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  1. Quote: "IMPORTANT INFORMATION for all dealers and VISTA X users ! Starting in JANUARY all NEW VISTA X metal detectors will be supplied to you with 6-pin connectors instead of the ones used so far 5-pin connectors. ALL USERS who already own VIsta X or these who will order in the future, if and when decide to purchase additional search coils, must inform us or the dealer with what connector is his Vista X and will receive coil with the same connector. Or to give the serial number of the unit. I have to explain our decision. There are no problems with 5-pin connectors. This is categorical. But some users try force socket before line up correctly and this break cables inside the cable connector. Rosi"
  2. I was lucky, had a local Metal Supermarket nearby in Buffalo, NY and now here in Canada. In the actual store they also had bins with cut-offs.....................
  3. This has been my favorite place to buy from https://www.metalsupermarkets.com/store-finder/ They are in the US and Canada.
  4. Geotech Forums is where those who build and design detectors hang out. The forum is owned by Carl Moreland, the author of the book you have and engineer currently at Fisher.
  5. Why would tunes like that even be programmed into a detector? Serves no purpose................
  6. Simplex battery. Has a small Thermistor attached. A thermistor is a type of resistor whose resistance is dependent on temperature, more so than in standard resistors. The word is a combination of thermal and resistor. Thermistors are widely used as inrush current limiters, temperature sensors, self-resetting overcurrent protectors, and self-regulating heating elements
  7. Just before fall in Sept, sent my Simplex to my nephew in the US as he wanted to get started in metal detecting. Gave him the newest 8.5 round DD coil. Still had a spare Simplex control box sitting here and the new 5x9 coil. Decided to make a project out of it. Thought I would make a custom handle for it to attach to a round tube straight shaft. Its super lightweight with 4 thick rock hard coats of epoxy. By the way, its a perfect, comfortable fit for my hand. A project to keep me busy on those rainy days. Recently finished it off with 5 coats of spray on Truck Bedliner paint. The new handle was mounted on a round tube straight shaft with a White's lower rod.. Still have to tidy things up a bit. A higher sitting Bounty Hunter arm cuff was attached, making everything fit and feel very comfy. Overall now balances better, feels lighter and easier to swing than the stock straight shaft.
  8. Never owned one. Thought about it a few times. They are made in China. Videos on YouTube Hear they are about as good as a Fisher F2.
  9. Hmmm, look like a detector made by Wildgame Innovations machines------Duck Dynasty--Ground EFX . They will make them custom for anyone.
  10. Think many are not aware about the salt mist...... even 100 feet inland away from the water....until its too late.
  11. A few months back Carl Moreland made this post, prediction: "I suspect they will attempt to sell the assets, including patents. If not, the family will continue to own the rights. The only patent I believe that has any value is the one I wrote on truncated half-sine. Others either have little value, are easily circumvented, or are near expiration. Cost of manufacturing hasn't really been an issue for White's. Their labor market is exceptionally cheap and they do most everything in-house. What has hurt them the most is sales/marketing. They hung onto the distributor/dealer model for too long, and when they finally decided to go online & big-box they just didn't have the people and structure to do it right. The second thing that hurt them was engineering turnover. It created huge gaps in products and in the ability to continue innovating. "
  12. From my experience with the Nokta/Makro units, AM mode is a bit weak in depth. I don't think it was meant to be a deep mode, like we are used to with US brands of detectors over the years with true all all metal mode which was threshold based. Digital software based AM mode, is for being able to penetrate soils that are highly mineralized or with in my case black magnetic sands. Where all other modes fail to provide proper target ID-falsing, mixed tones, downgrading towards iron, or wrapping around.....AM mode cuts thru the mineralized ground without too much loss of depth and still responds to the target, such as silver coins on edge. Think AM mode in terms of using a Pi for tough soil conditions. I learned how to use AM mode at our club's seeded beach hunt. The beach sand has magnetic black sand mixed in. Coins are thrown into the sand landing on edge. Those who hunt in disc modes, fail to find the coins, target ID's way off, or just don't see them. Many participants claim not finding targets, while others do better. Reducing sensitivity was no help, you lost too much depth and target response. Popular recommendation by the officials was to turn down sensitivity to prevent interference from other detectors. Yeah right! The trick to finding the edge coins or any other coins before they were trampled flat by those scurrying around was to use AM mode with a smaller coil. No disc modes, no notching etc. Others would find target when trampled flat in disc modes, if you knew what your detector was telling you in this sandy beach with black magnetic sands. From what I saw over the years here was the White's MXT and the Nox owners found the most. I have hunted this beach on many other occasions with many other brands of machines as have others. The only detector I will use there now is my Pi or a VLF type machine in AM mode.
