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  1. unfortunately the bigger gold was absent or at least it did not wnat to come to Germany with me............one of these days.....maybe I receive some good information...for me it is always very hard to find a promising area without help from nice people abroad......Living in Germany and just coming over for a week or two is not real easy...have fun and find a big one for me AU2U Horst
  2. just returned from AZon 21st March. I had my Euinox 800 and SDC2300 with me but decided to use my Nox 800 the most as i have many hours of experience on the machine. So the following setting worked very well (for me): Gold 2, Recovery speed at 6, Iron Bias 1+2 set to 0, ground tracking on (I was amazed that in different areas the ground balance would stay in the range between 1-3) blocking the number -10, -9 , -8 and + 11 + 12 +13 +14 as hotrocks were so plentiful. I was able to run the sensitivity at 22 all the time using the 6" coil. Many targets showed a wide range of ID numbers. When a single digit positive number +1 or +2 or so showed up once or twice checking the target I switched to all metal mode to reconfirm the positive number and dug it. This way I found a bunch of BBs and small lead screddings and 2 pieces VERY small pieces of gold specimen. Both together were reading at 0,03 grams. Both rang up with an ID of 1 loud and clear being so small. I just can’t believe it. If other machines will pick up gold smaller than that I would have to bring a microscope all the time.
  3. Do you know if this is expressly limitedto US military or could I get the same rebate being a retired German soldier?
  4. welsome to the forum. I'm actually coming over beginning of May 2020. My friend Joe from California and I (from Germany) want to do some prospecting on Vancouver Island and later on I will go to Kelowna to visit family and do some prospecting in the area too. I'll bring besides pans etc. my Nox 800. I'd be very happy hearing from you some good advice where to go what to do..... Slainte Horst
  5. all the places I detected for nuggets should be calles "NOTHING" not just in AZ but I'm not giving up.....comes next March I will be going back to AZ together with my friend Joe from CA. Hoping to find the spot called "EVERYTHING" (everything we dig is Gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!) We are hoping for some help from the nice people at Stanton Camp and others who might read this and want to help a German nugget hunter to find his first piece of gold. AU2U all.
  6. Dear fellow hunters, does anybody have a listing of VDI numbers for small / medium / large Gold coins? Unfortunately I don't have any othwise I could run my Nox over them. If anybody is able to help me....... I am mostly hunting in Field 1 Many thanks in advance Horst
  7. until

    if I was in the area I would definitly be there......but flying over from Germany for a few days is just out of my financial reach........by the way I will be coming to AZ in March 2020.....all your suggestions and help where to go is highly appreciated......I'm yet to find my first Nugget witha MD. I will be armed with my Nox 800 & SDC2300. Ya'll have fun 15-17 at Little San Domingo!!! Slainte Horst from Germany
  8. I can't say it works or it doesn't but some people I know would be using their dowsing sticks.......but looking at 800 square feet I would probably consider getting a dozer in and detect the material it pushed up and the ground below....good luck on you please send pictures once you found it
  9. I recovered my hunting buddy's wedding band massive 4.5 grams red/champagne colored gold I believe it was 22K and it rang in at a solid 14 in Flield 1 recovery 6 iron4 - I will not forget....this ring was lost for almost 1.5 years and myself and other people tried to find it with different machines. As there is lots of trash in the area no one was able to locate it. When I got my Nox 800 the second time out on the pasture I found 'em. My Nox rocks!!!!!!!! Big time!!!!
  10. Great finds Steve!!! Congrats!!! To me it sounds like you all had lots of fun. I wish I could have joined but went to California for 1 week of detecting and did not find that nugget but had lots of fun too. Just to make sure I don't miss next year's action do you already have the date for next year? I would like to make my vacation plans for 2020.
