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    Cheers Northeast, Thanks for your information. 100% agree about playing by the rules, there are some guys who ruin it for everyone. Would like a dollar for every bag of rubbish that we've cleaned up after grots. I'll check out the sites mentioned. Cheers, BINGO.
  2. Bingo


    Thanks for your welcome guys. I get a little mad at myself for missing the bleeding obvious...But I soon forget it...until the next time! LOL. Just a quick question, are you allowed to camp on the Victorian goldfields for a couple of nights? Or do you know of any free camps nearby? We have a little self contained caravan, it would certainly help keep costs down if it's possible. Cheers, BINGO
  3. Bingo


    Thanks Northeast, no, didn't yell BINGO, more like, 'you stupid bu--er' LOL. Getting a GPX5000 as well (both second hand) so we'll have a couple of different types to play around with, haven't been out in the triangle yet but hope to start the fun next month and yes, I've a lot to learn.
  4. Bingo


    Hi All, I'm sorry guys, just call me dumb! The battery does have a small obscure led that does indeed light up! Thanks, Bingo.
  5. Hi all, I've just bought a Minelab Gold Monster with Lithium batteries. My question is how do I know when the battery is charged? The mains charger has no indicator lights. Thanks, Bingo.
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