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  1. JR is right about the Vista X, excellent detector overall. You will take to it in short order since your already a Tesoro fan. You'll find a nice up from the Golden.
  2. Weather permitting, over the next few weeks will try a 100-150 year old farm field that is not polluted with foil and aluminum trash. May find some relics or coins lost by the loggers or from the settlers. Maybe a better enviroment to try the NFD90 at. Just a lot of hot rocks to deal with in many of the fields.
  3. In modern sites with lots of foil and aluminum canslaw and no disc to eliminate it is not fun to hunt in with any detector. Just too bad too many people have no respect when it comes to properly disposing of their trash. Next time I head down to Buffalo, NY if there is no snow or ice will give it another test. Soil conditions are different and will have to locate some old ground.
  4. After a couple days of field testing the NFD90 in our soils it is totally different than testing on the bench. Reminds me of a Garrett Ground Hog air and field testing in the red clay soils when living in Georgia. The GH had superb air tests in TR mode, just couldn't get any depth in actual soil hunting. I experienced the same with the NFD90 in our Canadian sandy dirt soil with some magnetic sand mixed in. In static mode, NFD90 was too sensitive to changing ground conditions, like the old VLF/TR detectors in TR disc mode. Was constantly adjusting the tuning to compensate. In Dynamic mode it was more stable due to its auto tuning. Quarter coins barely made any threshold changes at 4", nor did pull tabs. Any other targets, were loud and could not determine size of the target. Canslaw, small, foil, crunched up foil was driving me crazy, at 4" it was still loud in Static mode. If I switched to Dynamic mode, they sounded more like good targets. As for finding iron, did not find any nails, hairpins, wire. Just some deeper steel cans and bottlecaps at 4". If there would have been a coin type object near one of those pieces of iron, they would not break thru the threshold null the iron creates. I am concluding the NFD90 is not the ideal detector for coin and jewelry hunting in schoolyards or parks in our part of the world. In other parts of the country and USA, the soil conditions might better suit the NFD90. Just want to add that not all brands or models of detectors work well here in Canada made before 2010 but, are found to be superb detectors in the US.
  5. On the bench, my vial of black magnetic sand will cause the detectors threshold to null and not pick up gold jewelry etc. that can't break the threshold null. If I tune to the vial of black sand and hold the vial under the coil, pass a gold ring coin etc. under the coil, the NFD 90 has no problem punching thru the black sand and getting a positive target response. Note this is on the bench--testing. Not real world test.
  6. He is an independent electronics engineer who has been in the hobby a long time.
  7. I'm not obligated in posting positive reviews. The unit was not free, four of us did have to pay for the units, the price was right and for a worthwhile cause. The NFD 90 will be probably be a niche detector and not suited for the masses. It's something a bit different for those who want to get back to basics. Will be interesting to see how it performs.
  8. I think these videos will give you an idea as to its potential. https://www.youtube.com/@exbasy My main use with the 9" coil is magnetic black sand mixed with dirt soils. Looking for coins and jewelry within the first 7" of the surface. While ignoring iron trash. Might just make for a great Competition Hunt machine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bench testing, proves to be a very interesting detector. Very respectable air test depth. Single 10 turn tuning-threshold-sensitivity control. No-motion and motion toggle switch. LED bar graph that helps with ground tuning. Threshold super stable like the vintage Garrett Master Hunter 5khz in all metal mode. You can hear the slightest target threshold change. Loves all non-ferrous targets. Think it could work well in iron nail trash areas picking out the good targets. Like some detectors in all metal mode, no disc, might be a challenge in modern trash and foil littered areas. Appears easy to size a target and to pinpoint. Audio volume of the target found gives indication of depth and size. The NFD90 shares roots with many vintage and modern machines, combining them into one basic work horse machine. If you have been hunting with detectors since the 1960's, it will give you a familar feeling. Just feels part VLF, TR, BFO, Pi wrapped into one. ========================================================== Carl Moreland is having one made for him, should be arriving in a few weeks.
  9. Latest metal detector to try out. Experimental unit out of the Ukraine made by Alex. I mounted the control box on a White's s-handle, Fisher armrest and Fisher lower tall man's rod. Very light weight. My unit is set up a little hotter. Hopefully the weather will cooperate Saturday for a field test.
