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  1. TROND Bluetooth V4.2 Headphones Wireless with Mic Over Ear, Lightweight, 30H Playtime, APTX Low Latency, LED Codec Indicator, for PC/Cell Phones/TV (B
  2. yes thats the ones i have pair fine with mine and the shop demo one but just crackel
  3. hi steve yes they were brought from amazon so you could be right but they work on my phone ipad pc ect the mind boggles
  4. hi phrunt the trond headphones are low latency as the plus sign shows up on the 600 screen so if they were just bluetooth you only get the bluetooth sign and the tronds are ll aptx 4.2 what is says are ok in the instructions but saying that i think the minelab ones are 4.1 so maybe that is the problem can only use 4.1 LL phones thanks for the info andy
  5. hi steve yes we tried on both 600s mine which is only a a couple of weeks old and a demo 600 in the shop was the same out come like you said bluetooth is bluetooth but it was the same on both 600s the trond headphones pairied with both but getting a crackling sound and my other cheap head phones would not pair with mine or the shop 600 so very strange thank you for the reply andy
  6. hi all has anyone had trouble with pairing the 600 with aftermarket headphones i ordered a pair of low latency aptx bluetooth head phones which paired fine but just made a crackling sound so tried some cheaper ones i had in the house and none of them paired at all so went back to crawfords who tried the tronds on another 600 and the same again and tried pairing the other phones i took still would not pair on the shop 600 only phones that paired and worked fine were the mindlab ones so had to buy them so was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with after market headphones even tried a pair of £200 beats headphones from the guy across the road and again they paired but no sound just a faint crackling sound could be heard the guy in crawfords was very helpful and is going to contact minelab and ask them about it so if anyone has had this problem to i would like to hear from you regards andy
  7. well i ordered some tronds for my equinox 600 paired ok but all they did was crackle really bad and also could not get any other phones which i had to pair with my 600 which was only a week old so took it back and tried the phones on another 600 and they were the same paired but just crackle noise and my other bluetooth phones would not pair with the shop 600 ether so ended up getting minelab phones which paired quick and no crackle even tried the lads across the road his £200 beats paired ok but no sound just a very faint crackle noise could be heard so any more info on the tronds and how you got them to work i would really like to know thanks andy
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