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  1. From Russia eh? Any mention to who they selected for the USA in 2020? I seriously wish the update will allow mode selection to backward and not 7 clicks to go back to previous mode. Wishful thinking. Solid target ID would be very helpful
  2. I have had luck finding a diamond stud ear ring with my Equinox using Gold 2 and Sensitivity as high as your ground will allow without sending false signals too much. Use the other ear ring to "Air Test" your machine to see what setting gives you the best response. Good Luck!
  3. I hope you got a hug in exchange! Way to go!
  4. I suspect it will give best target matches similar to a Whites. A Go-nox level machine
  5. I can't see a real benefit where I would choose the Equinox over an Excalibur or CZ-21
  6. I know of an old home site that had a tin roof. Iron is everywhere! I should raise the iron bias to cancel out the abundance of iron to allow the machine to find the non-ferrous items (canning jar lids, etc)?
  7. According to Steve's post, it is 1 meter or 3 feet. I'm trying to decide on the AQ or maybe the Excal.
  8. Sometimes I need to recheck my swing rhythm and today thanks to your post I will S-l-o-w it down! It would make total sense to let the machine perform it's best at a very slow speed. Although, I think my CTX gives better readings when I swing a bit faster and get that 1st beep before rechecking. Thanks for sharing!
  9. I know areas where rings have been lost and, to my knowledge, not found. I understand a strong storm will relocate a ring. I also wonder if a ring is lost in 3 foot of water during the low tide, will it eventually work it's way up the beach? I believe that a man's gold ring will sink in the sand to a harder layer of shells or clay (hard pan layer). It will remain there until a force of water pushes it either up or down. I also realize there are small lower pockets of these hard pan layers that cause lead weights and rings to gather as if they were in a concave bowl. My friend says that through time the rings will be moved higher up with the seasonal sand movements and eventually make it to the wet sand of the b I wish there was a way to test items in the surf for verification. Your thoughts?
  10. Low spots can be great holding areas for heavy targets. If the sand in or around them is soft, expect light targets (pulltabs). I seem to do well just outside of a pool for some odd reason. Going off of your pictures, I'd hit around the rocks as much as possible. If they aren't sinking then jewelry & coins won't go far down either. Good Luck!
  11. Please forgive my ignorance, What is TX shift and TB? I figured B2 (Beach mode 2). I'm half lost without the abbreviations!
  12. Steve I probably should not have even mentioned I reduced the recovery speed. My reason for lowering the speed in this case was I was searching for a lost ring in the water and was hoping to gain a little more depth to aid in finding the ring. My main concern was the increased noise going from wet sand beach to underwater detecting. I was getting more noise with display both in and out of water but always when coil was submerged.
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