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  1. I imagine it would be possibly with a Bluetooth receiver plugged into a phone to record but it might require some tinkering. AndThere is the problem of latency. You would want the vdi in sync with the tones. Instead buy a small lapel mike with a 5 foot cord. Plug it into your phone tape the mic to the speaker or even place the mic into the earphone cup on your headphones.
  2. @midlake, I have not tried that but it is a great idea that I will try at the beach. Seems like all metal mode is a good way to test. Thanks!
  3. Stick with it, I think most of us have gone through what you are going through now. Let us know how it goes
  4. Yes agree they can. Although I listen to target tones first, VDI second, one thing I noticed is the numbers on a crushed aluminum can or a target with points or angles jump around (from 2 to 29 sometimes) . So even if using only three or two tones, I would want to watch the VDI numbers to see if they remain close with each sweep of the coil. Hopefully a repeatable target.
  5. I drilled holes in my NOX cover similar to Colonel Dan, used it wading last week. Seems to be easier to swing under water (wading) maybe because not as much sand stays in now. Opened it up afterwards and just a little sand left around the rim where I did not drill holes, I figured I can always add more but I will keep it like this. Thanks Colonel Dan! So works for me but YMMV. Cheers
  6. I am doing that mod today! Looks like it acts like a water shoe. Florida beaches (when they erode) is where I primarily detect. Thanks Col!
  7. Tanks Col, did you drill similar sized holes as the OP?
  8. I bought this one but have not needed it yet, the EQ batt is strong. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077BNW3KN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 two 5v/2 amp USB ports
  9. Balance is surprisingly important to comfort, just strapping a bottle of water at the cuff with velcro made an amazing difference. So much so I purchased a carbon fibre end weighted straight rod.
  10. Thanks everyone, and phrunt, this was told to me by an authorized minelab repair tech when I sent my NOX in. Not the internet as you were wondering. I appreciate all of your confirmation; helps me tremendously. Best regards all.
  11. Related question Steve, noticed the OP was on the beach. I was speaking with Minelab repair tech trying to troubleshoot chatty NOX 800 on my Florida Beaches and he mentioned Minelab had disabled the ability to auto or manual ground balance in Beach 1 or 2. The controls still work and it looks like it is doing it but the setting is locked by ML? Can you comment on this for beach mode? Best regards
  12. Just found the answer in another post, thanks Steve: "usually by running 50 tones with no items rejected, which means I really do not need the threshold tone since I hear everything. If I reject any items then I need the threshold to alert me to nulling effects" ******************************************** my old question ******************************************** "Park, Field, and Beach Threshold Park, Field, and Beach Modes use a simplified type of threshold tone, i.e. a 'reference' threshold. It is a continuous background tone that will blank when a rejected target is detected. " Am I correct thinking that the word rejected in P, F or B mode means only a notched out target ID? And if the coil is swept over a faint target without any notching out, "threshold" blanking would not happen? And is that the difference in reference and true threshold? Thanks!
  13. Very interesting and inspiring following your journey. Thank you!
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