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  1. In that case, avoid lithiums. They are more delicate, less forgiving to abuse and have a lower lifespan than a high quality NiMH cell.
  2. Was there no NDA or other legal agreement preventing you from doing that?
  3. Ahhh, that makes sense. But if someone had an old Ace and wanted to upgrade, I still think the Apex could be a reasonable recommendation (depending on their specific needs, of course).
  4. I don't understand. You say you want the best, but then you got a Vanquish 540 when you already had an Equinox 800. From a form factor perspective, I agree that Vanquish > Equinox, but from a technical capability perspective the Vanquish is inferior to the Equinox, right? I concur 100% with you that the Apex isn't that big of a jump from the old Ace line. But that doesn't mean it doesn't serve a particular group of detectorists. There are so many reasons why someone would want to buy the Apex. I'm a believer in that one should avoid the "muddle in the middle" as much as possible.
  5. Says the advanced metal detector user who purchased a Vanquish! Granted, you got a 540... But seriously, going from an old Ace to the Apex is a prett big jump, is it not? Even if Garrett's SMF tech works only have as well as Minelab's, it's still a nice upgrade. I guess for someone who wants to really push their metal detecting limits, in terms of areas to hunt and skills to develop, it may not be a big jump. But someone who wants to keep things casual and doesn't expect to go underwater, it's a nice upgrade.
  6. Great finds and thanks for sharing. I'm thinking my next machine will be the 340...
  7. I have to give Garrett credit for actually producing and shipping a product they announced just a few months earlier. None of this announce/tease, then make people wait for years. And even if there were delays, it would be understandable, given this virus thing going around.
  8. My Pro-Find 35, when I still had it, was particular about the 9V batteries it could use, i.e. alkaline only. Heavy duty batteries caused glitching.
  9. Those are good choices, as they're PI devices and use AA batteries and have good sensitivity (from what I've heard and seen online). Another option is the Minelab Pro-Find 35.
  10. I have multiple, and always carry one in my car. I also have a specialized first aid kit/survival kit combo in my metal detecting equipment bag. It's more like a first aid kit with a few survival gadgets inside. As for choice of equipment, I'd stick with name brand gear and avoid the no-name knock offs. I mean, if money was that tight where you had to choose between a low quality piece of equipment and nothing at all, I'll take the low quality stuff. But if you're going to do something you'll rely on with your life, buy some reasonably decent gear. For flashlights, I'm thinking of co
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