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  1. Joe, At two a week, you are about 4 times faster than the AQ production line. 🀣 Joe
  2. Two days after I found the yellow gold Cartier I found the smaller white Cartier with the same serial number as the larger one from last year. The one last year acid tested 18K. So that was when I decided to buy the electronic tester. It tested both white Cartiers as non gold. The yellow one tested 18K. I then tested all of my gold finds with and without hallmarks. One of my large hallmarked 14Ks only test 10K. One non hallmarked ring that had tested 14K with the acid, tested 18K with the tester. It has been spot on on almost all of the hallmarked pieces. (and yes, I tested ever
  3. Here are my 3 Cartiers from the past year. The white gold ones are counterfeit. The serial number on both is 52833A. The gold one has a different serial number and tested 18K. Both white gold ones failed the gold test with my electronic gold tester after the larger one passed the 18K acid test. Good luck on the test but if the serial number is 528833A it is fake. (test it anyway) Congrats on getting back up and running. I broke the ears off my 15 inch after a year on the beach but sent it back under warranty and got a new one. I also bought one of those 3D ear strengthens off
  4. About a year before I retired, I started getting rid of a lot of stuff. I sold 6 or 7 detectors at really good prices just to find them a new home. My CW relics, I gave to a good friend who is also a film maker, author and collector. Since most of my CW relics came from the areas that he had written about or filmed, they meant some to him. He deals with relics and books too, so I told him that what he doesn't want and decides to sell, I get half. LOL I gave one of the clubs that I belonged to, 6 or 8 boxes of books that they could either have as club library or raffle off at club mee
  5. Sweet dig on the 18K! My iPhone today just needed to be charged. It had a picture under the cover and a picture on the startup screen after charging but it is locked so finding the owner will be a challenge.
  6. I would never have the patience to make anything like that. If it involves more than a hammer, vice grips, screwdriver, or duct tape, I'll just buy it. 🚫🚫🚫🚫
  7. This is a very unique looking ring. Obviously it is hand made. Tightly wrapped silver wire with 14K gold wire securing the 4 amethyst stones. Not for everyone but it was for someone. LOL It rang up 23-25 on the Equinox. I am not sure what the core material is but it appears to be dark in color and has a piece on both sides. Anyway, just wanted to share this one. Pretty cool. Also dug a couple of 10K pendants and a really nice .925 ring with CZs all around it and a large center stone. Thanks for looking!
  8. Mitchel, My take is that you don't always get what you want, but you got what you were supposed to get. There are way to many external forces that change how and why and we can't control them. Sure it may have been a good find, maybe it wasn't. All my finds are considered junk until I test them and they test out to be good. And I am a firm believer in Karma. He will get claim jumped sometime and won't like it but that is payback and at some point in time, he will get his. I think that we all feel a bit territorial on our detecting sites but in reality it is public property and e
  9. Let’s go for a 2fer. Back in 2018 before I retired, I had a co-worker tell me one day in the breakroom at work, that he had been doing some dozer work on the family property and that there were several old homesteads that I could detect if I wanted to. I told him that I love to detect old homesteads and he gave me locations and told me to have fun. I then told him that if anyone in the family had every lost anything that I would be happy to look for that too. He started laughing and then told me about his grandmother telling him about his Uncle Johnny losing a silver quarter when he was li
  10. I thought I was the only one who used the term butt-ugly when referring to some of my jewelry finds. LOL The gold colored ear hook is 14K and the silver colored one is NA like the rest of the crap that was modded to the hoops. I guess I should be happy that someone modded the broken real gold earrings, other wise they couldn't have lost them.πŸ™‚
  11. And that one statement tells me volumes. I don't need to say it but, "And may the Force be with you!".
  12. That's pretty much the standard price at the places that carry it.
  13. It reads as NA. If it is not gold, it reads NA. I had several rings (not hallmarked) that had passed as 18K with the acid test and this thing called them NA. I dug a big heavy (28.5g) chain today that was marked 14K and it tested NA. Then I saw the fine print above the 14K that said "plated". LOL I knew just from looking at it that it wasn't gold. My eyesight is not that good and I didn't see the fine print until I looked at it with a loupe. Ha Ha I have checked several of my rings with it and it found one that is hallmarked 14K but it test 10K. Good tester!
  14. Joe, I don't have any old swimming spots or bays to hunt. I have to rely on fresh drops. LOL The tester was a present to myself after an epic 7 gold day that I had in July. It is pretty awesome I might add. Joe PS And I am always down for surprises!
  15. Went to one of my beaches this morning and found a pair of junk earrings an hour and 20 feet apart. The first one I found on my way to the wet sand. An hour later I came back to hunt a different area of the beach and found the other one. They were obviously junk with gold plated wire and beads twisted on them that had seen better times. When I got home I rinsed the salt and sand off of my finds and staged them for a picture. The earrings were just not right. I calibrated my gold/platinum tester and of course the wire tested negative but the hoops and one of the hooks tested 14k. I got
  16. Tony, Taking the analogy one step further, they say only God can hit a 1 iron. Which detector would you consider a 1 Iron? LOL Joe
  17. Congrats! If only that ring could talk...1942...Military...Hope you find some info.
  18. Aaron, It is my Golden Globe. I may have to keep it as it says "The World is Yours". Maybe that is the Universes way of telling me something. LOL thanks, Joe
  19. DWD, I had to Google that one. LOL Thanks, Joe
  20. Thanks Joe! It is not as sexy as your band-aid '55 class ring but I'll take it any day.
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