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  1. Second trip out with the 6000 for about 2 hours playing near home. Far South Coast NSW AU. A bit further along the slope from my original post. The area is ancient river wash where soil depth is @ 4 - 6 inches. This is about the size of most targets at this location with some deeper pieces up to a gram and a half, just not on this outing. Loving the weight of the machine, ease of operation although cant decide between running in manual 12 - 2 o'clock mark in difficult, with threshold and auto+ with no threshold at times. I have been playing with running audio through my favourit
  2. I have been using my SPO1 and GOG headphones so haven't tried the speaker much. Gee thats no good, cheers for the heads up. Jack
  3. An old site as in I havent been back to it for some time and thought I would give the 6k a run over. Went over it with a GP3000 and I may even have put the 4500 over as well. I dug some nice pieces out some time ago but yes may have missed alot too with the 3k/4500 ...obviously. The 6000 hit hard on these pieces which were down in the pipe clay. Cheers Jack
  4. Hi Guys Just thought I would share my first trip with the GPX 6000 out near home. About an hour and a half in an old spot on the NSW Far South Coast AU. Settings on manual about 12 o"clock position in difficult. Hot ground but with a steady threashold. Down @ 6 - 8 inches. Cheers Jack
  5. Hi Guys This might be a little off-topic or I missed it, but can anyone tell me if the 6k has the means to have software updates? Cheers Jack
  6. Before I go away I have my wife go on a cooking spree of lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, bami and other variations of pasta / mince and freeze it into single portions. I have a fridge/freezer in the 4x4 on a separate battery hooked up to a solar panel. So after I have my steak and sausages carried in the fridge first I move onto the wife's frozen foods and vegetables heated up wrapped in aluminium foil and on the fire coals. Normally what I take lasts more then five days. Theres no need to go hungry when camping. Works for me. Whoops sorry just saw the bit about no refrigeration,
  7. I live on the Far South NSW Coast AU and we mainly get the smaller nuggets in the 0.5 - 2.5 gram variety in the state forest around home. Last year after the fires went trough here the bush just opened up and revealed gullies that I didnt know existed, even though I had worked that area many times but were hidden by the thick undergrowth. In that window some really nice pieces came out in the 10 - 25 gram range with some lucky prospectors picking up pieces up to and including an ounce. Most of the gold here is through secondary alluvial deposits and reef gold.
  8. Well done Steve. I have followed JP since the release of the GP 3000 and have all his DVD's which I regard as gospel. Although I have never met JP I have come to soak up his advice given in good faith to various people without hesitation over the years, hanging onto his advice and applying every bit of information where I could. JP thank you for taking the time much appreciated. I left certain other forums because of bickering and fighting in what appeared to be unwarranted jealous personal attacks by some on those who had the knowledge and that behaviour caused forums to implode from
  9. Yes its funny how we seem to gravitate back to those areas which produced in the past after the punters have gone home during the summer months (same here). I am always surprised when those areas deliver the goods, scratching at how they were missed. Well done JP.
  10. Hi all, Some great photos on this thread. I would have to say that my favourite of all times gold detector would have to be my pimped up GPX4500 and for beach detecting my Excalibur II. Have included some of my finds with my 45. Regards Jack
  11. Hi Guys Yes I went down this path about 12 months ago and thought it was me. I happen by chance to come across a mates pair of 'GOG' headphones and have not looked back. I ended up picking up two pair over in the UK on the internet and had them shipped over to AU. You really hear those mid-tones. Regards Happy Jack
  12. Hi Guys, These days I swing a GPX4500 and a SDC2300 that works for me and I love them, but still have a GP3000 that is a great little gold getter. I have a sadie, a 14 x 9 evo as well as an occasional 14 inch DD on the 3000 , also a SPO1 booster that I got off you Nenad. Whilst i am not a supporter of modding I must admit I did get the tracking button put on my 3000 and a decent third party power supply that attaches to the detector saving on unnecessary trip leads that I seem to find, also cutting down on weight. The 3000 still delivers, got this 10 grammer with the 14 x 9
  13. Guys I second the 10x5 coil on SDC..great working in the thick bush around the rocks. Very sensitive too. The smaller pieces add up.
  14. Hi all...I have used both machines and being on a VLF platform they are very good at finding small pieces of gold especially with the small coils. However I think in mineralised ground the gold monster does tend to pull away from the equinox 800 somewhat. We have a following of them on the NSW far south coast AU on the mullock heaps. But if mineralisation is not an issue I would lean towards the Nox due to it being more versatile as a treasure detector Jack
  15. Hi everyone. Just signed up and looking forward to participating on this forum. My main prospecting stomping ground is around the far south coastal gold areas of NSW AU mainly with a GPX4500 and a 15 inch or 14x9 evolution coil. For a quick fix my SDC2300 between mullock heaps about 15 minutes from home usually produces small sub-grammers quickly and I take what I am given. Regards Happy Jack101
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