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  1. Yes, with us in France, his name is 'crazy doctor' 😀 but it's the same principle, if you touch you make noise and there you lose the gold rings
  2. I add that if you set the impulse most sensitive = all metals maximum sensitivity Minimum ATS the slightest impact or scraping with the sand will make some noise! to fetch the whispers / in perfect silence you have to be closest to the sand = without touching it == therefore no wear ..... + of course, it's different in the water
  3. It is really a very nice coin! Can you put a picture for us with the coin in your hand? ps: nice caddy but, or its the balls 😜
  4. with a little experience we can remove surface targets only dig (in all metals) the weakest sounds and who seems the most perfect (chhh whispers) with Impulse, its allows you to search for targets that the others will not hear and often there is a good one (or more) in the heap
  5. the length of the sound / should make the difference to tie one of his iron loops on a string do the same with a gold ring put them in the sand and listen to the difference repeat the test at different depth a gold ring = always gives a very pure sound (unless the ring is broken / open ...)
  6. la plus part des épingles modernes , sont plaqué / rhodié sinon elle rouillerait dans les cheveux.. tout comme les capsules, les pièces de 1/2/5 cents qui sont en fer on détecte le plaquage ! dans la vidéo, il ne lève jamais le disque et passe toujours dans le même sens ! alors que depuis le début on le répète : passer en croix sur la cible lever le disque pour ne pas être en saturation et écouter avant de creuser ! je viens de faire une virée de 4 jours, faut que je monte une vidéo j'ai du creuser 2 épingles / avec la fatigue on est moins concent
  7. I used several nexus for the search for money in the land they have a very good audio response my old coronado allows me to recognize aluminum for sure on the beach, the performances of the coronado and standard are similar to a sovereign and far from a good pulse induction I don't know what it's worth, on the nuggets but in my opinion the best option would be to test a nexus coil for GPX They are always very strong for granted and well-tuned coils ..
  8. A few years ago I found a stack of coins welded together, in the Bay of Mont Saint Michel coins minted in the year 1450 Henry VI of Lancaster lost in the 100 years war at that time the English besieged the Mount on several occasions they never succeeded in taking it ..... found with a Manta proto ...
  9. Yes, My pcb went up to El Paso I just put up the front (with an old sticker) on a box / for carrying in the front which I find more practical and also for ease of access to the pcb Alexandre can easily change the progamation ...
  10. a disc guard is useless on impulse the resin is very strong and as a general rule, disc protectors should be avoided on a beach finder or stick them and make them waterproof salt and sand passing between the coil and protecting it screen and make you lose performance ...
  11. Hi, my videos are just for fun and show deep targets in real conditions by home, we have the biggest tides in Europe the Bay of Mont Saint Michel water withdrawal over 13 kilometers / coefficient of more than 115 and a tidal height approaching 15 meters it gives me access to areas which is uncovered rarely / two or three times a year (coefficient 110-115) in eight days there is a 113 and other even rarer high tide of 119-120 every 18 years the next will be in 2033 on March 3 by this date I hope you all have an Impulse :)) high tide 117
  12. Very beautiful ring Clive, very yellow gold ! yes, gold always gives a sound that stretches elastic is a good definition the sound of aluminum, suddenly falls to him you have to get your ear / you must already have it :)) how much weighs, the big bracelet 22k who is the problem ? we have not done any test, with jewels over 50 gr monobloc (gold) not common to find .. there is surely a tipping point / determined by the weight of the gold but it remains, really special and rare cases
  13. Yes ! in other words on perfect sound if you don't see the ring two scoop shot you can hope the jackpot :))
  14. Yes and no a 1 gr gold ring and a 20 gr gold signet ring at the acquisition limit, in identical / compact sand will give exactly the same signal the only difference will be the depth .....
  15. the 5c has long been my favorite machine original it had two faults soil adjustment / even at zero remains operational / you must add an on / off to really cut it at the beach and then add SAT setting with that we gain more than 5 inches on a gold ring but today even with this modifications he is far behind AQ ...
  16. what is your youtube channel ? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaNciznYBaOjWMZgrFbLu1Q/videos you can hope to multiply the number of gold target by 5 / minimum in all metal mode an example / on the same beach in four days 11 gold rings nothing extraordinary, but it is by passing after at least 10/15 prospectors some were there a week before me !! the spot had digged well all were with minelab / etrac, equinox, GT, exca .... No Pi except my Impulse AQ the first day I had 5 gold rings the two guys I'm chatting with = nothing .. :)) in all metals mode it's de
  17. we should compare in the same sand from one beach to another salt and conditions change.... but in the end AQ will be deeper :))
  18. it all depends if you hunt at low tide or in the water at low tide / like me / a very solid gamatte is preferable most important / for me it's the tilt of the handle in this position / I keep my back straight less fatigue / and I get on the Gamatte my 95 kilos do the rest 😁 3mm stainless steel / and unbreakable fiber handle no holes / too close to the weld lines (less breakage) allows to carry masses of compact sand without fear of breaking and without wasting time the faster the target will be released = the more gold you will find...
  19. on the first image there are two prospectors one at the bottom and another among the posts in normal times the remains of the posts are not visible they are under the sand on this beach / over 5 years ago strangely, all the heads of Teller mine let's not get the swastika, only one of those found, year of production 1938 I also had to dig a very large amount of piece of brass detonator remnant
  20. yes, i stayed 4 days on the spot and after 10/15 prospectors, you have the result big rings went out on the night tides the large signet ring 13.5 gr was especially deep on the video, the square ring and the last (dome with the stones) went out after another target / over / coin and bullet on the 4 days there was a lot of wind the sound / clean / on gold that AQ gives becomes an advantage for me it's the best test reality / and you have it in front of you 11 gold rings walking behind several minelabs of course, experience makes the difference but i'm not superman, lol I just have a good
  21. currently the gold detector market special nugget represents 80 to over 100 million US dollars (annual) or more depending on the gold price ... most of it is picked up by Minelab if tomorrow a competitor obtains a detector able to take a share of this market he will market it quickly (if he can ...) your theory only works for those who hold the market they have every interest in keeping cookies to face a new competitor then having technology is one thing being able to mass produce it, another ....
  22. the electronic part / the pcb had been frozen the first time in january 2019 but the leap forward, spectacular obtained in May 2019 on rejection mode = closing of all holes on gold detection and possible 24k detection (in rejection mode) led to an upgrade of the PCB (serial version frozen in October 2019) it would have been stupid (for FTP) not to do so... the only problem left and delays launch is purely mechanical for once, FTP is not really at issue it is (it was) a part under contract easy to guess which one (don't ask me ....)
  23. No problem for me anyone can ask questions .. the test in the air of the video is not intended to demonstrate the power just the speed of the pulse I will not talk about Tarscaci / not test for the CTX if you have already tried a TDI pro / 14.4 v you know it's deeper than a CTX for me AQ is much more efficient more sensitive / faster / quieter and therefore deeper = on gold CTX has been out of competition for a long time we can't compare a 12 volt bbs with a high voltage PI / it's another world... about videos I always use a plastic box / port ventral like the beginning / just fix AQ front
  24. who can do the most can do the least... the pulse rate very high 4000 PPS (pulse per second) in addition to the high current in the coil can bomb the ground / very quickly (4000PPS) and very deep = strong current once this acquired = just lower the ATS (recovery speed) sweep slowly and you get the targets deeper than any other detector ............... + I tested the prototypes up to 6500/7000 PPS they were even deeper but at this rate there are overconsumption issues and overheating ...
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