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  1. I bet there was lots of people like me that got suckered into watching the video, thinking there was going to be an update.
  2. Download them off my website https://www.treasurelinx.com/compass.html
  3. Yeah Blisstool has a ton of external controls. Many could have been just factory fixed settings on the circuit board and they could have then built 5 different models. Such as Compadre to Tejon.........................Guess Bliss didn't want to that and gave to the detector owner operator full control so you can operate it like a Compadre or Tejon so to speak. Mild to wild. What's nice, I have a choice how to set it up with no limitations. But, its a beep and dig, you have to mentally visualize and understand the controls. Kind of like learning a foreign language. Takes time. Modern machine h
  4. DATE CHANGED to June 5-20th Due to soil conditions being as hard as concrete in some parts of the country during July. The hunt date has been changed to June. https://www.treasurelinx.com/vintage_md__treasure_hunt.html Register now
  5. I contacted Keith Southern and he doesn't know either. I will try Dave Johnson the designer.
  6. Reply directly from Dilek that there will be no 2.79 update!!
  7. Did mention the update was at the end of the video. Now I have questions if this was a current video or one in the past remarking about the 2.78 update and just re-edited. Going to contact Dilek, for confirmation, so the video was deleted.
  8. I remember something about that, just don't recall what that was. Will dig around. That model was designed by Dave Johnson.
  9. What a surprise, the Simplex getting better.........Dilek mentions the update at the end of the video
  10. Keith Southern knows, by adjusting them without the knowledge, the detector will be messed up. Do you have the original Lobo or the Supertraq. It makes a difference.
  11. You can register now, join the crowd. See link in previous post.
  12. Call the Service center in the US. Or measure the threads and size of the toggle and order a replacement from Mouser, many to select from. I don't recall if it was a metric thread or not. If not metric its 1/4x40. https://www.mouser.ca/Search/Refine?Keyword=toggle switch rubber boot
  13. The Lobo is a Geotech Forum project. You will find more information there. https://www.geotech1.com/forums/showthread.php?25297-Tesoro-Lobo-some-qestions&highlight=LOBO
  14. https://www.treasurelinx.com/vintage_md__treasure_hunt.html For hunt details
  15. Seems like there will be plenty of interest. So I will sit down shortly and work up the details.....
  16. The new smaller coils on the Simplex, make it a really nice detector for coin and jewelry hunting, more stable and quieter operation. I didn't care for the stock large coil.
  17. No it is not. two entirely different detectors. The Vista X is basically a detector built for the US market with expanded disc range like detectorists favored over what the European market needs. Was made to capitalize on the beep an dig market and compete and squash the Tesoro Tejon. It's what everyone was telling Tesoro to build, which got nowhere with them. I had a Vista X https://www.treasurelinx.com/deeptech_md.html The only thing the DeepTech Vista X has in common with the Blisstool detectors is they are both made in Bulgaria by different companies.
  18. I would wait until a used one shows up. They are found as low as $300 or even lower for a V4,V3. I am always looking out for another Bliss some one wants to unload. There are quite a few sitting in closets with in the US. I have a line on one sitting in anothers garage here in Canada. They do look intimating to many, unless your old school. There's no computer processor or programing software to do all the setting up for someone. Once you learn the controls, what they do, how they interact with each other, its easy to set up and use.
  19. Something I thought about as well. As I do use all three toggle position settings to help ID a target.
  20. I was a member of a very good Blisstool group on Facebook. Apparently within the last month it was taken down by the USA owners. I did ask if they were interested in a new Admin and owner if they ever wanted to give it up. No answer. Over the past 6 months I have complied as much useful info I could find regarding the Blisstools, such as the V5 and V6, just in case any sites were taken off the web. Also regarding the chargers, a 110 volt input chargers can be had and a new plug put on. What your concerned about is the output voltage of the charger. This is the charger we would get in
  21. Don't think there was ever a build issues with any Quest detectors. It was always based on high quality so it would distance itself from other inferior, inexpensive Chinese detectors. And be on par with other European brands.
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