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  1. I think DD coils in general tend to see bottle caps as being higher conductors than concentric coils do. That's one of the reasons I prefer concentrics for most situations, though it's hard to beat the area coverage a big DD coil will give you. -Ken
  2. I've used my Tejon on dry sand with great results, but it's useless over wet salt sand. My Mojave does a lot better on wet salt sand with the 7" stock coil and the High Mineralization setting. It does start to chatter if you put a larger coil on it, though. But the 7" is really stable and has found me some nice targets. The Simplex does sound like a promising option, but we'll have to wait and see if it continues Nokta/Makro's track record of producing good machines. Despite Tesoro closing up shop, I admit I'm still really tempted to pick up a Sand Shark for water hunting. It may not be the most rational choice but... Tesoros are like potato chips: it's hard to stop at just one! -Ken
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