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  1. Gerry, (and Condor) Absolutely great story telling images fella. Thanks for sharing it all... You, your team and more recently - Condor have painted the most believably and real stories about trying to make a strike in this challenging land. Luck is always a component, but as 1st timer Yanks, even skilled Yanks, still have a lot to learn without an equally skilled local guide. Even then, it takes a bunch of time, research and connections to dive into this activity in that terrific land of mineral promise. Even JP, with his volumes of local knowledge, having grown up there, and with connections, must have difficulties filling his poke from time to time in these beaten-to-death lands. It appears your skills have served you all very well against incredible odds in the relatively short time frames you had there. Envious Kudos!
  2. So many successful “old timers” in this have passed away without sharing their hard earned knowledge and understanding. Jim Straight, along with a few others (relatively) did the opposite by sharing what they know or knew. He will be remembered amongst our ever growing numbers for he has left a legacy of his published knowledge to help us along in our adventures. May his sole Rest In Peace, a true legend of our time.
  3. IronDigger - that definition is serious Geekville on Wikipedia, but your assessment of the chance that understanding this IQ Imbalance may be coming with this new detector. Only time will tell.... ML seems to be leading this march to employing a better understanding of these complexities (to our advantage) with Multi-IQ..... The NOX is a great example, and if it is part of this new evolution of MD hardware & software, then it may be in the realm of “Vanquish”ing the competition, IMHO. Like I said - only time will tell..... (“wholly crap”! - we’re at 12 pages in this thread on the Vanquish, and still many weeks away from knowing anything more about this new MD)🤯
  4. Condor - you did quite well, particularly if this was in “your” Yuma area. Kudos! Is the “Super” replacement 14” coil, just a normal 14” standard coil, that performed exceptionally well (hence the “Super” rating), or is this an improved version of the 14”. Either way, it was definitely working for you (no surprise here). Best of luck in the OZ.
  5. Assuming we are talking Western USA; The only Rabbit Hole (Placers)(Northern Nevada), next to Rabbithole Creek, and that is West of Rye Patch (4x4 only dirt roads), and over the hill (Majuba Hill mine), a few miles - due West of the commonly hunted Rye Patch placers areas. Use the APP - “Digger’s Map”, to help in your search. Good luck!
  6. Will order as soon as the PayPal comes up. Best of luck Reese!
  7. Well, my 2 cents is that Bisho really said on an earlier post: ML’s ‘flak’ ( PR Dept) has got to be doing backflips on this DP forum alone. Who knows what the count is on the other forums too, but I’ll bet it’s high. We’re up to 9 pages and counting..... A genuine hot topic. Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick ............., only time will really tell here. I’ve got to admit that it is incredibly interesting to follow! What say you STEVE H., or are you one of our “testers”? Hmmmmm - silence out there.
  8. You know - if they can feature DISCRIMINATION that really works, and performance features of the NOX, they will have a true winner, and most likely another “buyer”🥴. (Spoken by someone who drives their incredible models - Monster, NOX, and ZED’s)
  9. This is one of the longer, if not longest set of postings I’ve read. The great thing is that Minelab reads the post, and can see that interest by those that use their detectors.... They “get it”, and they’re, as Phrunt says, Minelab is responding faster with newer models - and they appear to be building upon the newer chips they’ve developed for models like the NOX. My guess is that they’ll have another winner that is more affordable for the niche they’re aiming at, and that it’ll sport most of what you all are speculating upon. Patience is almost as hard to find as gold is.⛏⛏⛏⛏
  10. Polar, Just confirming Desertman's comment - They began in 2009, and up till a few years ago were rated very highly. If you need details you might check with Jerry of Gerry's Metal Detectors since he's based in Boise. My guess is that he would know the details: gerrys1det@cableone.net, (208) 345-8898‬. Good luck, and a shame to see them hang it up. Best, Dave
  11. Fskafish - ✔️✔️✔️ Couldn’t agree more. He’ll re-affirm what you think you know, and he’s “field tested” most every leading detector out there. Did you buy one?
  12. Ahhhhh, love the shot, but dying to know the “back story”. Beyond that, how did the driver get out (or not?)? Funny, and yet not💸 so much.
  13. It’s been several years since my GPZ 7000 purchase from Gerry (and before that the GPX 5000), and even with his instruction, it would take me more time to really feel confident behind this beast of a detector. Gerry and his staff are absolutely the best option to consider adding - if you are in the market for any of these machines. They got me “up and producing” much quicker than I had expected to be, given all the variables you’re dealing with. They will get you up and running too, and in many cases you’ll be finding those prized yellow targets, they honestly will. These instructors have incredible time and experience on every machine, and unless you already bring that kind of knowledge to your purchase - they are essential, if not one of the best reason to buy thru Gerry. The better the detector IMHO, the more you need advise by those that have driven it, and figured it out before you. Finding this yellow medal is tough, and learning what to listen for essential, understanding what some of those critical variables are are equally important, unless you’re just plain lucky..... It’s the edge you can’t really get just by reading about it, you have to hear it, and have it pointed out to you. Lean on his and their knowledge.... it works. And No, this is unsolicited and not a paid commercial for Gerry, he’s just really great at this. I’ve hunted with some of his staff, like “Lunk”, and that man is a human gold vacuum in the field, but he’s earned it all by his devotion to it, much as Gerry has. Anyway - that’s my 2 cents. Good luck out there! Dave
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