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  1. This is for those in another thread https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/14912-blisstool-still-around/page/2/#comments Who inquiring about how to do the mods. This is Part 1 Ground Balance Mod Next installment Part 2 will be the Gain Control Mod And then I also have some easy set-up tips. Bliss Mods Ground Balance Part 1.pdf
  2. Had some time to dig out my notes. I will make up a mod file and post it here. In a couple days.
  3. Let me check my notes to see exactly what I used, might be a day or two. I may have extra correct pots on hand to save you the trouble of ordering at higher prices than I paid. Have been building Pi's for the past 10 years.
  4. I'm not letting my V5 and three coils go anytime soon. I don't think many V5 or V6 units were sold after the V4 fiasco. Don't think, from what I have seen over the years more than 2 or 3 each of the V5 or V6 exist in the US or Canada. I believe you and Paul in Ca have two of the V6. I know of one other V5. With a couple changes in parts (pots), my V5 now has a finer more precise GB tuning range than the stock pot to get GB spot on. I switched to a RV6 precision pot. The stock pot is a cheap one. Between setting lets say 5-6, adjustment range is like 5- 5.5-6. Your GB can be off at either settings. With the precision pot you adjustment range between 5-6 would be like 5.1-5.2-5.3-5.4-5.5-5.6 and so on. A lot more resolution. Gain pot was changed from a linear to an audio taper, more usable range than 0-2 usually recommended, which is now spaced over a wider range 0-5. And you get a bit more range at max. Gain. See picture. Just those two simple mods make a big difference in tuning and stability. Makes for a much more fun detector to use. Fast set-up and can be a turn on and go detector. I love it with the 7x9 coil for coin and jewelry hunting. Anyways, you may want to keep the V6.
  5. Not much anyone can do about, many counties its not an issue importing fakes. They are mainly marketed towards to those in the goldfields of Africa and the like. If they set up shop in the USA, then Garrett can go to town like Fisher did.
  6. Recovery is fast so you should hear separate low and a high tone. I found the smaller than stock coils work better for me.
  7. I am sure it will be a nice trendy name, that will easily be remembered and stick in your brain.
  8. Wayback when...I had a GTi1500 with the Imaging coil. Had a blast with it. Think it was my first digital type detector with an LCD screen. Finding coins left and right. Eventually gave it to my wife, she loved it.... At that point, picked up a Gti2500. Didn't find it any deeper than the GTi1500 but, like the threshold based all metal mode and the depth it provided. After about two weeks, it had to go. Push buttons were getting stuck, the weight was effecting my elbow and getting tiring to swing. After that, bought a White's MXT. Never looked back at getting a newer Garrett again. Have to admit, over the years had the urge to try another GTi2500, never acted on it. Just too many other brand detectors with better performance and search coil choices, at lower prices. Had many Garretts up to the ADS7 since the 1970's, really liked them for our hunting locations. The GTi2500 was the last straw. Would have been nice if they made a smaller Imaging coil.
  9. I was a field tester for a number of models. She said that in a personal email when we approached her to make a smaller concentric for the Simplex. Instead they gave us smaller DD coils. We also tried rallying the Simplex owners to drum up the interest in a smaller concentric. Lots of interest!! Be happy you are able to purchase a smaller DD coil.
  10. She mentioned there will be no concentric coils made for the Simplex. The circuitry hardware and software programming is designed around DD search coils. It cannot be changed to accept concentric coils. So if you want concentric coils, pick up a Kruzer, Anfibio or an Impact.
  11. Tejon 3 3/4 turn 50K, which Tesoro uses are---- Very hard to find!!! You may come across the 100K with the help of a resistor you can change the value to 50K.
  12. WE missed a lot of gold back in the 70's, we set the disc. high. So we could weed thru the trash looking for silver coins, leaving the gold for others. Big mistake!!
  13. Compass Forum was recovered and has been migrated to another website host's server. It is now up and running. New web address of the Compass Forum. http://www.compassforums.org/
  14. There is something in the works right now. Nabble has reduced the server size. So forums were given the axe unless orig. owner responded to Nabbles email.
  15. Found out Nabble. Forums the host of the Compass Forum was downsizing servers. The Compass Forum and others using Nabble as the host , will not re-activate the forum unless the original owner of the Compass Forum responds to their email. The orig. owner about 5 years ago quit and moved onto other hobbies and gave Joe full Admin rights to keep it going. When Joe stepped down, I took over. Ownership of the Compass Forum was never transfered to Joe. So we have no way of keeping it going. So the Compass Forum as it stands is no more.
  16. It's been down for a number of days. Haven't a clue why it has disappeared. http://compass-metal-detector-forum.548136.n2.nabble.com/
  17. Recycle, rebury for the next generation of detectorists. Besides, Dirt Fishing Regulation book should be checked to see if's a violation the rebury in your neighbors yard. Might be a non-native species and it's ecosystem being evasive.......................
  18. Yes good to hear some companies still care about their customers, will personal attention....
  19. Exactly how it was stated, if we would of had a good registration number of detectorists, I would have been able to get a bunch of prizes from a major detector manufacturer. Since only 5 of us signed up..... Oh well. But, still would make a great topic to go out and use an old detector and show what you found.
  20. On 5-31 Dilek will be on Treasure Talk discussing the new MF. Looks like it's about ready for a release. They are also giving away a new simplex ! ------------------------ Have a link to TT?
  21. And there's always the uninformed one who will pay the price. People are pricing many of the Tesoro models much higher than norm.
  22. I bet there was lots of people like me that got suckered into watching the video, thinking there was going to be an update.
  23. Download them off my website https://www.treasurelinx.com/compass.html
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