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  1. Would it make a difference if a person "replaced" the processor with a faster model? I always thought the money spent on a detector was for the programming and not the hardware? I could be wrong? Probably am 🙂
  2. Insurance company took them in exchange for Full retail +tax comp. They both worked but due to the detectors getting thrown I decided to turn them in. I will just get a simplex to mess around with until I find a good deal on a ctx or an 800.. Sorry all for replying to everyones posts all at once. Ty all
  3. Hello all.... I recently had my Nox 800 and my V3I destroyed in a vehicle accident. My question is.... Do I wait till next year to buy a detector hoping new "suprise" tech will come out or Just buy a 3030 and call it a day??? Ty in advance
  4. Hello all! I forgot about this post! I have since figured out the 800 in my loamy glacial till! I am in Loda Il. Its on the southwest corner of iroquois county. It took ALOT of tinkering and tests but I am now able to get 10 in on a dime during Ideal conditions. 1st thing I found out was we have alot of ariel plane to ground signals for some reason so can I can only hunt at night. Its the only time I can have a quiet machine. 2. You MUST grid off a 30x30 or whatever size section you want to hunt and do random GB over the grid. I can go from 90 to 15 in 5 foot! Auto isnt fast enought to keep up. 3. I can only hunt when ground is completely dry or soaking wet! No inbetween.. It has to do with the heavy mineral content. In dry soil I get 6 in and soaking wet 10 in. This info is for multi only. Very SLOW swing speed.. I use the beach for land settings and they work perfect! Higher recovery speed doesnt help in this soil for some reason. I have better luck on 2-3 and extremely slowww.. I run sen 20-24... Those old bricks sound like silver dollars! I havent figured out how to beat that besides switching over to 10 custom..I also learned 50 tones. Thats the way to truly beat this soil! The machine tells you everyrhing you need to know on 50... 5 not so much. You also must use head phones. If you dont you WILL miss the little subtle noise thats dif from bricks and minerals. I spent 20 miserable hours in my test garden on 50 tones before I got it. I came from a discovery 3300 almost like yours. Biggest keys are a GB grid, 50 tones, soaking wet or dry soil. I am in Tennessee as we speak and detecting on regular ground is like shooting fish in a barrel compared to home. Stick with the beach to land and learn it.. Forget the machine has all other multi modes. In central Il you are better off using a single freq than using park,field... Gold mode I am starting to see some major promise also but going to play more before giving my approval.. Sorry I dont know the big words but hope that helpsm
  5. This is a great feature BUT it takes those measurements from as deep as it can get repeatable numbers. So for instance I have places in my yard where the soil between the thatch and hard clay is 3 inches and the places I am trying to master go 12+ inches. While the v3i will give a spot on phase angle of your soil(thus determining mineralization) it will only do so to its limits. So if it can read my soil accuratly to 3 in and not to 6 it will tell me about only the top 3 inches. I guess what I am trying to say is while the info is usefull and its one of the best machines on the planet if you can learn it the machine wont let you know its having problems and only telling you phase angle/mineralization less than a few inches. My soil wont return a signal back to the machine for it to read any data. Thats why the minelab falses(like a void) or the whites dials itself back. I do really like the machine I just cant get it figured out.
  6. I honestly believe from watching others hunt with the V3I that it is the BEST machine on the market for difficult ground. You just have to have 7 doctorates in rocket surgery to learn what ALL the machine can do. In the most capable hands I think that machine could get to tue depth I need in my soil but I am greedy and wont invite anyone to try :(. I need to get over myself and bring in some reinforcements.
  7. I know.. l never learned how to fully use the v3i. I only got it due to its ability to handle salt and other minerals. The readings are all over the place as far as pinpointing ,depth phase angle. I do honestly believe that that machine will be the one that can crack this nut. I need to have someone show me how to use it properly. I never took to time to really get deep into the machine after I seen the numbers go wild.
  8. I auto GB by pumping and then set to auto tracking. I always refer to autoband tracking in the same breath which isnt a good idea with all the different detectors in the market. If i am on a fringe area I auto GB and leave tracking off or it will really throw the machine wacky. Thats only in a few spots.
