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  1. The MICCUS third link above has a warning for metal detectorists: IMPORTANT NOTE FOR METAL DETECTOR USE: The current SR-71 Bluetooth 5.0 release DOES NOT work with metal detecting equipment. The reviews are citing earlier 4.2 versions of the headphones. Too bad, first I have seen touting "noise canceling'
  2. Do you find a loss of depth when using Beach 2 on wet sand compared to using B1? In all but surf or trough, I use B1, tracking GB (until I hit a target as repeated sweeps sometimes cause tracking to drop the target as 'ground') as you said SENS adjusted to stable. Do hear a growl as I sweep the wet sand (east to west and back) and must keep the coil parallel to avoid falsing at the ends of each sweep. I use the same B1 settings in dry, damp or wet sand. Regards,
  3. In case you are not following treasurebeachesreport; Here is one answer posted just today Jan 24, settings included: http://treasurebeachesreport.blogspot.com This year as soon as one beach erodes, the county is jumping on the sand renourishment 'emergency' kick to make the beach 'nicer' for everyone. ONE day after some good erosion at Golden Sands park, they closed it and are running trucks in and out like those garbage trucks in Soylent Green! Enjoy, drool or cry - your choice
  4. Indian River County used to get sand offshore, which was a better quality and occasionally brought some interesting finds if they accidentally dredged over/around an old wreck. In 2009, the county commission was 'moved' to help the out of work truck drivers and sand mine owners (no homebuilding for a while) and decided against sourcing sand offshore. Some sand (used on the northern beaches) was dredged from the West side of the Sebastian inlet - you never saw the can slaw! So where do they get sand for the rest of the coastline since 2009? Old sand dunes west of I-95. They say the 'gray' sand will bleach white over time ..... yay
  5. What a great find, and you kept at it. Way to go! I gave up on that stretch after all the renourishment sand pumped on it a few months ago. Really glad for you, you are keeping the dream alive! That is a great find!
  6. Wow is that valuable info! Now I wonder if the 'battery' I found last year was not a battery!?! Congratulations Peg!!!! Hope you find a marked reale! All the best FS
  7. Hi Mark, try searching this blog - it really is helpful and is a great encyclopedia of the treasure coast http://treasurebeachesreport.blogspot.com
  8. Nice! It may not be the silver we all hope for Peg but you are the only person holding that piece of history for the first time in at least s hundred years if not more. I was there also and found a similar small tack. And of course Terry is the best at this game and darn nice too. You may have also seen Garry Drayton too around then. So with these guys here, at least we are in the right place! 🙂 All the best!
  9. Excellent artifacts Col. Dan! Were you Using your beach three tones settings?
  10. Mark the killer bees block loud surf? That is what I am looking to do. which model. There are a ton. Thanks
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