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  1. Very nice, we don’t see those out west. Congratulations! Paul
  2. Thanks Tom, We definitely work hard for each target, lately it’s been tough scratching a few pieces to fill 1/2 the the palm of our hand, And that’s with several outings. So when a old coin surfaces, it encourages us to continue pressing forward. Thanks again, Paul
  3. That looks like a 8th grade/high school hammer project, I remember our 8th grade wood shop class making that type of hammer. We made all sorts of neat stuff, hammers, metal funnels, wooden towel hanger using a marble. That definitely looks like one of our wood shop hammer projects, this was back in 1973-74. Paul
  4. Hello GB-Amateur, The ground the two seated 50 cent pieces come from are farm land, not Rocky and all those ricks and cuts are from plow. With the exception of two shiny marks above the shoulder of 1862 50cent 1/2, that’s from my shovel. Soil is pretty good from this area, this particular area is plowed about twice a year which is good but increases odds to damage coins. The area the two seated 1/2 dimes are from another area. Same property but a good 1/4-1/2 mile up river on opposite side. Another settlement, 1850’s era. Soil is saturated with chemicals, and area is full of hot rocks, what damages coins from this area is both from plow had chemicals. It’s tough to get a date from silver coins, especially worn out silver. Thanks for the informative reply, and both these 50 cent pieces are S mint. All the best, Paul
  5. Hello Denny, Wish I would stayed longer, was great to see you again and we learned how well the MDT will eliminate hot rocks. Im not a fan of using black sand mode with any detector when not needed, but I can see an advantage with using black sand mode with the MDT. It eliminates our hot rocks completely, yet conductive finds are still detectable if under a hot rock. I’ll share a little here Denny what we noticed. And yes, the river crossing here at this particular river was a toll bridge. Plus, River was much wider back then. What Denny and I found out with our MDT units, If an MDT user is still experiencing some ground noise even after properly setting Salt mode especially in areas with hot rocks. Kick on black sand mode, it should eliminate all remaining ground noise as it did with our soil from a particular area. One particular area we hunt, is saturated with chemicals used for farming, decades of heavy dosage plowed year after year. Coupled with rock hots, ground noise is terrible. The MDT can eliminate all noise, it may loose some depth with using black sand mode but we’ll probably make it up with a much quieter machine. Much easier to stay focused, those deeper whisper signals will not be overcome by ground noise. We’re still learning the ins and outs of our MDT units, but when it comes to handling poor soil I think we both feel the MDT is our best choice of detector for these types tougher soil conditions. Hopefully, Denny and I can meet up again soon. Hope to get out with you soon Denny! Paul
  6. Thanks 2Valen, Maybe next hunt will yield more finds, We need another plow to stir up the ground. Thanks again Paul
  7. Thanks kac, Half dimes are hard to find, I’m a firm believer with using high kHz to get thin silver especially thin half dimes and tiny thin reales. With the Tarsacci, I always use 18 kHz. With the Deus, use HF coils with high kHz. Thin silver especially trimes in your area, will probably be best recovered with higher kHz. Conductivity wise, they fall lower conductivity than larger pieces of silver coins twice their size. Using lower kHz for deeper silver, is the mindset of most hunters not knowing they are missing smaller pieces of silver. Thanks again, Paul
  8. Got out about two weeks ago before the shutdown, local friend and I met to test our MDT units on bricks. Then, detect since the weather was very nice. We didn’t hunt the area recently giving up three seated 1/2 dollars, instead we focused on another nearby area giving up a seated 1/2 dime, bust quarter and a 1846 $5 dollar gold coin on previous hunts. We know from experience, eventually this particular area will give an old coin or two if we continue hitting it. Luck was on my side on this particular hunt, dug an 1848 1/2 dime with the MDT. Funny thing with my recent silver coin finds, these four recent pieces of silver are all seated 1/2 half’s. Two seated half dollars, two seated 1/2 dimes. The MDT bagged the recent 1848 1/2 dime, EQUINOX and Blisstool V6 scored the remaining three pieces. The bricks we tested are from an 1853 hotel, nothing remains from the hotel, it burned down in 1908 and is from the same property across the river now an orchard. Unfortunately, the bricks are only 2-3 bar with 3 at the highest end. MDT and most other top end models can see through one brick with ease. Two bricks are tougher, but barely detectable when testing. These bricks are not mineralized enough, to conduct detector comparisons. Have a new job position, been tough visiting the forums due to homework and new job positions work schedule. Going forward will be even tougher, thought I’d post this today’s may not be too many free moments ahead. Also, I’ll add that the property owner of this particular area allows us to detect here. Most of our finds from this particular area are in our local county’s museum, the bulk of remaining finds including an 1846 $5 gold coin are with the property owner. These recent seated finds, will probably go to the owner or be placed into our county’s museum displayed along side with the other finds. Great hobby we have, Really enjoy the history part especially the research portion. If one digs into the reading material portion, sky’s the limit you’ll always have places to hunt and always keep property owners updated. Thanks for Looking, Paul
