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  1. ok, thanks guys...…...anxiously awaiting some better tech for the beach......the way the CTX3030 misses gold chains leaves a lot to be desired for me. I opted for the Equinox 800 because all the reviews I saw it pretty much held it's own with the CTX and it is much lighter and doesn't miss gold chains...…..looking for an even better option though.
  2. Thanks for the info Steve, Given the sheer volume of complaints about the cable issue and the fact that probably of 98% of my hunting will be on the beach and n the water I decided to swing a Minelab Equinox to start out. I'm new to detecting and it just seems like an easy detector to start with while not compromising too much. What would your thoughts be on the new tech in Minelabs 7000 if they repackaged it someday in the future into a waterproof detector? Would that be good tech for the beach?
  3. No, is that as easy to do as that question makes it sound? LOL
  4. for reference I went back through the forums and found a pic of the 2 cables......old style problem cable on top, new cable on the bottom.
  5. I noticed Steve mentioned in his post where he rebuilt an ATX into his LTX that he said something about not using his 1st ATX because he'd been using the new one...…...I've been researching for days, eyes are crossing and I can't find anything about any updates to the ATX since it was released in 2013...….except on one thread a person (this year in spring of 2019) said that their new ATX came with a different cord (so possibly Garrett has recently addressed their degrading cord issue?) Does anyone know anything about either of these? 1. have their been any upgrades to the ATX since 2013 intro
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