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  1. good to see how much help one will receive on this forum. I had EMI issues with my Nox 800 and they are history now due to the input I received from you guys right here on DP. Good to know there is a family................
  2. maybe not the best idea but it would help to get rid of bushes and heavy overgrown: AGENT ORANGE
  3. Hi Mark, many thanks for your very kind offer. I will definitly keep this in mind. Are there any legal issues to take a find back home? I heard so.... Best of luck Horst
  4. great finds, Gerry! I have 2 headless lead horsemen you've got the headless horse. If we breed those we'll get some intact ones :-)
  5. i have the european version of the Compadre "Mini" it is just over 1 foot long and has a 4" coil. Am just not sure what to exactly use it for as I run a Nox800 and a SDC2300 but had the opportunity to get one at a fair price and detectors that size are rare.
  6. until

    I wish I could go but this time I should not feel too sorry as I will be in North California in September 2019 detecting and panning for gold. I'll have to schedule my prospecting trip 2020 so I can take part....sounds just great!
  7. please post a link where I can get a copy of the book
  8. using descrimination -9 to 0 helped a lot too. I was able to go back to sensitivity 22. I figured out that Field 1 is not as noisy as Field 2. I am running at recovery 4 and Iron bias 4. The combination of Field 1 / descrimination to 0 and recovery at 4 lets me now hunt places I could not handle before due to too much EMI. Thank's for all your help and input.
  9. wise words being said by phrunt! I don't worry at all what happens after end of warranty as Minelab is a company that wants to keep their customers happy. I had my SDC2300 sent in and it took a loooong time + 3 months. I have to say it wasn't Minelab's problem. The German importer caused the delay. Minelab in Ireland was real fast and a pleasure to deal with. That was the reason for me to purchase a Nox 800 instead of a DEUS. I fully trust Minelab and their products. I can't really say how much fun I have with my Nox 800. I hope there is my first bit of gold with a MD left in California.......
  10. I bet I know his name and will be meeting with him in Sep.2019 going out prospecting together. He does this to kids all the time - god bless him for! Can't wait for his very special coffee in the mornings and the good chats at night in front of a campfire. I hope my granddaughter will enjoy prospecting one day. She's 3.5 yo and lives in Kelowna, BC. As I live in Germany we just can't spend much time together. Man, hopefully there is a small nugget left for me out on the North Yuba somewhere. We'll be in the Downieville and Good years bar area. We both are yet to find our first Gold with a MD. We both use a SDC2300 and I'll bring a Nox 800 as well. Any help and good suggestions are highly appreciated.
  11. yesterday I tried what you suggested. The field I hunted has a power line crossing over. By doing the noise cancel with the coil on the ground and reducing my recovery from 6 to 4 (that had the most impact) I was able to run the machine at a sensitivity setting of 22. Except 1 button there wasn't any interesting targets to be found but the machine was pretty quiet. I have been running Field 1 - 2-tone open no descrim. I will try another field maybe today or tomorrow with power lines and cell-phone communication antennas closeby.
  12. thank's guys that's the kind of input I was hoping for. I reduced gain to 10 and it was too noisy. But.....I have a 6" coil waiting for me in California. When I go over in September I will bring it back to Germany. I am positive the field will still be there! I am using Field 1 most of the times. I will play around with the programs and see what happens. Recovery speed is a very good suggestion too. I usually run it at 6 and will try to lower it. I usually hunt in all metal 2-tone.
  13. I got me a pair of wired earbuds (sports type) and have to say using the WM08 together with those Earbuds is a good way to go for me. Especially when it gets too hot out there I don't want to use regular headphones and when it is raining I don't like to fumble the hood of my rainjacket over the headphones. To me they're a good option.
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