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  1. Reese, Enjoyed the video, great find and worth the effort. You noted that the 6000 and 7000 "were not able to hear this target" which indicates to me that you had those detectors with you and made an actual test on the target. Why, because of the coil size? I would think you could shorten up on the vid run time if you used high speed on parts of the dig like when you were pulling little rocks and dirt out of the way with the side of your pick. That would shorten the vid but not diminish the work involved. Thanks for posting..
  2. Reese, Your situation is grim. I think you should very seriously consider putting things on hold until you can rebuild your assets. I am saying it, others in the forum have hinted at it, and many are thinking it. You have given it a heroic try, but you are finding it is not viable. No shame in that. Normally I would not make a comment like this in open forum, but you have been an open book to us. Ken
  3. On the road again... Snow in the high country of Montana?
  4. Bill's interest and participation in the forum has pretty much dropped to zero since he began devoting more time to the You Tube thing. As it stands now there aren't many reasons to drop into a forum that has very low traffic. I'm not being critical or placing blame, just stating the facts.
  5. Nice gold. Yeah, I remember that place--got stuck several times!!!
  6. Reese, nice nugget. What coil were you using when you found it?
  7. @GhostMiner My two cents: Steve regretted his comments made in the heat of the moment and apologized (several times). I would hope you could accept his apology, move on from your hurt feelings and fire up your writing juices to continue with your story. You have a large number of readers waiting for the next chapter.
  8. Marketing guys have all the fun!!! But wouldn't that get so tiresome?😉
  9. Oops messed up and have a double post.
  10. To me, it just looks like they "poured" a little plastic of some sort in the existing ridges to add some additional strength and more thickness behind the "ears".
  11. Very interesting topic. (Zero content comment but I keeping getting a notice to make a post. So....)
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