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    nails, nails, nails, and nails. oh, and rusty nails. and now lead shot, and fishing weights.yay
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    gmt, mxs , keene highbanker for when I want to get wet.

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  1. you share it to encourage those of us that haven't found as much cool stuff.
  2. cool stuff horst, do tell when you know more.
  3. whats curious about this thread is the people who haven't commented on the news!?
  4. is gain equal to sensitivity? in other words, should I lower my gain if the machine is noisy or falsing when gold detecting?
  5. thats really nice stuff. thanks for sharing with us.
  6. could you elaborate on this? the thing that got me to join a particular club was seeing one of their members drywashing next to the yuba river several years ago.
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