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  1. I have been close to another equinox at the beach less than 45’ with no emi. You could also turn down sensitivity. But by the time you do that plus noise cancel and ground balance you are limiting your machine. Easiest suggestion is simply go in different directions at first then meet later to discuss. Cell phone off or in back pocket far from cool as possible. Also noticed if my coil is the slightest bit tilted so it points at another machine or even my scoop it will pick it up. So coil management helps too. Have fun.
  2. Tried the Col Dan method months ago and for the beach as well as inland works great. Still always remove cover and rinse all sand out of it and the coil. The coil looks like raw cured epoxy and judging by the wear on my coil cover, I would never just use it. YMMV
  3. Thanks @ColonelDan! The research and findings you shared led me to this find today! 3 tones, FE2 experiment and settings and the tip to "dial it in for me" all came together (after I dug 8 alum tabs). Cheers!
  4. Nailed it Colonel Dan! Question: When you found "that a lower sensitivity (13-18) was best when paired with a recovery speed of around 3-4 and an F2 setting of between 5-7. " Did that make the NOX chatty or false? Did the lowered sensitivity offset the lower recovery speed to keep the depth the same or did it add more depth? Did you stay with your 3 tone set up? Anyway, appreciate the work sir! (BTW this steady NE wind will change to East Tuesday night if you feel like a road trip, had a couple feet leave today from one beach). All the best
  5. Makes sense for iron. So discriminating a non-iron target (above 0) say 12 would not be an issue? Other than potentially missing 12's of course. Guess it seemed like any discrimination would impact the performance or am I reading too much into it? Thx
  6. Good report. Wonder why ML recommends all metal when as you said other items need to be discriminated out too? Thanks
  7. Great review and plan for Daytona. re cell phone; i found that if I put the phone in my back pocket on the opposite of my detector hand there is no interference. Saturday could be the day!
  8. I noticed then even when in AM with no discrimination. Threshold will occasionally blank or null. I have dug small bronze spikes like this. Is this due to some built in discrimination in the NOX programming? I am going to experiment with this.
  9. I imagine it would be possibly with a Bluetooth receiver plugged into a phone to record but it might require some tinkering. AndThere is the problem of latency. You would want the vdi in sync with the tones. Instead buy a small lapel mike with a 5 foot cord. Plug it into your phone tape the mic to the speaker or even place the mic into the earphone cup on your headphones.
  10. @midlake, I have not tried that but it is a great idea that I will try at the beach. Seems like all metal mode is a good way to test. Thanks!
  11. Stick with it, I think most of us have gone through what you are going through now. Let us know how it goes
  12. Yes agree they can. Although I listen to target tones first, VDI second, one thing I noticed is the numbers on a crushed aluminum can or a target with points or angles jump around (from 2 to 29 sometimes) . So even if using only three or two tones, I would want to watch the VDI numbers to see if they remain close with each sweep of the coil. Hopefully a repeatable target.
  13. I drilled holes in my NOX cover similar to Colonel Dan, used it wading last week. Seems to be easier to swing under water (wading) maybe because not as much sand stays in now. Opened it up afterwards and just a little sand left around the rim where I did not drill holes, I figured I can always add more but I will keep it like this. Thanks Colonel Dan! So works for me but YMMV. Cheers
  14. I am doing that mod today! Looks like it acts like a water shoe. Florida beaches (when they erode) is where I primarily detect. Thanks Col!
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