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  1. Glad to hear it all worked out. Wonder after warranty expires how expensive it will be with these hiccups. HH
  2. Excellent find! On your first trip. Plenty of videos, but filtering out the helpful ones may take some work. Best bet is this forum under the gold prospecting section.
  3. I think you figured it out - that is it. You can not use a computer to charge the headphones (or NOX) fast and properly. I bought these and have had no problem: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JHZXCQD/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_GZQEMW3267Q8JBWW79YP You get two of them!
  4. Only time that happened was when I laid the detector down with the screen facing the sun while I was doing something else. But never using it even in August on a Florida beach. I suspect it may be the protector. I have a thin plastic protector to protect the buttons just on the face of the pod. Hope it helps. HH
  5. Mine are 2 years old and maybe the newer ones are different but the red LEDs never blink. They stay on solid until charged then turn off. I would keep trying your dealer and ML to see if yours came with a fault.
  6. Some starting to receive the coiltek coils. One dealer said next week large shipment expected. Won’t know until they roll up to the door.
  7. Seems to be hit or miss. I gave up then last week got a ship notice and it arrived a few days later.
  8. Very good info! Thanks. Looks like I will be digging more - numbers at the beach! Your digging reminds me of the experiment Tom Dankowski did. HH
  9. Very interesting! Being hearing impaired and wearing hearing aids, I once tried to find the kHz of the NOX tone breaks and use my audiology report which shows my hearing loss frequencies. Thinking hearing aids just approximate the “all sounds” young ears hear. Anyway, I gave up but this topic may have something. Cheers
  10. As a diagnostic, can you plug the ML headphones into the WM08 module to see if that part works? Someone said the ML phones are same parts as the SR71 headphones so you might find some battery replacement video or instructions for those. (The new ones have a BT problem with ML but I have not followed that thread, may be OK now)
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