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  1. Hello again everyone and Seasons Greetings!

    It's been pretty rainy here in AZ the past 6 weeks so I took the time to get the buggy ready for its first expedition. The buggy came stock so I had to add a windshield, hard roof and A-Arm guards. I'm really liking this Pioneer buggy! I'm amazed how smooth it handles on the dirt. 🙂

    I took the Buggy out for it's first expedition on December 13th for a test run at a RRPC claim. I didn't prospect that day i was mainly learning the new camera and buggy. I uploaded the whole test run to YouTube, i will share the link below. It's a pretty horrible long video but oh well im learning lol. I plan on filming each expedition but won't be as long as this first video.

    Next expedition is planned for the first week of January. RRPC Map 17 here we come! 🙂



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  2. I'm back everyone 🙂. Took me awhile to heal from my last endeavor 8 days ago. But i'm back ready to go. Note too self don't mess with neck muscles.

    My next Expedition will be on the 11th, Monday.

    I have some very good news and since i don't really have any friends to share my excitement with i'd like to share my excitement with you all!

    I got my BUGGY!!!

    2020 Honda Pioneer 700

    I got it today from Ride Now Powersports Chandler. I financed it with 4K down.

    Super awesome, me happy! 🙂 






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  3. Hey everyone I have returned and it didn't go so well 😞. For some very weird reason i hurt my neck i think. i was stretching to begin the walk and than stretched my neck a little and i guess i did something and hurt my right neck muscle pretty bad. Feels like a pulled muscle but i never felt one like this before. And with that said I had to return home.

    I had about 1500ft more to walk to get too Genes Dream. The blue box is where i parked and the green line is how much i walked. The red box is the start of the claim. I took a few photos near the purple box. The area in the pictures is pretty much how you get to all of Map 5 claims.

    The temp was great it was 64F and slightly cold in the shade. Very nice indeed 🙂 






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  4. Thanks again everyone 🙂

    Oh i forgot to tell you all, my girlfriends GM1000 is fine. When she tumbled the shaft by the armrest unscrewed a few millimeters. So i just tightened it and all is well again.

    You guys are going to laugh (because i did), on the previous expedition when my girlfriend was attempting to use the GM1000, she was doing a new swinging technique i haven't seen before 🙂 just think of Karate Kid and Wax On, Wax Off. lol. What's even funnier is she found a hot rock with excitement thinking it was gold, she takes the dirty hot rock hands it to me and said its gold! I said no...it isn't gold, if it was that little rock would weigh ten times as much. So the GGM1000 is going strong again and I feel like an un-experienced teacher lol 🙂 

    P.S - GGM1000 = Girlfriends Goldmonster 1000. 

    Next Expedition October 30th.

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  5. I'm back everyone, I didn't find anything because i didn't even make it to the destination. But close. I enjoyed myself nonetheless. My girlfriend hated every bit of it, lol. She also slipped and fell on the GM1000, scraped herself up and now the GM1000 wobbles a hair. I wont even go into the complaining I heard about walking up the hills. 🙂

    I got there at about 11:30am temp was about 75F. It was VERY close to highway 87. Decent dirt road to the place where we parked. Continuation to the destination needed a ATV which i didn't have. The walk to the destination is about 3750ft.

    The area seemed not so touched by man sorta speak. was quiet, saw a prospector come out on a ATV and rode past us.

    I started at the purple box.

    I ended up at the light blue box. (notice the white turn in the wash, i have a picture)

    The red box was my actual destination.

    I think i'm going to get a Honda Pioneer 500. I can't be spending my whole time walking to these claims. 🙂

    Here below is what the new area looks like. I'm to new to determine if this location looks good, but i'm guessing it looks great.


















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