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  1. Yes I did.. I was so amazed at how comfortable I was I didnt even get excited when I found it.
  2. It looked like this but you didnt have to put in the freezer. This one could be "recharged" in ice water. Glacier Tek Sports Cool Vest with Set of 8 Nontoxic Cooling Packs Amazon's Ch
  3. I got a call to find an wedding ring for a guy when it was 8000 degrees. I get there and after 1 hr I am dead. He asks me if I would like to use his cooling vest. I said no due to me not knowing what it was. He starts explaining it to me so I gave it a try... ITS AWESOME!!! I detected in 110 heat index and felt kinda chilly. It lasted around 85 min before he changed out the packs. Anyone ever used a cooling vest?
  4. I was referring to the price before the 15%. I should have specified that. The local places I checked were all 899$ prior to discount. I got my first one for 730$ with no military discount. That place is closed unfortunately.
  5. Can someone please message me and advise me what the price should be for a nox 800 w/military discount? I have gotten a few different prices. I will order from someone on here but I need by Friday if possible... ty all
  6. I have a feeling we will see a tempory price cut on the Nox 600 to compete with this apex OR the vanquish software will be updated to include selectable single frequencies. Whites and first texas, nokta need to make a BIG move now.... This is going to be an exciting summer!
  7. Farmers....Its the ladies insurance company that hit me. They bought me a new cell phone and metal detector. I should say gave me money to get new ones.
  8. I had to turn in the nox to insurance company. They gave me 1023.00 so I am good. They wouldn't let me buy it back unfortunately. I am going to check out the Tarsacci.
  9. It also could have been me moving from Illinois to Tn recently and I was just thrown off due to detector acting differently than it used to. It also could be that is was defective in some way. I just want to make sure I have the best detector for my area when I purchase my replacement this week.
  10. Hello all... Looking for recommendations for best coin shooter in this hot dirt. I have used the 800 for a few years but it doesnt work good here in the Lebanon area. The nox was broken in an auto accident and need another detector.
  11. Would it make a difference if a person "replaced" the processor with a faster model? I always thought the money spent on a detector was for the programming and not the hardware? I could be wrong? Probably am 🙂
  12. Insurance company took them in exchange for Full retail +tax comp. They both worked but due to the detectors getting thrown I decided to turn them in. I will just get a simplex to mess around with until I find a good deal on a ctx or an 800.. Sorry all for replying to everyones posts all at once. Ty all
  13. Hello all.... I recently had my Nox 800 and my V3I destroyed in a vehicle accident. My question is.... Do I wait till next year to buy a detector hoping new "suprise" tech will come out or Just buy a 3030 and call it a day??? Ty in advance
  14. Hello all! I forgot about this post! I have since figured out the 800 in my loamy glacial till! I am in Loda Il. Its on the southwest corner of iroquois county. It took ALOT of tinkering and tests but I am now able to get 10 in on a dime during Ideal conditions. 1st thing I found out was we have alot of ariel plane to ground signals for some reason so can I can only hunt at night. Its the only time I can have a quiet machine. 2. You MUST grid off a 30x30 or whatever size section you want to hunt and do random GB over the grid. I can go from 90 to 15 in 5 foot! Auto isnt fast enought to keep up
  15. This is a great feature BUT it takes those measurements from as deep as it can get repeatable numbers. So for instance I have places in my yard where the soil between the thatch and hard clay is 3 inches and the places I am trying to master go 12+ inches. While the v3i will give a spot on phase angle of your soil(thus determining mineralization) it will only do so to its limits. So if it can read my soil accuratly to 3 in and not to 6 it will tell me about only the top 3 inches. I guess what I am trying to say is while the info is usefull and its one of the best machines on the planet if you c
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