  9. Extremely nice finds, definitely date back a ways. You'll eventually find the sweet spot, looking forward to seeing the old silver you pull out. Congratulations! Pail
  10. Two terrific finds Kac! Two cent pieces are extremely rare on west coast, the metal plate is another spectacular find I’d take that over a coin any day. Congratulations! Paul
  11. Thanks Cal, Hopefully get out there later this Afternoon, got to be more in there have a good feeling this may be a small cache. Thanks again, Paul
  12. Hello Brian, I’ve been thinking well hoping they are from a cache, three from same area. Area is plowed yearly, good chance part of remaining cache are nearby. Never dug a cache, had several silvers in same hole but those were probably from pocket spillage with someone laying on park grass long ago. Going to hit this area again this weekend, see if another half surfaces. Good to hear from you, hope all is well over your way. HH, Paul
  13. Congratulations Tom! You definitely deserve this 16th gold coin, Wow truly amazing! Well done Tom! Paul
  14. Hello Rick, This is great reading material, definitely going to read this weekend. During my lunch hour this early evening, skimmed through most of it and found camels used in California. Our Fort Tejon used camels, plenty of reading material on this subject. Our State of California is rich with history, we are very fortunate. Especially those who enjoy research, plenty of historical sites waiting to be found. Thank you for sharing, I’ve saved it to my favorites. I’ll share something not too many local treasure hunters are aware of, in my area not to far from these recent seated half’s is an 1850 old fort location, I’ve been searching for it past 10 years. It’s definitely in an area we’re bound to eventually find its location. Within a 1/2 mile radius from this recent town we discovered, the material you posted encourages me to press forward. Thanks again Rick👍 Paul
  15. Hello Tom, Congratulations with the $10 gold piece, first I heard of this spectacular find. This current site is from the next river south of the area you and Anthony discussed with me, it’s a property Denny and I have been hunting pass 11 years. Totally off the charts from yours and Anthony’s, about one mile south. That area of yours and Anthony’s, is an area I will not discuss with anyone including local friends. You guys have my trust, I respect this site as yours and Anthony’s. As with permission from Anthony, I’ve made contact with one of the property’s owners, he is to meet with me soon on his property. That’s were you and Anthony feel the bulk of the area is located, I’ll keep in touch. I’m going to give this property owner copies of the materials you gave me. Plus a 1892 map copy of his property, this is the only area I have not hunted. Pretty sure what you and Anthony are searching for is in this area. Congratulations again on your 15th gold coin? It is 15 now right? Outstanding! Paul
  16. Appreciate the information, very well put and encouraging us to press forward. Eventually, I’m sure other seated maybe be bust will surface from this particular area. Just up the river on same property is another site, same property owner this particular site has gave up 1/2 dimes one was a Bust, one 1846 $5 gold coin surfaced two years ago, That coin went to the property owner. Most of the remaining coins, went to our local museum. Getting another batch of finds together to hand over to the museum, another Bust and three seated coins along with relics. Will keep the forum posted when additional finds surface, Especially anything other than 1/2 halves that will be great 😊 Thanks again, Paul
  17. Thank you 2Valen, GB-Amateur, Strick, Beat up, Denny and Steve, Yesterday’s seated half find has more wear than the just dug picture shows, same with the first 1861 seated half find from here and it has plow damage. I nicked yesterday’s 1862 half with the shovel, David’s 1863 seated half is in much better condition from my two seated half’s from this area. Denny, That’s what I keep saying to myself, surely a seated 1/2 dime or seated dime should surface. Although The town is short lived, it’s old enough and was off the main Fremont trail. Next time you come down, let’s focus in that particular area surely more coins in there. Going to add pieces of the puzzle, how the second town of Woodsville finally surfaced. Took 11 years to finally find this lost 1853-1869) town, Denny is a great contributor and has helped enormously with my research. He’s no stranger to this area, he too has permission from the property owner to detect this enormous property which has three historical sites hidden from history. Our finds are in our Country historical museum, a big thanks to Denny for being there. The clues to finding this second town of Woodsville, mentions it was 1/2 mile East of the original Woodsville cabin. Well, it wasn’t a 1/2 mile East which I finally figured out last year. And with the other pieces of puzzle, we found it. Thanks again everyone, and Steve a big thank you for providing us a great clean forum. And Denny, Thank you for your continuous support! All the best, Paul
  18. Definitely a musket ball, with it being so close to Washington and only a 1/4 mile from camp improves the odds it’s related. Terrific find, Congratulations! Paul