  9. I completely missed your response. My phone only lets me respond to the messages I get notification on. I logged out and seen your comment and logged into reply. My last few posts should have answered alot of your questions. I have sent in 2 soil probe samples each 10 inches by 3in diameter plugs that represent the most extreme soil in the deepest places I hunt. I should get back a detailed report on the effects of electromagnetic properties and other tests they dont normally run in my area. I am in non iron ,mineral rich farm land country. The old school I have hit the mother load at is only played out in the front. This area is only 6 in or so deep at max before it hit solid clay. The Dream spot is the old sports fields behind the school. They have deep 16in plus of loomy sandy rocky soil before clay. This and the local park which is also deep are two gold mines in waiting. Once a coin gets past the thick thatch layer I would bet it takes no longer than 5 years before the coin hits clay. This type of soil is light and airy and during the rainy season some of the sandy loomy soil becomes almost like liquid and items drop deep FAST. I have tried everything you have suggested and I should have included my background in my post so people didnt assume I was a newbie and waste time with basic info. For that I am sorry. I think I have the digging to china thing figured out. That happens in the area where the rocky sandy loomy soil starts to switch. So between the glass like rocks and the heavy minerals and the energy depleteing sand and loomy glacial soil spells ultimate disaster for a detector. It thinks something is there when its not. Once you get to the clay layer and break it up then you will lose the signal. I think it all has to do with how the soil is structured in layers and the layers maximize the negative effects of the minerals. Breaking that bond then cripples the lossy materials ability to soak in a signal and not return hardly anything. The computers dont know how to reqact to nothing coming back or to maybe a small percent of a part of the signal. Kinda like how a hollow spot in the ground will make the nox and most other top end detectors sound off. It also could be tue soil is high ph level so Iron could have disolved and once that hallo is broken with no trace of red due to black soil would make a vanishing signal. I will have an answer for everyone in 6-13 weeks lol... I also just found out when I seen the JULIE guy(call before you dig name in my state) that GPR doesnt work around here and code required all pipes cables or anything utilities related in town be either trenched and refilled with rock and sand or a small metal railroad type spike must be put in the ground every so often for the length of the line. I will figure it out!!!
  10. I have the best success doing an auto I have the best luck in auto. I turn auto off if I have to really go over a target. The ground changes so much that in my mind I can notice a difference even if i cant.
  11. None taken ? I know the rich history of my town and the rich men that started it means if I can unlock the secrets hidden in that middle glacial till area I will find the money tree seeds! When the town was started by two wealthy men in the mid 1800s they invisioned a "retreat for the wealthy" They built big beautiful houses and the bank only delt in gold coins for $5 and up. This dream only lasted for 5 years but the town was BOOMING! It was the second biggest town in Illinois for a brief period and had the highest per capita net worth of any town in the country at the time. This is all old newspaper based info but I believe it for 1 reason. In the mid-late 1800s the bank burnt to the ground and fire breached the safe. The newspaper had a hand drawing along with an article that stated " bank was destroyed by fire and documents in safe were destroyed. Luckily only gold was used so no currency was lost" That is in my own words of course. The drawing was of giant clumps of melted gold coins. With that event and the fact we know alot of rich people lived here means somebody lost gold coins and probably buried some also. It seems the cut off for coins I have found is 1880s.. thats small silver and 0 big silver. I honestly believe there has to be big silver and gold deeper in the 2nd layer. You have to remember glacier till is soft and i have found memorials at same debth(on top of clay or rock layer) as I have barbers. The park and the homes were all built up or put on hills which means the difficult layer is deeep in the extremely weathy or high traffic areas. I will crack this nut!
