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  1. I am guessing the next logical shipment of the next AQ or 2 will go to Florida. ...if not there already.
  2. After I asked the depth question to Joe, I realized it was intended for the control box. I typed before thinking...again.
  3. My Plans? Beach nourishment has been recently completed to almost all local ocean side beaches within the past 4 years. Aside from fresh drops, the unsettled sand allows heavy targets to sink fast. The waves on most days give me a beating if I try to venture out. So with the AQ, I plan to hunt the shallow water and hit a few swimming holes within the Intracoastal Waterway. Sting Ray a.k.a. Ferrous Grump
  4. Thank you for once again sharing the AQ in action! Question: It appears you are taking the machine deeper than the 3 foot depth limit. Am I wrong or did you make an adjustment that I did not read in another post?
  5. That is certainly good to know while detecting close to today's sun worshipers! My CTX will sound off when lightening is near.
  6. Thank you ALEXANDRE TARTAR for taking the time to demonstrate both good and bad targets. So silver & gold necklace laying straight will certainly give a different tone from an iron wire. I realize a copper wire will give off a strong non-ferrous tone. I look forward to more questionable targets such as bottlecap, pulltabs and lead. Again, I would expect they will force me to dig to positively identify.
  7. I want everyone to know about the great service & advice I have received from Steve's Detector Rods! Yes there are other replacement rod companies out there but I can tell you that "steveg" stands by his product 100%. I had an issue with one of his older shafts. The bolt started to rust. As soon as Steve found out, he ordered a higher grade stainless and sent me one free of charge! On my couter-weighted Equinox shaft, I dropped it and busted the counter-weight off and Steve as soon as I contacted Steve about purchasing a replacement, he sent it out that day! He is very easy to communicate issues or questions and I can't say enough good things for how he has helped me out!
  8. As the recent days have past, I have noticed some of the notable detectorist have received their machines. Steve & Joe (obviously), Clive just posted on Facebook. Has anyone else had a chance to lay hands on this beast?
  9. I admit, I was disappointed (just a wee bit) about your report of it picking up bottle caps and hair pins. With my first PI (Sand Shark) I could usually tell a wire or hair pin but dug them anyway expecting a chain. Bottle caps are a big issue on the beaches I hunt. The good thing is they don't sink deep before being extracted by someone! Thank you Steve for your honest, easy to understand review and I hope your surgery went great! Get well soon!
  10. I have been lurking in the various threads about this machine for quite awhile! It has been very frustrating with the on again, off again production release. I must say that Fisher did not send out any Minelab type hype media as a teaser and for that I congratulate them. Yes, I have watched the YouTube Impulse videos but it didn't appear to be a Fisher promotion only examples of performance. Although I am reluctant to dive into something new on the market, it is my hope this machine will be a joy to use along the Atlantic beach coastline. I rarely hunt more than 3 hours before needing a break and the waves are usually too strong for me to jump in deeper than knee level. I threw my name into the hat and hope to be part of the lucky group of USA first users!
  11. I was fortunate enough to rescue this 1 carat stud that was lost on the beach while flying a kite. The Excalibur II and CTX-3030 could not read the signal of the matching stud before the search. The Equinox 800 in Gold mode 1 worked!
  12. Yes and same problem. Recently, it is working as it should. Just a quirky occurrence.
  13. On occasion, when connecting my Equinox to wireless headphones (either Minelab or SoundPeats), my machine will run the 15 second search with the WI-stream and then stops searching. The Bluetooth symbol does not appear. It just runs using the external speaker. Today, I was going to record this problem before sending it in for repair. Of course it is now working. So could it be possibly a problem with being on the beach? There is much more EMI where I am staying.
  14. At the end of your video, you showed how to set FE & FE2 settings(7:20ish mark). You did this in Park 1 and then went to Gold 2 mode. My understanding is that the FE2 setting is local. Here is what the ML manual states: Iron Bias adjustment is local; only the current Detect Mode Search Profile will be affected by changes to this Advanced Setting.
  15. From Russia eh? Any mention to who they selected for the USA in 2020? I seriously wish the update will allow mode selection to backward and not 7 clicks to go back to previous mode. Wishful thinking. Solid target ID would be very helpful
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