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  1. The F-Pulse also has a tone only mode. I like the fact that you can run it with both tone and vibrate or each alone.
  2. Yeah, I've been looking at so much gear here lately, it's a jumbled mess in my head.
  3. Hey all, As for the Garrett AT Pro, does anyone else not like the fact that the unit doesn't have a "tone only" mode? Find that it's a deal breaker for you? Thoughts?
  4. Heard back from one of the local clubs I emailed. One did go defunct(a gem society), but their members and charter were absorbed by the other. I'm told the club has about 40-50 active members. They have club meetings once a month. Guess I'll go check them out and see what they're all about and how many are gem folk and how many knowledgeable detectorists there are. Should find out quickly if this area of the country will support a metal detecting hobby. I'm having to remind myself, this is the Texas Panhandle, not the beaches, forests nor woodlands, not the Outback, not Colorado, Arizona nor any of the awesome parts of the country/world that I see YT videos of folks enjoying their hobby. Seems to be a recurring theme for me as of late. Wanting to take up hobbies/sports that are not well suited to where I live. lol .........
  5. Thanks all. I like to ask those in the know on forums like these as opposed to whatever a search engine comes up with. I'm in the Texas Panhandle. I'm not finding anyone around here that sells equipment. And the 2 local clubs I'm finding may be defunct, as I haven't been able to contact them yet. And given the laws, not looking good for taking up this hobby so far.
  6. Hey all, I'm a newbie here, thinking about getting into this hobby. I have no clue who to trust with my business, for purchasing equipment. So far, I haven't seen any links for website sponsors, if this board even has any. Who do you folks praise when giving them your business?
  7. Thanks for the resource links and info. I've also been trying to think of locations to detect around me, one being a local state park. Over the years I've hiked miles thru several washes there that see lots of water flow after a rain. Lots of interesting geology that is just crying out to be searched. I probably should try to search for any detectorists near me, see if there's a community of liked minded folks to hook up with.
  8. Hey all, While reading up on and watching YT vids on the current tech, product performance reviews and such, learning the lingo, narrowing down what I would want to do with a unit and narrowing down possible equipment if I were to jump into this hobby, until now, after reading some others posts from here and around the world, it never dawned on me to consider what kind of bureaucratic BS, restrictions, laws and such that metal detecting is susceptible to in the US. Gaining permission from private property owners is a no brainer, but other than that....................? Do you have to register them or are we required to purchase a yearly permit to use them? Can we transport them across state lines without being concerned about each states reciprocity? What about being in possession and use of a dectector while lawfully carrying a firearm? May sound like crazy questions, but that's the country we live in and it's only getting worse. Any resources on laws and regs you can share?
  9. Curious to know if anyone else has had issues with the 35s cracking of the shell around the battery access. Read a report with pictures the other day.
  10. Nine years retired First Responder looking to maybe get into this hobby. It's either this, buy a new dual sport motorcycle or a paramotor and training and run into the sky. lol Spending hours reading the forum, watching YT videos, learning the lingo and tech. Narrowing down possible equipment. I'm technical minded, so I may be asking a lot of crazy questions. I'm liking what I see from the folks on the forum. TR42
  11. Hey all, When researching pinpointers, I watch these folks doing air tests with the ruler laid out in front of it and they move the target toward the the tip by hand to get a distance reading. Now, your DD detector coils, and probably others, will detect the minerals in your hand/skin. Won't the pinpointers? Or is it not enough to throw off the reading of a target in these air tests done by hand?
  12. AA alkaline batts are 1.5v, whereas the rechargeable NiMH batts are 1.2v. Have you experienced any significant difference in battery life or detector performance with the lower voltage?
  13. Imagining the nox head unit atop the handle of that lower rod, one design I haven't seen yet for a head unit like this is making the head unit foldable. When not in use and for storage/traveling, fold the head unit forward, flat against the top of the rod or even fold it backward and down against the rear of the handle.
  14. So you're saying that the unit "will" kill the on board speaker and operate your plug in phones. Do you get mono or stereo? Are the headphones you're trying from your iPhone the TRRS type, like the Apple ear buds?(tip, ring, ring, sleeve) Unless Minelab has changed something about the onboard receptacle, the past posts on this topic I've read claim that the unit will not kill the on board speaker with headphones plugged in. I've been researching the Nox 800 in consideration to purchase and this is one of the negative aspects I've come across. Some of this info I'm seeing is years old so I have no idea how the current iteration of the 800 is supposed to function. I'd appreciate any updated info you may have. To get your plug to work, maybe try cutting back the plastic of your plug by about 1/64"- 1/32". That's probably all the difference you're making by pushing and holding it tightly into the receptacle by hand.
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