  19. Starting to think may be a cache of silver half’s in a general area, that’s three (1861-1862-1863) from same area. Two months ago, I dig an 1861 1/2 dollar, a week later a local buddy digs an 1863 1/2 dollar. Today, I dig the third an 1862 1/2 dollar from same general area. From previous hunts, Plenty of musket balls have surfaced, some 1850-1860 era finds as well. But no other coins have surfaced, just these three seated half’s. A town short lived, 1853 to late 1860’s based from history books. Based from one of the books, Late 1860’s a row of six wooden cabins facing the river still stood. Took me about 11 years to find these row of cabins, wasn’t until a few months ago finally found the town settlement. It’s located in an orchard, with permission from property owner, I’ve been searching for this settlement pass 11 years. It’s an area I use different top end detectors, enjoy switching things up a bit and happy as a lark what ever I swing. Today, it was the Blisstool V6 (Beast) that nailed the seated half. Running the V6 with Ore mode, but with a higher fine setting to bring back depth loss yet retain fast recovery speed. These settings work well in this area, the town area is laced with old iron. Square nails, large spike nails, etc. Ore mode turns the Blisstool V6 into a fast recovery unit, enhances separation in areas with iron. Hopefully, The owner plows here soon the area surely needs it. Maybe more will surface? Thanks for looking, Paul
  20. Very productive hunt, overall you did well. Please Continue to share future your Tarsacci finds, Beach hunts are always fun to hunt, wish I lived near the ocean. Congratulations Paul
  21. Outstanding Daniel, I agree, Tarsacci has an edge in poor soil over an Equniox. I run both Equniox and Tarsacci, here on west coast inland hunts. We find pistol and musket balls, definitely Tarsacci has a stronger Audio ID with deeper targets in poor soil. Most hunters using an Equniox would have passed that deep target sounding like iron, Equniox is a good unit though. Thanks for sharing, Paul
  22. Hello Kac, This particular area, is both slightly higher in mineralization and in some areas full of old iron. I agree, strongly feel a Vaquero with the 12”x10”DD coil will do extremely well here. I’ll probably get one, owned one before but failed to try a DD coil. Have tried Concentric here but every time suffer stability, DD is my best option. Appreciate your input, Vaquero is definitely on my list. Tejon is a a little too hot for this particular area, Vaquero is perfect! Thank you, Paul
  23. Hello Monte, Thank you for taking to time to share information with the Cortes, Deleon and both Lobo models, that’s good to know especially with the original Lobos manual GB ties in with both modes. Because of our soil in my area, I’d probably stay with a DD to help stability a concentric may sway the opposite due to our mineralization. You’re doing well keeping your equipment count down, 18 at present yes that’s quite a bit hopefully you can hit yourself target of 10. I had planned on selling the bulk of my top end, been saying that for years hopefully this year will make time to list them. As for the vintage models, probably keep those including all the modified ones. Yesterday, tooK out four ID models to the same site. Tekentics Mark III, CoinScanner 2 Pro, GoldScanner Pro and a Whites 5900 with manual GB. Only three pistol balls surfaced, and a pouch full of trash. Still, a fun day. Peaceful surroundings, an orchard with shade trees. Owner drove by and we waved to each other, he let’s me detect here. Land is an 1850 settlement, now an orchard. The Tekentics Mark III, is a 1&2 filter detector. It’ll adjust itself based from mineralization, overall a good detector even for relic hunting. Use a fisher DD coil with the Modded Mark III, good depth and good coverage and surprisingly very good separation. Someday when I get close to retirement, will join one of your ghost town hunts. Probably bring a few vintage models for the hunt, Just thinking of the hunt brings a smile ear to ear 😊 Thanks again Monte! Paul
  24. Hello Rick, I never tried a Lobo ST, only owned a couple of original lobo models with manual GB. I do run a little negative with most of my GB models, including the original lobo. I’ve read that before, Lobo ST runs hotter with concentric coils. That’s probably the case in my area providing soil isn’t too mineralized, I may try and search for a used larger coil for my original Lobo. Really like the Original Lobo, if I can get another inch or two that would be great. Thanks for bringing that up, encourages me to search for another coil for my Lobo. Take care, Paul
  25. Hello GB-Amateur, The Lobo is an original model, with manual GB. Unfortunately, the stock elliptical coil and a smaller piglet coil are the only 4-pin coils I have. I’m sure a much bigger coil will enhance depth, but at present trying to not invest further in the hobby. I’ve forgotten so much especially with older technology, can’t remember if GB carriers over onto disc mode with Cortes or Deleon. I feel, the reason the Deleon wasn’t doing well with the 12”x10” DD was probably due to discrimination mode not tuned with the larger DD coil. I like the Deleon, would prefer using a Deleon especially for it’s larger screen but for some reason in tougher soil conditions the Cortes fares a lot better. The Cortes impresses me, gets good depth with the 12”x10” DD coil and very good coverage. In my soil, the Tesoro Stock coils can’t penetrate very deep with any of my Tesoro lineup. Which is my reasoning for using the 12”x10” DD, gains a good 1”-2” inches in poor soil. Plus, the DD coverage is great. Many years ago, probably at least a decade ago tried both the Tejon and Vaquero at this same particular site. They had very good depth out in clearer areas with low mineralization, even with stock coils. But, In poor soil they suffered with stability issues especially in areas with iron. I’d like to try a Vaquero again with a larger DD, I feel the DD will help. Hopefully, get out there again this afternoon. This round will use four different analog ID model’s, for now have my top end parked for a while and will enjoy using these older tech model’s. Thank you for your interest, HH, Paul Deleon
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