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  1. Hello all, A number of years ago I was one of the the first people to come upon a motorcycle accident in which 3 people lost their lives. During the passing of one of the women she took her wedding ring off at some point which was found about a week later by someone who had come to see the wreck site. I thought it was strange that I didn’t see it since I was by her side at the time of passing but it was good that the ring was returned to her family. I also remembered seeing somewhere that apparently when someone passes quickly they will sometimes take off clothes and restrictive items.
  2. Ahh yes, La Niña is tearing up Montana right now. I’d recommend Arizona with a quickness. Did you see the news from Texas? It’s looking pretty bad there. That warm pacific air is protecting most of the western states but a big storm is coming in from Cali.
  3. Long term weather pattern predictions are never wrong. I suggest getting that 6000 for any state other than Arizona. Anyone in Arizona needs to plan on sheltering in place this spring/summer.
  4. Sure thing. The numbers are the Snow water equivalent as a percentage of normal. So right now it looks like the rye patch area has only gotten 79% of its normal snow/precipitation. The dots are the various snotel sites where they take the measurements. Do keep in mind though that one or two good storms could change these numbers drastically but if the pattern holds many places are going to end up only around 60% percent of normal.
  5. Well damn it looks like the starlink isn’t quite where we need it yet. There are cells that the satellites schedule service to as they pass over dictated by geometry. I was able to find this though so it looks like it’s coming. ”According to the Starlink team, the ability to move your system to a new location is coming eventually, though as you might’ve guessed it’ll depend in part on having more satellites in the sky. There’s no word on just how many satellites that actually means, nor what sort of timeline might be involved to get there, and there’ll apparently be new hardware and sof
  6. I think that was because during the beta the constellation wasn’t/probably still isn’t set up completely yet. When they launch though for reals it should have pretty much full coverage. Keep in mind these satellites are much lower than say dish networks so you could pretty easily leave the coverage area. Thinking harder about it though it would be conceivable the ground stations could be attached to a particular latitude or longitude which and string x of the constellation may not communicate with string y. I’ll have to look more into it.
  7. On my way out I pick up a large pizza, this handle lunch and dinner for the first day/night. I then carry lunchables for lunch each day in the cooler. 2 each day is sufficient and inexpensive from Costco. For dinner it is almost always the freeze dried packs of food and a pack of crackers. I could last for awhile on this diet but 4 days and I start to want a restaurant.
  8. Nah man I just thought someone else may have the same problem I do with connectivity when I’m off on claims. I hate having to drive 20 miles to just call the wife. I’m super stoked about it.
  9. EDIT: This post contains mistaken information. Please accept my apology. At this time it is not possible to travel greater than 300 miles with a starlink antenna. Please read entire thread on page 2 for clarification. My bad fellas. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that starlink is finally accepting pre-orders. For those who don't know this is Elon Musk's satellite internet which is super fast and has no data caps. The service is 100 bucks a month and 500 to buy the equipment. To enter the pre-order is only 100 refundable deposit. I've done alot of researc
  10. I thought I would give everyone a quick update on how the weather may play into your detecting plans this spring and summer. For a little background we are in a La Nina weather pattern right now. This is expected to hold with a fair bit of certainty well into March. In La Nina years the weather patterns change from normal and we see the Northern US get cold and wet while the Southern US gets warm and dry. This is on a large scale so there may still be some local storms which are quite powerful but we are playing with averages here. I've attached NOAA reports which are great little g
  11. Ok so this may or may not be a problem for your claim. Many claims patented or not will have a road running through them and people and other property owners may have been using that road for a very long time. This creates a prescriptive easement meaning that people have the right of passage through the land. Fencing it is usually not a problem but locking that fence would be. For the most part a fence and a small sign asking people to close the fence behind them would be enough to discourage 95% of people from passing through BUT restricting passage would be asking for a lawsuit.
  12. I think the settings I was using were pretty standard. High Yield, Normal Ground, Sensitivity 10, Volume 8, Smoothing off, Threshold 27 I would just dig any target that gave a single rather than a double response. I used to get disappointed when I would find shoe tacks but this trip was a little different. I decided that if I was finding a shoe tack it probably would not come off from just walking and that whoever it was probably was working. I began to ask myself what was this person doing here to make his shoes fall apart. Why was he attracted to the area? I knew I was onto so
  13. Thank you to all for your very understandable and descriptive posts. Being able to differentiate the various signals has led to immediate success, I was spending to much time on bothersome trash signals, some signals are still iffy to me and I dig anyways but I’m getting much better at calling a target before digging. These are my finds since I posted earlier in the week.
  14. It’s not always so obvious.... the really old ones look almost just like the desert floor.... here is one where I found a one gram nugget right next to. Can you spot the small bit that is raised up?
  15. Thank you so much for the answers. I got a flat tire today on the way out to the goldfield so my day got burned fixing that fiasco but I can’t wait to try the tips you guys gave me tomorrow! It’s been a huge help and makes perfect sense.
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