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  1. As a young boy I would mail requests to various State governments asking for travel information. I received an amazing amount of very nice pamphlets and maps. It was exciting to open that mailbox and find a package addressed to me. Gone are the simple joys of simple times.
  2. Super find. Detecting, excavating or both--just curious.
  3. You may want to spend some time before the trip researching possible unclaimed BLM land rather than just aimlessly roaming. If you haven't used already, I would suggest using Land Matters to help narrow down possibilities. Mining Claims Maps (mylandmatters.org) OR, just stick to the club claims and work the fringes.
  4. Sorry looks like my link to the Christmas Special was blocked. I just Googled to find it so it is readily available on You Tube.
  5. Beautiful. Love the freedom to explore the back road areas of the parks.
  6. Many interesting areas nearby with BLM land as Jen suggests BUT, many, many mining claims in those areas. You would need to know how to determine where those claims were located before detecting. Hate to be a kill joy but it just isn't something that can be done without a bit of research. However, good places for a little tour.
  7. I think you have already established that fact! Just kidding. Thanks for your valuable input to this forum and the Axiom development.
  8. So, what did the namesake Henry Dole get? The "shaft"?
  9. At 83 I am looking at retirement from the other end. Seems we all have the dream of living the gypsy life following a detector to the next likely patch. Time flies after retirement and we soon find ourselves moving slower and the gypsy life becomes harder. Living in a trailer gets old and staying home begins to look better. Bishop, you have the ideal scenario--good detecting at your door step. Keep your home, use your trailer for some summer adventures until old age tells you to relax at home.
  10. I wrapped a portion of the cable tightly with wraps touching and taped it to the rod with electricians tape. Left enough loosely wrapped to allow full extension of the rod. I would have included a photo, but the GB2 is in Arizona and I am in Alberta shoveling snow. Not too smart.
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