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  1. That Guy Tony, found well over a thousand ounces on that lease, all detecting. He's also a frequent visitor to the USA on most of the big gem shows, selling gold and opal etc. Ive known him for over 30 years.
  2. During the early goldrush days here in Victoria (1850's), there were several contemporary accounts of diggers using small gold as replacement for lead shot in their blackpowder percussion pistols. At Fryerstown, Newstead and Taradale, Ive found loose pellet sized gold in topsoil over several square meter areas a few times, seemingly proving this story. Im sure other detectorists have done the same.
  3. I think you've definitively solved this issue Simon Now we know what REALLY happened....
  4. Just a thought, try re-burying the nugget at the depth you quoted and see if the GPZ will detect it. If it does, it will be astounding. Some smaller nuggets just seem to 'gobble up' eddy currents and act like a nugget 3x their actual size.
  5. The GPZ update detector next year may well focus (or partially provide provision for) those deeper multi gram or multi ounce pieces. But for now, the tiny, more prevalent gold is what we have to be content with.
  6. Minelab need to upgrade the 6000 with the obvious: A free lower stem lock. A manual frequency tune option, a threshold control option and a on-screen clock FFS. Maybe a partial refund for forcing owners to buy an aftermarket coil to make the whole detector function as intended. TBH, holding your breath for any of this will certainly result in death.....
  7. I wish it WAS that way around...... Yeah I should've made it more specific lol
  8. Polypropylene 5 has one of the lowest densities of any plastic and I think it was chosen for this reason over ABS or Polycarb. Reducing weight was a major consideration for the 6000 of course. One very interesting experiment I recently did was pick a spot I know well that is dead flat (no coil axis problems) and has been heavily flogged but has had hundreds of small bits of gold found over the years. I picked a very low EMI day and trialed the Auto 1 and 2 settings and only used the 11" mono. I still had to battle the end-of-swing groaning a bit but I was very surprised at the end result. 24 bits of gold for 4.5 grams. A very deep .9gm and .55gm were the exceptions but heaps of .05's and .1's and .2's at 4-6" depth. I feel VERY certain that with the advent of the new Coiltek and NF mono's, a veritable harvest of small gold awaits us. Having a properly made coil with solid shielding and very low noise is going to make a BIG difference with utilizing the higher gain and Auto settings. TBH, I was a bit skeptical, but I've now experienced the results.
  9. Ive tried a heap of LL Bluetooth gear for use with my detectors and in my opinion, they're all crap. Despite being labelled as 'Low latency', the lag is ridiculously bad. Mpow and Avantree are among the worst offenders, despite being at the high end of pricing. This is what surprised me the most with the ML wireless headphones on the 6000......they actually work with no noticeable lag!!!! With my experience with the 2300, I saw that headphone/audio combo's seriously affected the sensitivity/stability of this detector, unless the orig headphones were used or the Phase-tech audio lead for use with Koss or Sennheisser headphones. Everything else sucked. Just my experience.
  10. I am astounded that the Axis effect is not noticeable to some people. It took me less than 30 seconds of use to see it. Erratic noise doubles or triples.....return to a flat axis and the noise ceases. The 14DD coil wont have this problem of course because the EMI effect is negated. Perhaps those users who have crap 11" monos dont see it coz there is always so much noise to begin with?
  11. NE, Ive now heard direct from 4 sources that both the NF 12x7, the Coiltek 9" and 14x9 ALL have superior 'axis handling' ability. Plus general noise reduction of course. Says volumes about the 11" mono shielding methinks....
  12. An orderly line.....to nowhere. Aint gonna happen of course. We're just the customers remember... 😉
  13. The variability in shielding materials and resistance measurements thereof makes ALL the difference. I suspected (and said so) that the Asian company building the 6000 coils have zero clue what they're doing. Obviously not the Sth Korean company anymore.... The sweet spot for shielding resistance on previous ML PI coils was always 150-300 ohms per sq inch. I have field tested prototype coils that had shield resistance as high as 800 ohms with extremely low EMI effects but sensitivity was slightly reduced. A lack of, or under-length screen wire also affects the stability of the coil. Ive suspected all along that coil quality has affected the user-experience with the 6000 from day one. It clearly suggests that Coiltek and NF coils are correctly/perfectly shielded/screened because the noise emitted from a coil axis change is almost non existent on the aftermarket coils. Although Ive been 'lucky' to get a half-decent 11" mono with my 6000, any coil-axis change results in the whole detector becoming unstable enough to stop immediately and find a better, flatter surface to detect. This of course leaves large areas of undetected ground (such as mullock heaps, creek or gully banks etc). I'm certain that the aftermarket coils will provide a lot more gold for every 6000 user. As previously suggested, perhaps Minelab should be offering all 6000 users a free Coiltek or NF coil, considering that the supplied mono coil is almost not fit for purpose.....or in some cases, not fit at all. Supplying another 11" mono which is clearly not shielded enuff still, clearly hampers the amazing performance of this detector. Seems rather unfair that we have to pay more $$ to obtain a 'real' coil to make the 6000 function as intended.
  14. I see Warren still doesn't know where to put the '0' in his weight estimations.....
  15. I'm being told that the NF Xceed coils could be another 4 weeks away (or more)...... Patience is one of my virtues...but there IS a limit. I'm now wondering if a Coiltek 10x5 would've been a better choice..... NAH 😉
  16. I daresay that there are a great many US based prospectors who would gladly become 'Abandoning Traitors', given the slightest opportunity.... 😉
  17. Its a wonder that no-one has mentioned Joe Legendre's channel.... He's an American who's been full time prospecting in Western Australia since the mid 80's, extremely successfully along with his Brother Bruce. Check out his videos in the below link. PROSPECTING FOR NUGGETS AND REEFS IN WA
  18. Doddering Dave at Miners Den hasn't announced anything (which is not like him if its available). Be certain that he'd flog the beejeezus out of that announcement when it occurs. I'm sure we'll hear soon though......
  19. Lots of days of nuthin....to find that one decent signal that makes up for it. Knowing where the big stuff has been found before is the key. I'd need 2 lifetimes lol
  20. If I was in your position, I would sell the 4500, the 5000 AND the 6000, buy the Axiom to become your new packable, lightweight general purpose detector and save the remaining $$ for the next big release in 2023. Just my 2CW.....
  21. Garrett Australia will buy the Axioms in a bulk order at the wholesale rate (guessing C. US$3K ea) with some being airfreighted, others via sea freight. Should add perhaps US$75-100 per unit if we split the cost difference. Then we have the wholesaler markup and then the retailer markup. Ive done thousands of orders to and from the US over the decades for various businesses (as an import-export agent) and I happen to know some of GA's business model, which is very slick and professional BTW. Also add the GST. No other taxes due to the FTA between Aust and USA. It all depends on the markup percentages to determine the end AU$ price. The NZ$ exchange will add an extra 5%. You'd have to weigh up the pro's and con's to determine which way to go to get yours.
  22. Certainly not 'super easy' but with prior planning, it could have been included. Dont mind me Steve....I'm just having a whinge coz Ive got Covid again and have to sit things out for a week or two. I hear the nuggets calling me.....
  23. at todays exchange rate, US$4K is AU$5720. Depending on distribution markups, we should see something below AU$6.5K. But, greed often gets in the way of fairness....
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