  13. How many detector companies marketing depts actually listen to what the consumer wants? You were spoiled by Nokta/Makro.
  14. Think most of us agree with a smaller coil being offered right from the start. Unfortunately, all the Simplex coils are a bit heavy and tend to make the Simplex a bit nose heavy. Also the control box above a handle with battery also tips the balance towards the coil. All this does make the Simplex feel heavier than what it is and unbalanced for land use. Since this is a dual purpose detector land and water submersible, it had to be designed this way. You don't want the coil having a tendency to float upwards, nor do you want the control box to float upwards, especially when hunting in salt water. The entire unit has to be neutrally buoyant or close to it. I have made the suggestion to Dilek, that they should have come up with a beginners entry level detector of the Simplex in a strictly land version. It could be built much lighter and balance better with lighter weight smaller sized search coils. The Terra-Simplex would be a great seller. A concentric coil would make it bang on for pinpointing for the beginner but, that would mean new circuitry as the Simplex was designed around the DD. Think the issue producing such a model would be the selling price. Since the current Simplex is priced too reasonable. And they just released the Midi Hoard at a price point below the Simplex which is also a waterproof machine for the kids.
  15. If you can't gel with a particular detector and or in your case a particular coil. No sense keeping it. The best thing you can do for yourself is look at another brand model. If your not happy with what your using, you won't feel like grabbing that detector when going out for a hunt. A lot of people like the Nox 600 and 800, borrow your friends for a day, if he'll let you.................
  16. I doubt there will be a Simplex 2. But, the new Multi-Freaker by Nokta/Makro more than likely be an upper end model. I am sure Nokta took in consideration suggestions made by Nokta/Makro owners who bought any of their detector models when designing the new Multi-Freaker.
  17. Looking only for those who are Canadians that live in Canada. Become a Nomad, enjoy the benefits. https://www.noktadetectors.com/nomads-canada-application-form/?fbclid=IwAR275iMu9_c9tpaqGbOugciTTXS_nMadEBJyrRL82KDU875o01HcGczQvCI Visit us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/nmcanada/
  18. Gen All metal modes on all the Nokta machines punch thru black magnetic mineralized soils/sands much better. There's where I found the All metal modes more useful.
  19. I used 3 tone with Gain set at about 75-85 in the trashy schoolyards I hunted along with the 7" concentric coil. A perfect combination for that type of hunting. I preferred 3 tone for coin and jewelry hunting. Also, reset the tones to my liking. 2 tone 15-47 3 tone FE 15 47 70 4 tone 15-47-64-70
  20. Another thing, the different modes cover different hunting situations. All modes are not the same in the way of recovery speed, depth, and separation. Each mode has preset perimeters. And then throw into the mix the different coil diameters and what they are capable of....
  21. You sound like my friend Rick in the UK. Two true Coil-a-holics. I once knew a collector of records. His entire house on the inside was held up by tens of pillars of audio LP's and 45 records.
  22. You need an inductance and ohm meters also an oscilloscope. Many DD coils have a small circuit board in them. Best to join Geotech, they have a specific forum for coil building. Nokta/Makro use M12 connectors coil_data.pdf TGSLCoil Making.pdf
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