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  1. kruzer brains impact shaft and a newish coil and they got another product out too sell until they can think of something new which is cool because i liked the kruzer underwater feature but hated the shaft and loved the impact shaft so someone just put a few of the best things they had together and it looks great..although it looks and does cool things there will always be something special about minelab products that you cant avoid or try too turn a head , the machine also looks cool the firmware updates you know will be good because its minelab and the machine is stead .. for me personally id like both full stop , if i had too pick one id go nox because it suits my personality its cool calm and collective lol maybe when i was in my teens i would of loved the anfibio crackling and popping and freaking me out and digging miles down in the ground for a pull tab but as yeas go by you just want the truth and the nox has better id the anfibio loses its id for most parts after 8 inches depending on the size of the target , if it is a small target it mite lose the id even at 6 inches so yeah nox leads the race unless nokta can do some incredible update and use all that raw crackling power too seek out and id better the nox leads the race ..but boy there close !!
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