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  1. So now that you know the place on the creek where the tom was set up have you done any prospecting or panning just downstream from that location?
  2. So there were some girls in them thar hills. That's always a good thing unless it's your girlfriend that's getting hit on lol.
  3. Also curious when you say names were changed. Is this the real Jacob a.k.a. Jed's brother that was with you in 2002? Kinda confused 😕🤔
  4. Welp... back in the old days someone would have been shooting at y'all by now lol 😂.
  5. I'm confused on the timeline. I would have sworn that the marked boulders were in the fiction part of this gold tale. So if not fiction this means that there's actual Spanish gold coins stashed up there somewhere. Plus a whole bunch of gold 😂. Nice!
  6. Wow how exciting having Jacob in person for a tour guide. The guy is worth his weight in gold at this point!
  7. Hopefully before it's all wrapped up you post a picture or two of Jacob. Or perhaps it'll never be wrapped up LOL.
  8. So was it the deputy, the rancher or both that set them up? The deputy most likely and if so then the crew left back on the claim could be in a whoopass bunch of trouble right now.
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