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  1. you share it to encourage those of us that haven't found as much cool stuff.
  2. cool stuff horst, do tell when you know more.
  3. whats curious about this thread is the people who haven't commented on the news!?
  4. is gain equal to sensitivity? in other words, should I lower my gain if the machine is noisy or falsing when gold detecting?
  5. thats really nice stuff. thanks for sharing with us.
  6. could you elaborate on this? the thing that got me to join a particular club was seeing one of their members drywashing next to the yuba river several years ago.
  7. ever since the 35cents/used condom debacle, I've avoided beach hunting. so what does this detector offer those of us who don't beach hunt?
  8. well no one has any ideas?, have you tried contacting the manufacturer? they might fix it. who makes it?
  9. tried this out today in my test area. very trashy place, my yard! set my sensitivity to 2(mx sport), still had good depth, I have reject at 50% so I can hear all the junk, found a copper penny in a hole alongside a nail. id'd the penny. also found a rototiller blade about 10 inches down, (one tine, about 8 inches long, shaped like a knife blade if you've never seen one). most importantly, the machine was easier to use and more civilized I guess. not sure how to phrase it. I'm not sure, but I don't think you need sensitivity up very high to get good depth. but correct me if I'm wrong. I also go to a local park where the machine is super noisy and jumpy, I'm going to lower my sensitivity there and see how it goes.
  10. great article steve, I've read it several times. now to put it into practice. when you say practice coil control, are you suggesting a slow coil sweep?
  11. I meant that in a nice way too. If you don't have your sluice dumping back into the river, I don't think anyone would bother you. I've done it right on 49 at a roadside claim several times. officials don't even slow down, they can see me from the road, and I see them.
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