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  1. Just in case any body wants to get real serious, this is available... https://goldcountry.craigslist.org/reb/d/calpine-high-production-gold-mine-in/7083442664.html That sure is some pretty gold.
  2. Both items were delivered by amazon, for less than $60 US
  3. when moving lots of material, or breaking down an old drywasher tailing. I like to break the crust and knock them down by six inches or more. Smooth it out, let it dry for a few minutes, and your coil just glides. I added magnets sheathed in stainless steel to help clean up the trash.
  4. The investment is minimal, and I'm confident if you had those 2 pieces sitting in front of you, it would make sense, if this doesn't? You don't have to cut the mid section, unless you want to make a "Micro-Nox" like Steve Hirschbach's. Brett
  5. From pic right to left. I didn't want to have to try and duplicate the drill hole pattern in EQX shaft, so I used my clamp-on arm cuff from the GM 1000. I drilled one hole in the carbon fiber replacement shaft (link above) to accept the "positioning nub" in the EQX hand grip. I reduced the height of said nub until I was able to slide the next shaft sections past. Next you have a couple choices - longer screws to compensate for larger diameter tube, or judicious use of sandpaper. I chose the latter. I wrapped sandpaper around the cf shaft and slowly removed material from inside the clamp
  6. Just by coincidence, this 25mm * 23mm carbon fiber tube fits both models, so it's a "win win". I needed a 1" * 7/8" tubing clamp to make the conversion complete. I didn't want to drill a bunch of holes and not have them line up, so I used the "GM 1000 clamp on" cuff. As you can see, I trimmed off about 4" of the mid EQX section. I wrapped sand paper around the cf tube and slowly increased the clearance in the handle/clamp combo, until I was happy with the fit. Total un-extended length is 25", and could be less if you remove the coil. As for the counter-balance weights, it's just an
  7. Have you considered an "internal" solution/system? It would be difficult with the EQX cuff design, but ...? I think one of the reasons you have to add "so much" weight is you are also increasing the shaft length? Good luck. Happy hunting. Brett
  8. 2003 - that's the cruel part. The last time this was "claimed" was 2012-13, and it's obvious they didn't work the tailings - still standing tall until I broke them down. I'm befuddled by this area. Lots of shallow bedrock, obvious source, and plenty of untouched ground, yet...not putting out? And it is definitely a gold producing area. Thanks Brett
  9. Busting bedrock hasn't panned out that well, so I decided to heed Bill Southern's advice. I broke down the crust on the first pile, and started swinging the EQX 800. 15 minutes into it, and "bingo", nice little 3.2 grain nug, all rough and course like it hasn't traveled far? "This is going to be an EZ day" I'm pretty sure ran through my mind, since there were plenty of tailings' around? I guess the penny is somebody's idea of a "cruel joke"? At least it was shallow. Brett
  10. Hey Julie, Not sure where you reside, but if you make it up to Lone Pine or the eastern sierras, let me know? I'm starting to figure out an old placer area near LP, and it's still got some gold. Happy hunting. Brett
  11. I'll give you a "hint" - 2 words, first word starts and ends with an "A", second starts and ends with "Hills". Subtle, eh? Get a "Manzanar" quadrangle topo, and get familiar with BLM LR2000. We are on San Bernardino meridian (21), btw. There are about a 1/2 dozen active placer claims in that area, only 2 of which appear to be staked and marked. It will be hot soon, so maybe start focusing on higher elevations - Mazourka Canyon, Benton Range, Lida, etc. Happy hunting. Brett
  12. Dewalt 20V Max, < $150 I think, plus batteries. I seem to get a good session (4-6 hours) of intermittent use, not too sure yet? I'm just opening up cracks enough to clean them out, and it does a fine job on those. I bought a scaling chisel to help break down some of the conglomerate material, then swing the EQX over it. Brett
  13. No. Private property, I have no intention of asking anybody. Thanks
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