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  1. Thank you very much Steve, that is very helpful information, I'll go and try to buy one of those tools and give it a go. Many thanks Cyar
  2. Hi, How are we all going? My names Jed and I come from all the way down under!! Unfortunately not Victoria or Western Australia tho.. I was hoping that Steve or perhaps someone else could help me out with a problem I've got with my ATX. The bottom 'Cam Nut' out of the 3 that you use to tighten the telescopic stem now just spins freely and doesn't tighten. I small black piece of plastic fell out onto the ground. It obviously needs to be glued back on.. somewhere.. The shop I bought the detector from in 2016 is now closed and I'm not sure if I want to risk sending my detector away to someone I've never met to fix it. I'm also not all that keen to take the detector apart myself, but perhaps that will be the avenue I head down. Has anybody had or heard of this problem before? I would appreciate any input. Cheers Lads
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