  11. I got my Nox 800 last December and put some 200-300 hours in. Reading everything I found (some of the stuff is better some you better don't read) watched a ton of youtube episodes (some people obviously don't know what they are doin') and took it to California some 3 weeks ago. Using both the SDC2300 and the Nox 800 I finally found enough square nails and got tired of the trash. I grabbed the Nox 800 looking for solid +1 and +2 signals in Gold 1 /recovery speed 6/ Iron 0 / sensitivity around 18-20 going higher the detector wasn't really stable and Multi using the 6" coil - thank's Gerry for sending it to my friend so it has been waiting for me when I arrived. I know that Gold can show up anywhere even giving no target ID at all but a +1 or +2 I had the feeling reducing my chances of diggin' trash and just having 1 week a year for prospecting (I'm flying in from Germany) I wanted to limit myself to "better" targets. I finally found 2 VERY small specimen. The smaller one showed a +1 the slightly bigger one a +2. At home under the microscope I could see my Nox800 was right. There is gold on 'em. What I want to say is that a metal detector not giving me any idea what is under my coil can be, in some places, no much help at all. I am happy that Gerry opened my eyes while ago to go with new technology and suggested to get me a Nox 800. If I had to have only 1 detector it would be the Nox 800. It finds stuff so darn small I could not believe it and on the other hand I find coins and artefacts with it in Germany. Remember it has 8 programs to choose from. You purchase basically 8 detectors in 1 but you need to accept that the learning curve is not as steep as with a Gold Monster. If you put your time in you will have lots of fun with your machine. The machine gives the operator full control - means with help from Steve I am able to battle real bad EMI which caused me bad headaches in some places closeby where I live. Even real hot ground I experienced with my Whites GMT 2 years ago (I could not get it to work) was manageable with the Nox800 this year. If you are new to the hoppy listen to the guys who know will pay off for you!
  12. thank you for this Video but you are NOT running "factory Standard as Gold 2 runs in MULTI and you run in 40KHZ
  13. sure don't know these headphones but I can only say that the "New Sun Ray Pro Gold" are excellent headphones. I just got 'em 2 weeks ago and they are very comfortable and sound very good to me
  14. maybe for old square nails there is a market in Europe???? I wish I could have stayed a little longer (1/2 a year or so). Next trip will take me to Quartzide,AZ in March 2020 visiting the Gold show in Phoenix and detecting. If anyone has good advice I'm more than happy to hear.
  15. Went to San Francisco and met my friend Joe. Next day we have been invited by Wes Dering to detect on one of his claims in the Iowa Hill area. On the way we stopped at Citrus Hills visiting Larry at Big Valley Metal detectors who let me try different headphones with my SDC2300. I settled for the Sunray Pro Gold which felt most comfortable and best sounding to me. Thank’s Larry it was a real pleasure to meet you! From there we went to meet Wes. He sold a very nice light and rugged pick to me before which he mailed to my friend’s house. Meeting him he showed us around the claim and off we went with lots of big dreams. I have to say that I come from Germany and have never found a square nail before. So I was wishing to find one square nail and lots of Gold. It seems like the Good Lord listened to just one part….I found a bunch of square nails but no Gold. I was lucky to assist Wes unearthing 3 nice nuggets from the same hole. He was using the GPZ7000 I was running my SDC2300. Putting 1 nugget (approx 2 grams) back in the hole and running the machines over there wasn’t any signal to be heard from the SDC but the 7000 sounded off real nice. Big difference between those 2 machines. Big difference in price also! Wes suggested to run the SDC in sensitivity 4 instead of 2 as the signals are more distinct. The machine kept stable so I ran it in 4. We had a great day and lots of fun. I was using my Equinox 800 as well. Gold 1 setting / Iron to 0 / swing speed 6-7 / sensitivity around 18-20 / nothing out -9-8-7 / ground tracking / small coil it was stable, ground balanced well but did not find gold either. Bits and pieces of lead and wire, 22 casings and square nails. With both machines I found some insane small stuff. Next day we went to a claim on the N Yuba and camped out for some days. Panning some nice flakes, snorkeling looking for crevices, using the