  12. Beach 1 and 2 acted exactly the same. They are the only modes I can use with power above 15. I am sending in my Nox for repair just to be on the safe side. Neither of the other two high powered machines act this way even if they have same limitations. The reason I dont want to continue with the bounty hunter is due to soil depth changes and speed. I have to move like a snail with the BH and knowing the soil depths can change in a matter of feet has led me down this road. The soil in the places I hunt has the following layers 1st layer is normal grass/thatch which is 1-3 inches and the second layer is a black loomy rocky(pebble size) soil or black sandy soil. The third layer is a grayish clay. I have never found anything in the clay layer even when I borrowed a friends ATX for a few weeks last summer. I even hunted and old turn of the century site where a big canning plant was. All the big chunks of lead were sitting on top of the clay layer same as if I hit them with 800, BH or Deus. Ok back on point.... The middle layer is my issue. The bounty hunter being low powered will find most things the others will in areas where the 2nd layer is only 1-3 inches. So I need a machine I can get through the 2nd layer all the way to the clay. With the black loomy rocky soil I get false signals all the time. I then dig and dig and nothing. The sandy loomy layer is the biggest problem. It seems no matter what machine I use I cant hit anyrhing in that layer. The electromagnetic properties are strange in that it soaks up the signal and the machine gets chattery. The only things I have found in this type is while it was still attatched to the top layer or just starting to sink into the loomy sandy soil. I bet alot of goodies have went into the layer and are waiting to be found. I just cant find anything that will hit in this stuff. The difference in depth from 1 foot to the next can change from 1/2 inch of the 2nd layer to 15 inches of the second layer. I know I am confusing everyone and I am sorry I just cant explain it any better. I am also going to order a 6in coil for the nox and see if that helps.
  13. Hello all... I am still here and I didnt forget about anyone.(Gold mode didnt work) I have taken soil samples and I am in the process of getting them analyzed. I wanted an indebth response that wasnt full of wramblings. I did use an entry level machine DUE TO BAD SOIL.. I have a V3I and a Deus in my closet and neither of those worked for me due to the soil. I believed the hype that the 800 would eat up mineralized soil. So I will respond once I get a breakdown of whats going on. I even had them test the electromagnetic properties of the soil. The belief is a high powered machine sucks and a low powered machine is ideal due to targets not being real deep anyway. My test garden is worthless! Once you disturb the unique soil levels of glacial till it no longer has the same properties as it did before. Here is what i did but I havent had time to test. I dug a trench 3 ft deep and went about inserting my various objects from the side versus the top. This way the layers stayed in tact. I am currently on assignment and unable to respond as often as I would like. I am not a newbie by any means and only used the bounty hunter due to it not going nuts and not being able to get down to my problem area. I am leaning towards a techincal issue with my nox 800. I am preparing a heavily detailed post once I get results back but until then I am not one for useless comments. I will throw one out there since one poster thinks I am a newbie coming from an entry level machine. I have owned many machines and I couldnt connect with them(soil issues I later learned). My current ones work well for different places but I was hoping the nox would replace the 3 I currently have. I believe it will besides the whites. Putting less info about yourself gets you better responses than having a **** judging contest listing years of experiqnce with this many machines ect. I should mention the silver I found last year was at a local school in operation from 1901-1971 and was NEVER hunted. I found quite a few indian head pennies last weekend with the deus and guess what? Same debth as the 60s memorials I found . More to follow Ty all for comments and tips.
  14. Hello all, I am new to the forum but I have been reading for a couple years. I live in the heart of central Illinois in some of the HOTTEST soils on earth... We have that glacial till high mineral black sandy,salty,clay,rock,coal,coke stuff that makes corn and beans grow to yields not seen anyplace else. I have over 120 hours on the nox 800 and I understand what the settings do ect. My ground balance numbers are in the 74-90 range with an occasional 50ish. I cant find anything. I had an old BH3300 and I found 182 silvers last year in just my small town. I have maprika so you can overlay a map from whenever over current maps and know where things were. I have made all my finds by research. I never knew my soil was hot. I got about 6 inches on the 3300 and come to find out thats about as deep as anything ends up due to rock ans clayish layer 6-8 inch down. If someone knows anything about my soil I need some recommendations. I am not going to say where I live but one other area in central Il has the exact same dirt. Paxton Illinois in ford county Illinois. I came here due to me watching all tnsharpshooter and calabashdiggers(spelling) you tube videos.The best results I get is in beach 1 recovery 8 iron bias 2 and sens 16. If I use anything else I get perfect repeatable tones on something that makes me dig and dig and its never there. I shook a china mans hand one day i dug so deep!! Whats wierd about the soil is I can make a test garden and hit a penny at 14 inches in park 1 and 10 inches in beach 1...
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