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  1. gambler

    A Gold Coin Story

    wow cool stuff, thanks for sharing with us
  2. love him. 😚 1. should I be swinging my coil that fast? 2. do all relic hunters dig such big holes? 3. is it possible he is on a dump site, hence the junk? 4. what were the signals he was bypassing?
  3. gambler

    Gonna Call It A Season.....

    awesome, thanks for sharing.
  4. actually I'd love to go to Alaska and prospect. for a month. but not in the cards right now. do love your stories though.
  5. what if we're skeered of the man eating bears up there? 😨
  6. congratulations jim, you have a great idea there. does the gold and black sand migrate to the center of the flexible membrane? if so how do you get it ?
  7. gambler

    Steve's 2018 UK Adventure

    you know steve, there is a book in you fighting to get out.πŸ˜‰
  8. gambler

    A Round Whatzit

    that's it! it's a dingle berry!