vacuum cleaner on the bedrock and metal detector. My total take from panning is 1.2 grams. I finally found a good signal in bedrock. That had to be Gold – finally!!!!! Breaking the bedrock a small piece of very thin wire came to daylight…..grrrrrrr!!!!!! However it got in there???? Going to some other places finding many items including an old tobacco can (I was hoping for some gold coins or nuggets inside but there weren’t any) but no Gold. Second last day I finally got lucky. My SDC2300 rang up on two little pieces. They looked just like rock but weren’t magnetic. Checking them with my Equinox 800 in Gold 1 the smaller piece showed a clean +1 the bigger piece a +2. I did not believe it was Gold but took them home. Being at home now I checked them under the microscope and they are specimen containing Gold. Finally!!! yeah yeah yeah!!!! It is really sick how small of a gold these machines picked up. On my last day we went to Roaring Camp (if you haven’t been there you are missing something) where I panned a little bit of Gold from the day pile (just 10 pans or so) and found a .38 bullet which sounded off real nice with my SDC2300 – no nuggets (they are there for sure). I would like to thank my friend Joe who made all this possible, Larry from Big Valley Metal Detectors, Wes Dering for a very nice pick, a great day on his claim and some nice gold he gave to me as a present to take home, Gregg and Mike, Kim from Roaring Camp, Steve Herschbach for his advice how to run the Equinox on hot ground and some nice folks who’s names I forgot who made it possible to prospect on the N Yuba and Kanaka creek. One of the best pieces of Equipment I invested in is my 2 liter water bladder for my backpack (Camel bag) but for the next rip I will get me a 3 liter. 2 liters is just not enough fluid for a whole day in +100 F. Folks, don’t get dehydrated this is a very serious issue.
  16. Man this is just breathtaking......BIG, BIG congratulations!!!!!!!! I'm heading from Germany to San Francisco tomorrow for a 10 day Prospecting trip. What you found there I can't even dream of.....please wish me luck to find at least a small 1 gram nugget!
  17. my cure for EMI problems with my Nox 800 is lowering the sensitivity, lowering the recovery speed (had much impact - I use 4), Iron bias (I use 4), use descrimination -9 to 0 NOT all metal as EMI sometimes effects lower numbers more, use different programs....maybe Field 1 is quieter than Park 2 or .......???? Try and find out which program is acting the quietes? Sometimes EMI is bad when I hold the coil still but disappears when I start swinging the coil. Single frequency does do the trick but first I try the before mentioned. A 6" coil is waiting for me in CA. I'll bring it home when I return and give it a try. One more thing - perform noise cancel with coil flat of the ground. Manual ground balance (pumping the coil over a clean spot) All this helped me hunting some places I could not hunt before.
  18. dear all, many thanks for your suggestions and comments. The new cable fixed the problem instantly. Everything is back to "normal".............
  19. once I run it flat ( I will use it until it switches off) I will clean the contacts and use the other cable and let you know the outcome. Thank's for your replies!
  20. I recharged my Nox 800 as usual 3 days ago and it took about 12H. Before it took about 4 hours in average. I did not change any items nor did I use a different socket. What came to my attention for some while is that the magnets of the charger cable became weak not holding on to the unit as they used to. I have about 100 charging cycles done in the past 7 months since I got my machine going out about 5-6 times a week. I'm curious if anyone made the same experience? I will try the other cable which came with the machine after running it flat. I usually charge after 2-3 detecting sessions (usually about 2-3 hours each session). As I have a trip to CA coming up beginning of September I don't want to take a chance getting into trouble being there. Should I have the battery replaced?
  21. good to see how much help one will receive on this forum. I had EMI issues with my Nox 800 and they are history now due to the input I received from you guys right here on DP. Good to know there is a family................
  22. maybe not the best idea but it would help to get rid of bushes and heavy overgrown: AGENT ORANGE
  23. Hi Mark, many thanks for your very kind offer. I will definitly keep this in mind. Are there any legal issues to take a find back home? I heard so.... Best of luck Horst
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