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  1. dgatleyDP

    Gold Bug Gold

    Nice cracks and crevices too!
  2. dgatleyDP

    Winter Season Wrap Up

    Great Winter, I’d say - kudos once again! Very nice haul for anyone as dedicated as you are. As Phoenix said - we’ll done.
  3. dgatleyDP

    Whats Wrong With This Gold Photo?

    I know, I know....... It’s that you took the shot and I didn’t - right?
  4. dgatleyDP


    The Lunker did it again! Kudos & Congrats! When I grow up, I wanna be like you! (My guess is that’d take more time than I have left though.)
  5. dgatleyDP

    Contest For Small Power Inverter

    44 total - congrats
  6. dgatleyDP

    New Cold Find

    Way to go. Who else but one of the best in the West. Nice finds my friend. D
  7. dgatleyDP

    Fun In The Sun

    Arizona goodies...... sweet! Kudos
  8. dgatleyDP

    2018 Quartzsite Gold Show

    Just missed it by doing a WSPA meet So. of Tucson.. Stopped by Q, and it appeared they were gearing up for it. Is this type event a good place to sell your gold?
  9. dgatleyDP

    Replacement Hips & Knees

    I can only speak personally: With a partial Left Knee, and with the most sensitive of modern detectors - the GPZ with the 14”coil, there has never been any noticible affects. Shoes, with metal eyes, or such - yes, partial knee, no. I was very concerned beforehand, but in almost two years of detecting - no issues, and decent gold. The GM1000 is also unaffected. Good hunting up there. Dave
  10. dgatleyDP

    GM 1000 Question

    Seven of these smaller ones were found with the GM1000 but not on bedrock. The four larger ones were with the GPZ7000 - all found in the same general area within days of each other. The GM was using the 5” round Disk - and small gold is definitely it’s specialty. The area had been pounded to death for years, but these smaller fellas seemed to escape prior capture. So yes, the GM should see it if it’s there, and if it’s deeper (or shallow), so will the ZED. You’ll love the GM, swing low and swing slow.
  11. dgatleyDP

    A Discombobulated Prospecting Tale

    Written by a master.... When's the book coming out. Happy New Year, and keep 'em coming. D
  12. dgatleyDP

    Short Trip To Baja

    Condor, thanks for speaking frankly about it.... because, you are right. Baja is a wonderfully beautiful place, some absolutely terrific people, but the narco economy has changed things for the worse, and without being able to “pack”, you have very little protection against the bad guys there except having extra buddies. I’ve been all over Baja, almost as long as you. The mining areas have become dicey locations more than ever. So, brave as you may be, watch yourselves. There’s a lot of gold down there, but it’s not worth you life, and we’d miss your post’s
  13. dgatleyDP

    Short Trip To Baja

    WTG Condor! Not to be a “downer”, but isn’t it a bit dicey with bandito’s down South there? And/or Federalize? I’d love to go there, but having run their gauntlets before, I’ve chickened out on the caution side. You risk it just camping in the wild anymore - in Baja, certainly in the AU areas..... Y/N? Packing the prospecting stuff is like painting a red flag on your tush. IMHO
  14. dgatleyDP

    Metal Detecting With A Knee Replacement?

    My same conscerns applied to my choice to operate. I had a partial knee replacement several years ago, and no sensitivity issues discovered with my ZED. After being warned about metal eyelets on my shoes affecting the then new GPZ 7000 on sweeps, I was similarly concerned about my knee doing such. I can only say that I can’t find any difference, EXCEPT having to kneel down while digging those tunnels to China on deep targets. I’d waited too long, IMHO, to have the knee operated on, and believe the lower leg muscles attrified a bit by my ‘favoring’ them. It’s getting better, but still not a fan of the deep targets - EXCEPT, they usually produce AU. That said, traveling through TSA security check points at airports, usually means hand-wanding and a ‘feel-up’ job to clear security.
  15. dgatleyDP

    Rye Patch - The Struggle

    Nice finds! You and Lunk are human vacuum cleaners at Rye Patch - kudos.