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  1. I like Reg's post much - he is right. For me it is just a little tough learning the grounds because I only have like 10 days a year for the prospecting living in Germany. So without the help of you nice people I am pretty much lost.
  2. best way to prevent a breakage due to falling or however is "leave the MD in your closet at home"....if I'm out using it there are always chances something goes wrong. But that's life - I'd be just very happy that ML helped me out at very reasonable cost. I personally can't complain about ML. I sent in my SDC2300 as I had the feeling that threshold and sensitivity were not correct. That was Minelab HQ in Ireland. They checked the machine and I received it back with all protocols proving the machine is OK at no charge. So when the new Nox 800 showed up I did not hesitate to purchase another machine from ML.
  3. I guess due to Simon's post I will have a much better idea how to approach the Gold in September when I go to CA. I will try Gold 1 or 2 and work in all metal. If there are too many hot rocks I will know the numbers (the once I brought from Canada read at -9) and just ignore them. I will probably check the signal a few times but if they all are HR I will give up diggin' -9 targets even tough I might miss a piece of Gold. Last time being in N-CA the ground was so hot that a VLF (I had a Whites GMT) went totally nuts. But that was a Dinosaur compared to the Nox800. We'll see if the Nox can handle the ground. My plan is to look for some nice bedrock - preferrably on the other side of the river so people with non waterproof machines usually don't take a chance ruining their machines by falling into the water while crossing the river, and try both MDs.
  4. I do totally agree with Rich except for that one point leaving GB at 0. It does not make much sense from my point of view. The machine gives you the option to match the ground perfectly by doing a manual GB(pumping the coil over a clean spot with no signal) so why should I NOT do this? I use every single bit of technical help to run my machine as quiet as possible.
  5. many thanks for the link but there is no dealer offering those in Germany and purchasing 500 pcs from alibaba is just a little too much for me :-)
  6. running 2 tones - for me - is somehow easier to concentrate on the "quality" of the sound than running 50 tons where you hear a lot of different sounds. That scratchy sound or broken up sound - for me - is hard to hear when I am using 50 tones - I run a Nox 800 as well
  7. and one additional note from my side....here on this forum you will find a whole bunch of very nice people....and I am very thankful for that...
  8. yes that is probably the right way to go. Set Iron Bias to 3 or 4 and listen for quality signals. Try to run the coil over at a target at different angle and speed. If the numbers don't change much that's a good indicator. I also have a user mode set to 10 khz. If i'm not sure I will switch over to the user mode and check my target again. A coin for example will not change much. If it is some kind of trashy target the numbers will get weired...means I have a solid let's say 20-21 target but using the user mode I will get a 30 reading popping in or a -3 or so....usually it will be trash. Another good thing to do is narrowing your sweeps where you get the best signal. Then hit the horeshoe - all metal mode - and pump the coil right on the target. If you get lots of iron sound - dig it and you will find trash in 99%..... I am still diggin a lot of trash but I am trying to prove the machine to be wrong......I have to admit that the machine is hard to beat.....dig trash but dig trash when you already have the idea that it will be trash.....take some coins with you - different ones....once you dug a hole throw your coin in and cover the hole...try again and learn the sound you will hear....I like running 2 tone...scratchy non consistent tones, good signals you hear just from one direction or short clipped sounds are usually not worth diggin' but the more experience you gather the better but you should have an idea first of what you are doing or expecting to find...all metal is very good learning the machine and pumping the coil over your target is a good way to open your eyes...please let me know how things work out for you as I am learning my machine a well - sorry for all the corrections I had to make as I am faster writing than my mind follows---sometimes
  9. I just received a pair of Q12 Plus SoundPeats and they pair with the Nox 800 but only indoors. Taking them into the field they strictly do not pair at all. My original Equinox ML80 have no probs. Will need to return them to Amazon. Which wired earbuds do you recommend? I like the idea of having a pair of earbuds especially when it rains and I am wearing the hood of my rainjacket. It's always trouble with the ML80.
  10. I had lots of trouble with HR in Canada last year. My SDC2300 went nuts. I took 4 rocks back home. I got me a Nox 800 and those HR regiser at -8 / -9. I do not expect too much trouble next time I go back to the place. I might lose some depth on Gold and maybe a small picker too but the machine will work. I was looking for an option to battle those tons of HR and for me the key to it is the Nox 800. Looking forward hearing about your testing results.
  11. I run the Nox800 in Field1 since I got it. I run 2 tone, Iron bias 4, recovery speed 6. I have some +100 hours with the machine and really like this setup. Coins pop out nicely. Just foil fools me here and there. I have a 6" coil waiting for me in California. When I go over in Septemper I want to try it on nuggets planning on Gold 1 or 2. When I bring it back to Germany I want to try out Park1 + 2 with the 6" hitting some real trashy places. Regarding your question: Is it still quiet, even though the iron bias is set to 0? IMHO the iron bias does not have much to do with "how quite" the machine acts. First thing I do when firing the unit up is a frequency scan. Then I look for a spot I do not find a signal and perform a manual ground balance (pumping the coil) - I stay away from auto ground tracking as I experienced additional noise when the machine tries to track into pieces of trash. So in average trashy areas I use manual (pumping) GB. This is what caused me most of additional noise. A good way to quieten down the machine is reducing the sensitivity. A sensitivity of 18 will still get you good depth even though I try to run as high as possible. If in really, really high mineralized grounds you may want to use single frequencies depending on what you are searching for.....small nuggets real shallow try 40 or 20 khz if you are going after artefacts deep try 5 or 10 khz. In general you can't beat multi frequency and Iron Bias only works in multi. The higher the Iron Bias setting the higher the probability the machine will identify a piece of metal under the coil as Iron. You might consider purchasing the book(s) written by Clive James Clynick about the Equinox MD. They helped me a lot understanding the machine better and swing, swing, swing practice makes perfect.........good luck to you
  12. does anybody know if there is a 3.5 mm female threaded adapter to a male 1/4"? I want to use my waterproof Minelab headphone with my Equinox (no adapter needed) and my SDC2300 (1/4" as I have the adapter from Minelab "special connector" to 1/4" female) I know this connection will not be waterproof but I will not submerse my SDC2300 anyhow.
  13. I will definitly go back there as soon the grass has been cut as now I can't get the coil down on the ground. I found a ladies ring and a spoon in that area. I hope to find some more artefacts maybe coins to know more about the time this area has been frequented.
  14. somebody told me that it could be some kind of horse equipment like a chest buckle/plate???? Does anybody know who used the sun-mark stamps?
  15. I was hunting some pasture a downhill slope where some area has been levelled out looking like a foundation of some kind. For me it looks like there has been some kind of building or similar but nothing left except green grass. I found this item. Cleaning it up I found 6 sun-markings. 3 to the left of the tip and 3 to the right. Could it be a part of a sundial? Any suggestions on the age?
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