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  1. OMG.....you are all so amazing and helpful. Sincerely, I can't thank you enough. If any of you are ever in the Okanagan feel free to send me a note, perhaps we can get some detecting or panning time in. Regards Brett
  2. Geez, you guys are amazing. I am definitely underutilizing my Deus. I am grateful for this information and this forum as I can work with the information and always get back with questions if needed. My thanks to you Brett
  3. Awesome information, very comprehensive. Thank you!
  4. I like the 9.5 as well, much better suited for poking around anything. I live in Central BC Canada so there is gold here, no doubt at all but where I am most of the gold is fine and generally deeper. I watch Aussie Gold and I see them pulling "rippers" only inches under the soil and I shake my head and only wish that I could have ground like that around me. I pan regularly, and I do ok. Definitely not getting rich but fund nevertheless. Be really awesome If I could detect a nuggie someday and cross that off my bucket list lol.
  5. I have a standard Deus with the 9.5 and 9 inch HF coils. There is gold in our area, though the pieces are generally quite small, under 1/10th of a gram for sure. Anyone have any experience or advice on hunting gold with the Deus? Most of our gold is in big rocks and cobble as well so it's hard to work around them and get the depth we need. Your thoughts? Thanks Brett
  6. Hi All I have an XP Deus that I use for land detecting for just about anything and everything. I started with the 11 inch LC coil and did very well with it. I purchased the round 9 inch HF coil and love it. I am doing awesome with it hunting on land in parks and schools and fields. I was thinking of picking up a XP Deus Elliptical coil for the occasional nugget hunt as I already own the Deus. Of course, there are other options like the new minelabs. the Goldbug and others. Any comments or thoughts or observations on how well the Deus HG elliptical coil performs on small nugget
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