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  1. I like to share my finds but I choose to do it through you. That way nothing is attached to me when it hits the internet. I find you to be a trustworthy intermediary so even with a large find people would be left guessing where it was found.
  2. Thanks guys. I love finding these old areas and seeing what is there. Its part of the adventure to go places you would never even think to go.
  3. Yeah I found that it was a tributary but nothing else to help me drive it down to a specific gulch. I was able to find red gulch and the creek but none of the others so far.
  4. Hello all, First time poster but long time lurker. I'm curious if anyone can help me locate coarse gold canyon in the rabbit hole district. There are several mentions of this area but no area to find it and I haven't had any luck with any of my research materials or a google search. Could anyone help? Thank you!
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