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  1. An Electric Wheelchair for Luke P. The Treasure Coast Archaeological Society is raising money to help fellow metal detectorist, Luke P., purchase a new electric wheelchair capable of navigating off road surfaces such as the beach. Luke is suffering from an unknown medical condition that is making it difficult to enjoy his hobby of metal detecting. He is having trouble walking for more than ten feet at a time and this wheelchair will allow him to become mobile and enjoy his outdoor hobbies. Please assist us in helping Luke!
  2. I don’t have your detector but want to say you are learning and testing in a good way to get your 540 dialed in. Your experiences were very much the same as my first trips on a salt beach. I will say it helped me to bring some items to the beach, it is still an air test but you are checking on your beach soil with your beach EMI around. And for me, running with balanced settings is most important. With mine (NOX) , I noise cancel every time I change any setting including sensitivity(gain) and ground balance often as beach ground changes as you walk. My first beach hunt was in front of a beach
  3. Awesome find! Amazing history up there compared to my sandbar state!
  4. Check the differences and think about the type of hunting you might do now and in the future. I hunt mostly beaches in Florida and never use the gold modes (but would if in Cali). Then there is the User mode which many people like but I don’t use it. And finally the number of frequencies in multi mode. Also do you need the WM08 module for your existing headphones? Others will be able to give you specifics and check the youtube videos on this question. Finally, I have hearing loss and the sound of crashing surf can interfere with hearing the detector. I had the included 800 wireless p
  5. Interesting and consistent with me and several other salt beach hunters preferring Beach 2 with IB on. Could it be the “2” modes allow the NOX to run a little more quieter (not sure if that or balanced is the right word) and allow targets we seek to be heard more clearly?
  6. Good question. Which protector did you settle on? Or reccomend?
  7. Thanks Chase, thanks Joe D. It has been spotty for the last two years. Even when the weather is right, the Treasure Coast gets stingy with her secrets. Plus all the sand coming next year. It was a blast. Regards all
  8. Watching for several days of strong wind, this time out of the south, not as good as NNE but still stirs the sand and removes some, it just opens and closes quicker. Found two documents one by J. Clausen, archie that worked with state and on several sites including the Winter Beach Survivors camp and a “1715 Treasure Ship”; the other by a private collector, Lou Ullian. https://1715fleetsociety.com/lou-ullian-personal-collection-treasure-photographs/ and finally picture of a restored set. Happy New Year everyone!
  9. Wonder if the foil tape applied in a couple directions might be enough?
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