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  1. You caught me lol. I was thinking the GM24K actually 🙂 For some reason i just don't like the GM1000. I started with the EQ800 and just love that thing.
  2. Trip was called off today due to temperatures too high for that area. 97F. Next trip will be before Halloween sometime.
  3. I'm back! was awesome! didn't make it too Sando but made it too Cass No. 9 instead. I wanted to walk from claim corner marker to each corner marker but only made it about 200ft from the SE claim marker. The reason was as i was going i just couldn't resist digging up (everything) hot rocks lol. I used the GM1000 today and its seriously sensitive and to be honest i like my EQ800 way better. I didn't find any gold but i did find 2 bird shot and...waaait for it....i found a new friend lol!!🙂 And here below is my new friend lol...I named him "ClaimJump" 🙂
  4. UPDATE: I'm still going to depart on Friday 🙂
  5. The humidity in AZ is usually low year round, 5-20%. with the occasional rain storm. It rains about maybe 4-8 times a year.
  6. Thanks Steve, Yeah i agree with you 94F is not that bad. Hmm...I might go still. When i went to Sando two weeks ago it was 101F and was pretty miserable. And don't worry i'm hoping for many more tale(s) to come. 🙂
  7. Trip has been cancelled due to Oct 4th temps to reach 94F. It "was" going to be 89F. Again I end up being my worst enemy in pre-planning the season to early 🙂
  8. So it would be safe to say this new HighQ coil is the same as the MJ coil before it?
  9. Might want to check OfferUp along with craigslist.
  10. Are these supposed to be better than a Nugget Finder?
  11. Hello everyone I'd like to document my expeditions this year. This will be my first season of being an "Electronic Prospector". I've studied most of the summer and am ready to go. I still need to learn more about Geology but I'm hoping this will come with time in the field. I look forward to posting my adventures/expeditions with you all 🙂 --Garik
  12. It was way too hot, 101F. Dug one hole to find a piece of sheet metal, than i called it a day. At least I finally saw the Little San Domingo Wash 🙂 I'm heading back out Oct 4th 🙂
  13. This is interesting, just two days ago i was studying if gold had any effect on plant leaf color, growth etc.
  14. Oh wow! In this Simplex video is that the Minelab "Vanquish" detector at 2min 18sec into this video?
  15. The Klondike has been spotted! 🙂 https://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/34390-minelab-memories-of-the-past/?do=findComment&comment=316127
  16. These discontinued Minelab products are really cool to look at and read about. I was amazed. The Golden Hawk looked cool! Wonder what the Klondike looked like. https://www.minelab.com/usa/support/knowledge-base/discontinued-products
  17. In Quartzsite, what did the sign say for the reason to stay on the road?
  18. That's bizarre. Have you done any more research on the tags?
  19. I'm alone in my prospecting adventure. I've been doing self study of most things including geology. I haven't met any club members yet. I live in SE Maricopa County so its pretty far to our claim sites.
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