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  1. Thanks, Went out last night with the CTX 3030 and found four coins and a woman's ring with a few small diamonds. Could be fake have to clean it up. I only hunted for about 45mins until it got dark. I'm liking the CTX! Sold the GPZ 7000 with the 19 inch coil yesterday. I will take $400 of the proceeds and pick up a 17 inch coil for the Ctx 3030.
  2. Gerry, I think I have solved the problem. The 11 inch and 6 inch coils had silicone sealant around all the inner and outer edges. Upon close inspection there was sand embedded in the silicone and when I removed the covers sand had found its way under them. Took the machine out last night at sunset and it was much more stable and found four coins (and two nails) in half an hour but I still have a huge learning curve. I will keep my Equinox 800 for awhile (maybe forever) to help me learn targets on the CTX 3030 and for friends to use also. As far as gold hunting I don't have a vehicle to get me off road and the time or energy to be hiking in and out of some areas here in AZ with my GPZ 7000 (news flash the GPZ 7000 is heavy) which I've only used a few times after my intial training so I'm going to sell it along with the brand new 19 inch coil. I could use the cash as it's just hanging in my garage. I would list it on this forum but I haven't had 10 posts yet. I just love the GPZ 7000 as I have dug up tiny flakes of metal at great depths and it makes me sick to sell it more than anything, it hangs in my garage with pride but it should be out hunting. As far as my reason for the CTX 3030 I do want to find deeper coins and jewelry at parks and also hunt some of the rivers here because we have alot of drunken tubers that flip. I guess I'm a masochist but I do like the visuals on the CTX 3030 and the programmability of it, and I got a pretty good deal ($1500) on it with the extra 6 inch coil and an extra battery. Thanks for the reply Gerry and in time I will probably find out that your concerns were right. You have so much experience and knowledge your comments and questions are kind of bumming me out. Live and learn I guess 😄
  3. Thank you everyone for your diagnostic suggestions. Heading to the park soon to see if things have changed.
  4. Phrunt, all good suggestions, I did all of the following before I decided to post. noise cancel, lowered sensitivity, the software is the latest, I did a factory reset, ground balanced, it came with a six inch coil and tried that but still have the same problem. Maybe there is dirt in between the coil covers and coil, will check when I wake up😁 If not call Minelab I guess. Thanks
  5. I decided I'm going to sell my GPZ 7000 and Equinox 800 and go with one detector because I could use the money right now. So I picked up a used CTX 3030 to be my somewhat all around machine for now and on my first hunt I noticed that the target ID numbers were all over the place and target indicator jumped around as well. I think I got taken unless someone can tell me some possible reasons. I'm afraid I'm going to have to send to Minelab and pay for repair and bump my out of pocket up so high I could have bought a new one. ☹️
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