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  1. Interesting, you charge the battery directly without a battery charger. Thats a saving right there and you dont have to make sure you are carrying a charger like in the car!
  2. A bit more scouting this arvo. No detecting though.
  3. Geez where’s this gold everyone talks about?
  4. Mitchel you dint bite! Mate, thats .8 g more than ive ever found. Well done.
  5. Goldpick, still selling and has sold one since my purchase. Here is a snippet of a convo i had with Ebay -
  6. Ebay want me to return the unit. Aint gunna happen. Apparently they are sending out a return bag. Interesting Ebay who support these dodgy sellers knowingly expect me to ‘do the right thing’ and return a counterfeit.
  7. The serial number in my unit was nothing like what Fisher use. If you do end up with a counterfeit unit, its not the end of the world depending on where you bought through ie Ebay and Amazon and how you paid. You will be compensated. AliExpress, i dont know! I have bought LED chips through AliExpress and the items were clearly wrong by photos yet AliExpress went the way of the sellers so beware.
  8. Just seeing what Reg was plucking out of the ground back when was hard to fathom! Not only a Porche 911 but two!
  9. Keep at it Mitchell. Persistence pays as they say.
  10. Axe is awesome! Great mate out in the bush.
  11. Geez i tell ya! Nails, nails, nails and shovel heads! Im trying!
  12. Having a Gold Bug Pro and researching what the ins and outs of proper setup and use for the last month and beyond should hold me in a better steed for when im ready to purchase the QED and a catchup with Reg.
  13. Reg said....”research, research, and more research. Then when you think you have researched it all; go back and read it again” I did this with his post! Since his post i have read HK Garland’s ‘The prospectors handbook’ which will be one of many. I am fortunate with my location being so close to the ‘right’ ground. Now i have to learn more so at what im looking at.
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