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  1. That’s a great idea, practice with the non-working MX-Sport model before moving onto the good model. Keep us posted how everything works out, Good luck! Paul
  2. Forgot to add, everything will be fine after putting back together. Make sure no sand falls on the seal before tightening battery box back together, Will continue to give you many hours of waterproof fun in the future. Paul
  3. Hello EastCape, I would recommend staying with the original MX-Sport, Would be much easier tightening the loose battery box instead of switching boxes from the non-working model. You’ll need a T10 and T15 TORX, now remove two T15 TORX screws as shown on the second picture. Then, carefully remove battery box. You'll see two battery springs, with two T10 TORX screws beside and a fastening bolt. Remove these two T10 TORX screws, then remove fastening bolt. Carefully, remove plastic frame away from the fastening bolts threaded area. Just enough to tighten the four T15 TORX
  4. My condolences Reggie on the loss of your adventures father, he will definitely be missed and remembered. Your dad and I spent many hours on the phone, mostly on the TDI mods and original Tesoro Lobo mods. Even on BFO models, he was working on a special mod with BFO few years back. I remember Reggie being very excited, So we traded a few of his vintage detectors for a few of my Garrett BFO models. I learned a lot from your father, he helped me be creative and experiment with ideas of my own. Especially with the TDI, actually still my TDI, modded with your dads mods. Another m
  5. I use both coils for iron laced sites, Prefer 9” HF coil over the elliptical for most hunting conditions. These are terrific coils for relic hunting, I’m after thinner worn seated/bust coins and mainly stay with higher KHz. Sometimes, lower KHz may miss worn silver especially deeper 1/2 dimes so with the 9” HF I’ll run 54KHz. Occasionally, Switch to the elliptical HF if time allows and that’s after using the 9”HF. Both do a good job, Somehow the elliptical has survived hasn’t hit the classifies. After reading several of these responses from the others, I tend to agree
  6. As Steve mentioned, needs to be V3 rated. When I had a V3, never could hunt river or lake black sand. Overloaded, that was with using V3 rated coils. Sold it, never picked up another one. Paul
  7. Very nice cjc, Extremely nice vintage ring find, any chance it’s dates back before 18th century. Looks old, UK area 1500-1700 era? Congrats! Paul
  8. I remember taking that Compass picture Sven, unfortunately my Compass line grew since then 😊 And that was only Compass models, my favorite. Fortunately, I’ve stopped collecting vintage models. Thanks for including a part of my collection in your website . Paul
  9. I’ll do that in the near future GB, Post several of my favorite vintage detectors, boy I’ve got a bunch of favorites 😊 Thanks for the encouragement! Paul
  10. Good to see Alan still out there searching for gold, definitely a trooper loves the hobby! I have a nice collection of Alan’s detecting gear, many vintage Compass models, several Garrett models and a few Whites models. Several are rare models, a few extremely rare. All still work well. Keeping them going is part of my yearly routine, and occasionally use them. Keep up the good hunt Alan! Paul
  11. Very informative V5 pot post Sven, Definitely a post to save for future information, appreciate you taking the time to share. Very informative, Blisstool V5 will serve you well. Although I’m not running a V5 anymore, switched to a V6 when they were released. Been very fortunate, my pots on my V6 are still clean and so far no wear very responsive. I suppose someday will probably need to change them, currently use a cover keeping dust away from them. Here in my area, it’s tough using Gain above 2 and if I go any higher it’s extremely hard to dial in the Course and Fine GB
  12. Always enjoyed Abenson ‘s video detector Comparisons, seen an earlier one of his last year believe was between GPX and Tarsacci only. Only I don’t remember him using disc mode with the Tarsacci, pretty sure it was Mix mode. Wish this particular test comparisons had he used Mix mod, think the signal would be stronger. From personal experience, Using Tarsacci Mix mode gives me more information and is deeper. Tarsacci disc mode does work in areas with iron, from experience surface targets in iron is where it does well. Mix mode, gets down deeper on the weaker signals but tarsacci user need
  13. I agree Denny, Mix mode is the mode to use. At the beginning, first month or so tried Disc mode. Found good results in areas with a lot of iron, but the disc audio I just couldn’t get used to it. Later, after learning the MDT language in Mix mode never went back to disc mode. Disc mode doesn’t give user enough information, Has delayed signal and audio modulation is terrible. Found myself double triple checking signals, not enough information and not as deep. Mix mode is the better mode, hands down user’s need to get the MDT language down then they’ll see the advantag
  14. Hello Steve, Agree on the battery cap, although haven’t personally had cap issues a few extra threads would have been nice. I’ve used Tony’s waterproof headphones before, on other waterproof detectors. With the MDT, Went with the MX-Sport waterproof headphones instead. Disassembled the Sport phones, resoldered, then resealed MDT waterproof cord before putting back together. They sound terrific, Did submerse them several times last year. This year, Did a little relic hunting but with fresh water took some time off haven’t hit a river or lake since last year. Definite
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