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  1. Marc, -A lot of people start off with a VLF detector capable of finding gold. That is a relatively inexpensive way to start. However, many of those people get frustrated fast because they aren't finding gold. Why? Because those VLF machines are more successfully used by experienced detectorists than newbies. I suggest you try to find a good used Minelab SDC 2300, or buy a new one if you can afford it. You will save yourself money in the long run and a lot of frustration. In my opinion, the 2300 is the ultimate starter detector. Detect where gold has been found in the past.
  2. Very nice gold. What was the weight of the biggest nugget? I was born in Butte and have wanted to detect that area and around Helena. I drive through Helena in the Fall and again in the Spring on the way to and from to Arizona. Maybe I should stop.😊 I remember seeing the dredge working in the Jefferson City area when I was a grade school kid. It was fascinating. Interstate 15 pretty much goes right through the middle of the old dredge piles.
  3. Hi all, Did an image search on the Professor's photo. There is indeed a Professor Donald N Hester living in Springville, UT at the address he gave Paul. He has many accomplishments or is one of be world's biggest BS artists. The image search lead me to a University of Arizona Alumni site. A link to a website: http://www.donaldnhester.com
  4. Toby and Riley. Just little traveling pards that bounced around with us in the Jeep looking for nuggets. Both gone now. R.I.P.
  5. On the contrary, I thought his video was very interesting and contained a lot of useful information.
  6. I may be the only one, but I find the "upgraded" ICMJ website to be very confusing. Especially when reading through a new issue. Lots of jumping around to get from one article to the next one in the same issue. The website is more attractive but not as user friendly. However, I do enjoy the Journal.
  7. Steve, A thoroughly enjoyable story of your Chisana adventures and photos of incredible Alaska scenery. Thank you.
  8. I didn't notice the object in the pocket, but it looked to me like Steve may have been sporting a "mullet" in those days.
  9. Are you planning a vacation for a certain time of year, or will you be picking a location and letting that choice dictate when to go?
  10. Garmin acquired inReach from Delorme (or may have totally bought out Delorme??). The Garmin is their newer model and the Delorme is the old pre-Garmin model. I have the older model. The new model has a larger screen and may have some additional capabilities. I use the "TopoMaps" app on my phone or iPad in conjunction with any GPS device with Bluetooth.
  11. Thanks Steve. Nice to see Montana gold. I hope one day to find some. My heart is still in Montana where I was born.
  12. Walker, I am impressed. The hours and hours of work involved, and having the know-how to put yourself over that much gold is truly impressive.
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