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  1. Chase and SPT, good discussion that made me wonder if MInelab could create an even more specific user mode such as (ideally old worn) silver coins and relics at salt beaches? Or is this easier done by customizing Beach mode and I missed it? Regards to you both! Happy hunting.
  2. Good to hear you fixed the problem, I found you have to use a good quality charger. I tried with the iphone cube but it did the same thing. So i found this: 2 chargers for $10 2.4 Amps and each charger has two charging ports so I plug the NOX into one and the headphones into the other. Have no issues with it so something similar will work I imagine. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JHZXCQD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. All the above answers give you good clues to try and figure out the issue. Is it happening everywhere or only at your simple yard? Shovel symbol = overload of metal signal. Sensitivity too high? In my yard, powerlines are 30 feet away. I have to cut sens below 15 to clear up the chatter. Use one frequency to test if it is only in multi or in both single and multi. I wold add one I did when new, coil management. Bumping the coil,, esp. at high sens on a bit of grass or ground causes what sound like signals. Sweep as evenly as you can in grass, on a beach I can lightly
  4. Great adventure and chunky finds! From your finding 1715 reales last year (when no one else could!) in Florida to Gold in California you are livin' the dream! Good hunting! ATB
  5. Ah got it. Yes that makes sense. Now I see why it is called the sniper. Good hunting!
  6. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...
  7. On the beach and as cudamark says, the machine finds them. I find they ring in around 15 in salt beach sand but that could vary. The ones I found were white with age.
  8. @mn90403 Hi Mn, I noticed some definite differences in multi - which was not supposed to be affected y the v3 update. Specifically, in the solid tone that good coin type targets now have and how much more quiet (not as chatty) stable the machine runs (compared to a few days ago with same beach. Throwing down some of my finds on my beaches such as a silver ring, musket ball, simulated reale and bronze nail, they all seemed to ring more solidly. I did notice bottle caps also sound good and am working on a way to ID them with confidence. Before, my 800 was not sounding definite even
  9. My humble question is why did ML seem to think "Large targets in Asia" would require a major update roll out? What are they finding over there?
  10. I wear hearing aids and have some profound loss of certain frequencies. I looked at the audiologist report curve to see which ones I hear better then tried set the NOX for those tones, it helps. Plus I know with the hearing aids I wont miss any tones my natural hearing mises. I turn the NOX volume to max then use the earphones to lower it to a comfortable level. Sounds like a lot and someone may not need to do all of these things, just do what works for you. Cheers
  11. Depending on when Minelabs' fiscal year begins (July 1, 2021?), these may not be out for another year except for beta testers. Cant wait.
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