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  1. Hello Jim Welcome to the Tarsacci forum, and Congratulations with the nice finds you’ve made throughout your detecting career. Good informative information left here for you to go over, I’ll add a couple more from my experience with using the Tarsacci. Little over two years now with using the Tarsacci, it’s my main land detector for relic hunting. Especially now, with the 12” coil it’s added more depth. Plus, The 12” coil is great in areas laced with iron. I’ll never go back with the stock coil, 12” coil is that good. Has a tough language learning curve, have patience eventually it’ll all piece together. Some prefer Disc mode, others Mix mode and some All-Metal mode, I prefer Mix mode, more audio information and little more depth. It’s no Deus for tough iron laced sites, but the Tarsacci will hold its own in areas thick with iron. Actually, under some conditions the Tarsacci will punch extremely deep in an iron patch getting a deep target beyond the reach of a Deus or Equniox. I still use the Deus as it has its place, had no more use for the Equniox and gave it to a friend. This week, did a comparison between my GPX 5000 with 11DD coil and Tarsacci with 12” coil, soil is slightly mineralized and away from iron. Tarsacci fared extremely well, GPX has about 1” inch more depth on high conductive coin size targets. On buried nickel’s, GPX slightly deeper about 2” inches deeper. From my experience, no other detector I’ve owned including the Equniox comes close. Good luck, whatever you decide plenty of Tarsacci users out there to lend you a helping hand if you decide to purchase the Tarsacci. Paul
  2. If only those buttons could share a tale or two, I would sit and listen with open ears. You definitely earned these terrific finds. Congratulations! Paul
  3. Good review Dave, I know the MDT was a loner, you probably need more time with the Tarsacci to get more familiar with its settings. In regards to the Tarsacci with 12” coil not responding to the gold chain as well as the Equniox, if possible try not to use Black sand mode. Tarsacci should have hit that gold bracelet, if the Equniox can get it so should the Tarsacci. Plus, shift over to 18khz if wet sand allows. Hope you eventually get an MDT, with 12” coil it’s a great unit with terrific stability. Recently, I gave my Equniox to a friend. Tarsacci in my area and type of inland hunting, Equniox never could fare as well as the Tarsacci. Good luck! Paul
  4. Good informative ground tracking video Aaron, I never used tracking and in fact wasn’t aware of the 40 +/- spread. Going to try tracking on my next Tarsacci relic hunt outing, looking forward to trying it out. Good job! Paul
  5. Good informative video Aaron, a reminder for those not familiar with older silver coins or buttons having lower conductively. Here on West Coast, some of the reales I’ve dug over the years conductively vary especially the tiny 1/4 reales. Deep old worn thin sliver will is hard to get especially masked by iron, shifting to higher kHz helps enhance the signal on these small worn coins or small buttons with lower conductivity. With the Tarsacci, I’m after these smaller worn out coins and buttons. Always hunt with 18k setting, coupled with the 12” coil it’s extremely deep. I can’t get the myself to use Disc mode, the audio mostly steers me away. Mix mode is terrific for my type of hunting, maybe on my next hunt will try Disc mode and give it a fair amount of time. Good informative video Aaron, Paul
  6. Nice find, Tarsacci is great on thin silver coins or worn out buttons. I use 18k mode when relic hunting, tends to enhance signal on worn thin silver coins, 1/2 dimes and worn silver reales. Conductively is lower on older small silver coins or brass buttons, Especially the tiny ones. 18k will enhance these signals, give it a try. Congratulations! Paul
  7. I probably have what you’re looking for Steve, I’ll dig out a box of material stored away. Will get back with you this week, has all the Compass models of that GoldScanner era in a colorful catalog booklet 🙂
  8. Congratulations Chuck! Take your time learning the MDT, has a tough learning curve mostly with the audio language. Don’t let this learning curve discourage you, patience is key eventually it’ll all fall in place. I see you ordered the lager coil, that’s good you don’t need the stock coil. If you get in trouble with the settings, Aaron will help you. Don’t hesitate to call him for help or support, Same with other Tarsacci users out there, we’ll do our best to help. I’m just now getting back to swinging the Tarsacci, took time off for two knee replacements. It’ll be a little while longer to detect for long periods, until then just take the the Tarsacci out maybe 20-40 minutes if that. Usually, I sit and rest and enjoy the sites. Have patience, enjoy the learning process especially the audio. For inland, highly recommend Mix mod. Don’t give up, it’s a long learning process might as well turn it onto a positive experience. Congrats Chuck! Paul
  9. I’m seeing the same with using the 12” coil, better stability. Can run full sensitivity with 12” in open inland areas, Before with stock couldn’t operate at max. Mix mod is deeper than all-metal mode, have a shield nickel buried at 14.5” inches at a test bed in an actual 1850 relic site. Tarsacci with 12” coil gets it both directions using mix mode and I’m not talking iron audio only it’s both conducive and iron audio, switch to all-metal it’s very faint to almost not there. I don’t care for discrimination mode, it’ll detect the 12.5 buried shield nickel but really don’t care for the short target response. My opinion, using disc mode one can easily miss a deep target, audio response is to narrow kind of like a chirp. Mix mode is definitely my favorite, 12” coil is a winner. Will never slap on the stock coil again, 12” definitely deeper and operates with higher sensitivity. Separation, fantastic! Paul
  10. I’ve been waiting for a lighter Minelab GPX model with discrimination, mainly for relic hunting. When I first read about Minelabs new 6000 model, assumed it had discrimination. As more information rolled out, It was disappointing to see that was not the case. I hope Boykin is right, Maybe we’ll see a discrimination model in the future. Would like to see a future GPX model similar to the GPX 6000, same performance only with a discrimination feature and same type handle/battery setup. Most relic hunters using the GPX 5000 for relic hunting will make the switch I know I will, Guess my GPX 5000 will still be my main relic detector. Good work on the Forum Steve! Paul
  11. Just read the email, definitely exciting news! America made will continue, All the best to Ken and Mary, and the staff. I hope many of its employees carry over, they will need them. Terrific news! Paul
  12. Hello Steve, Sold the CleanSweep coil earlier this year, just couldn’t see myself using it. Tried testing it but back to the box it went, someone on eBay bought it. However, not the Pantera it’s a keeper. It’s staying in my Tesoro stable, probably one of my two Tesoro favorites. Have a strong feeling Vintage models are coming back ! Paul
  13. Congratulations Rick! Scoring a mint Pantera is rare, Great find definitely keep this model. It’s a super neat detector for parks and even school yards if you can still find one open to public. If after high conductive coins, you’ll be digging copper pennies, dimes and quarters all day. Mine came from the UK, Super nice lady used it for relic hunting and school yards. Only had to replace coil, current coil came off an Outlaw. Between the Pantera and Golden uMax, I’d rather use the Pantera. Check your home mail box tomorrow, that little piglet is arriving. Congrats! Paul
  14. That’s a great idea, practice with the non-working MX-Sport model before moving onto the good model. Keep us posted how everything works out, Good luck! Paul
  15. Forgot to add, everything will be fine after putting back together. Make sure no sand falls on the seal before tightening battery box back together, Will continue to give you many hours of waterproof fun in the future. Paul
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