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  1. Cow killer, Truth be told, I’d love a 6X8 in a standard Z-7000 coil, and it wouldn’t need it to be an X-Coil! Just my 2-cents.....🥴
  2. Congrats Lucky. You’ve done what we all need to do...... escape from the caves, and check out our hot spots. Kudos to you all at the X-spot
  3. RIP Fred, You were both a neighbor in our MD interests, and in our our home base - San Diego. As has been said so often in this thread, we will miss your input, feedback, sensible knowledge and comments. I just wish we had talked more often while you were so darn nearby. Sincere condolences to your family, and thanks for sharing Fred with us.
  4. Doc, Congratulations on achieving what you wanted to achieve with the SAGA Swing Arm Guide Assist, as well as the coming scoop. Now, how do we get one of each? There’s no mention of these new items on your site. Knowing what you’ve gone thru in developing your new tools, I’d imagine you may not have the products in stock yet, so let us know when and how much. Put me on your list, and thanks for your stories about these new tools.
  5. Thanks for the incentives there - WTG
  6. Any word on the cost, the specs, the weight, the extension cord (perhaps it’s the scale/size of this coil - but the cable does appear short).
  7. Further proof, the GM is a dynamite detector, certainly in the right areas. While suffering from great depth ability, the GM’s weight and sensitivity enables you to confidently “prospect” the harder to reach areas without the backache. The GM rivals the GPZ in finding the smallest of nuggets, but without some of the larger detector’s penalties. My wish was to know a bit more (from Gerry or MH) about what the conditions were that MH was detecting in. His specimen finds are terrific, especially for his first outing. Hopefully he can share a bit more info (w/o revealing his location) about what conditions, soil, hillside, or veins he was working. Thanks for sharing.
  8. My spare money is on Toilet Paper futures in California, that is after I finish buying more gold and silver bars.🙃 Thanks for the link Mn -
  9. Thanks Steve. Just discovered a link by searching his name. Who knew🥴🥴
  10. Where can we order a copy? Amazon has yet to list the book. Tx.
  11. Personally, I favor the more information option you have exhibited, vs no info. That policy eliminates speculations and maintains your “golden” reputation. I’ll be buying ASAP when the dust has settled. Thank you for your trying to bring great product upgrades. What is appreciated is that you are sticking to your business ethics as you’ve always done. Keep us posted, and thanks. Dave
  12. Now that was a remarkable Christmas present to us all‼️ Gerry - Merry Christmas to you too, wherever you swing. DG
  13. Well, I’ve got nothing to say about that...... except Happy Thanksgiving to all! Dave
  14. Lunk, congrats once again! You are a walking, talking, swinging ML machine.... more like a powerful vacuum. Thanks for sharing your hard won finds, it remains encouraging to us all. Kudos
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