  10. I have unit #2 coming shortly. Final testing and calibrating. When the control box and coil arrive, have an s-handle set up ready. Will get it out in the field before the snow and ice arrive.
  11. Take out the batteries. Remove search coil nut off the back of the control box. Push the connector gently into the control housing. The whole circuitboard assembly and faceplate can then be pulled out.
  12. Above long post by Vladimir translated with https://www.deepl.com/en/translator ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today I searched F5 during rain.... first 20 minutes everything was normal....then the detector started to lose sensitivity - it turned out that water got into the coil protection - I had to remove the protection and everything was restored - then I searched without coil protection. After a couple of hours of searching the front film with buttons was saturated with moisture and the problem with the pinpoint button - it turns on well, but after releasing the button pinpoint is stably on - to turn it off, you need to turn off the device and turn it on again..... now I think how to fix everything on another F5. Detected 38 targets, of which two valuable coins, the rest - small trash and coins of the USSR. Checked the number of passes F5 with the detector CTX3030 - the percentage of hits within the limits of 30 percent, but even more misses were shot with cartridges from a small-caliber rifle caliber 5.6 mm ... .small enough cartridge and it at normal rates in this ground - even Mounting in the territory of 5 cm - duo in the iron sector. I decided to try setting up the Fisher F5 to work on this ground without losing satisfactory targets..... and this is what came out: Sensitivity 99.....THRESH 8.... tones 4 .... and then move to change EMI (FREQ button) to position 2 (lower frequency) - adjust the ground balance - then move EMI to 3 positions (higher frequency) ).... start treasure hunting ...with this purpose the depth of detection increased to 20 cm. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  13. You don't always need a hi-tech expensive depth machine to locate shallow good targets. Bet it was more fun to use.
  14. And the Tesoro "Cazador" after a number of years, that everyone was waiting for, never materialized. It never made it into production, they had no engineers to bring performance up to snuff. So it was quietly canned.
  15. The CK20 is 15khz like the Garrett Groundhog The SK50 is 5khz like the Garrett Masterhunter Your is a newer year unit, it has the latest side decals.
  16. Wow, I could easily get gold fever finding gold such as you. Keep it up
  17. I never had that problem with my adapter, speaker disconntected when adapter was plugged in.
  18. https://www.calculator.net/resistor-calculator.html
  19. Has a nice clean, uncluttered look.
  20. I liked using some previous Quest detectors and had good luck with them. I like the layout of the V80
  21. Yesterday it was raining and we stopped at a old storefront. Parked along the side store which had a gravel parking lot. When we left the store I walked along the side of it to pass the front of our parked car. I looked down about 5" from the store I spotted a round object, it was dark and wet. It looked like it could be a nickel coin. Took a couple steps past it, then backed up, something told me to pick it up. Did just that, yes it was a nickel and there was something strange about it, it wasn't Canadian I could tell that. Again, something told me "Buffalo". Took a closer look at it. By golly, it had a buffalo on it. Yup, it was an early US nickel. A Buffalo Nickel, Indian on the front and buffalo on the back. It was too dark, the car was too dark inside and had no magnifying glass to tell what the date was. It has to be 1938 or before, will take a closer look on Saturday. Strange place to find it and I did take another look around to see if there were any more coins lying about, did not see any. here's a picture of what a Buffalo Nickel looks like for those who don't know. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: Dipped the nickel in Worchester Sauce for a couple minutes. Then swished it around in some Tarn-X for a few minutes. Finally, rubbed it with some Comet paste. The nickel is too warn to see the date. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today had to do some last minute shopping before the New Year Holiday. Upon emptying the change in my pants pocket onto my desk, spotted some coin that looked foreign amongst the Canadian clad coins. Found my first silver coin this year and it was found without a metal detector. It was a USA silver Mercury dime. Nice way to end the year. Wonder what I will find in 2023?
  22. Lobo was designed by Gillford. Lobo ST was designed by Dave Johnson.
  23. Nisaku is the top brand for stainless steel knives. I have had mine for 5 years now, thousands of holes plugs dug with it. Never needed sharpening. This year I bought a brand new one of the same model. The only thing I did was reshape the handle to fit more comfortably in my hand. And they make a mini green version, these work so well when the ground is damp, might favorite. They do have a weakness, the blade after awhile breaks at the handle. The rule with these is not to use these little guys as prybars!!! These are sharp and remain sharp and will cut your hands like a razor knife.
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