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  1. tried this out today in my test area. very trashy place, my yard! set my sensitivity to 2(mx sport), still had good depth, I have reject at 50% so I can hear all the junk, found a copper penny in a hole alongside a nail. id'd the penny. also found a rototiller blade about 10 inches down, (one tine, about 8 inches long, shaped like a knife blade if you've never seen one). most importantly, the machine was easier to use and more civilized I guess. not sure how to phrase it. I'm not sure, but I don't think you need sensitivity up very high to get good depth. but correct me if I'm wrong. I also go to a local park where the machine is super noisy and jumpy, I'm going to lower my sensitivity there and see how it goes.
  2. I think you just have to buy an MX Sport!😉
  3. great article steve, I've read it several times. now to put it into practice. when you say practice coil control, are you suggesting a slow coil sweep?
  4. I meant that in a nice way too. If you don't have your sluice dumping back into the river, I don't think anyone would bother you. I've done it right on 49 at a roadside claim several times. officials don't even slow down, they can see me from the road, and I see them.
  5. I too have a couple, I don't classify when I use them, and I run them steep and fast. I know I lose some small gold that way, but when I do a clean up, I don't want a five gallon bucket of cons to pan. I also have a angus mackirk drop sluice, I run that fast too, no classify either.
  6. everything I've bought from keene has worked. I think you'll be pleased.
  7. my batteries last months, but I turn the unit off and on as needed. I don't leave it on all the time.
  8. try craigslist for a more appropriate detector. maybe thishttps://stlouis.craigslist.org/for/d/cedar-hill-whites-metal-detector/6842106176.html
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