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    A couple of high bankers, too many pans and sluices. Gold Kruzer, Nokta Legend

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  1. Good morning John! Question for you. What do you use for a battery and did you make the PVC wash bars attached to the top of the highbanker? Is that the California made highbanker? I forgot the name of that company. Thank you John!
  2. You have to keep in mind that the real outlaws have brought this upon themselves. They want what you have and have been persistent in trying to steal it and have not been willing to take no for an answer. They and they alone have put the Miner's in the uncomfortable position of having to stop them and put an end to it. You either let them have what is yours or you put a stop to it.
  3. Well good for Jacob. Just let him handle it since nobody else can. 🤣
  4. Great looking finds! Is that a Peace dollar?
  5. I just don't understand how you and Jacob could go back to mining without taking time to recruit extra help. You KNOW trouble is coming back and you guys aren't exactly invisible. If it were up to me I couldn't let that go. If they kill you then... you lose. Obviously you weren't killed but many others were and in 2002 you had no way to know what was going to happen. I would have hired guys straight out of prison if I had to. (lol probably where the hooligans were coming from)
  6. Too bad you don't have some video of Jacob and you guys on the claim. Or do you?
  7. Well I agree with you. Whether or not Vern is a idiot depends on how willing he is to back off and stifle himself and try it Jacob's way. The lost gold in the two pans should have been enough to convince him. God only knows how much gold Vern is responsible for losing out the end of the sluice. Well maybe they re-ran the tailings and got it all back. We'll see!
  8. Impressive set of tools. Those buttons ARE beautiful!
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