene backpack dredge from the 80's with 2 stroke motor.
  2. Can't get the excavator deeper into the swamp....just right by the one road. So I think it's time to get in the water with the snakes and the gators with a sand scoop or a big dredge. A small dredge will leave behind the prize fossils but could be used to clear sand to help get down deeper quicker.
  3. Maybe I need a 3" gas fire pump and a 6" suction dredge that empties into a large mesh bag under the water . I really want to get these hand size teeth off the bottom and a small dredge won't cut it.
  4. How can I make a dredge for fossils. I don't want the fossils to go through the pump. I haven't bought anything yet...just using bucket classifiers and its painfully slow with all the blue & purple clay and leaves. We are on a small creek that runs through a swamp in South Carolina. Right now we are just going through piles of excavator dirt from the creek bottom but would like to get into the hand size teeth in the creek bottom. We are considering just using an excavator and a gas powered preasure washer to wash the fossils off the clay. Any help would save me time and money. Thanks?
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