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  1. I understand thanks Chris. I appreciate your information. I'm heading out Sept 18th. I'm going to use just VLF that day. I'll focus on my GPX-5000 later in the fall, i'm probably going to start off with the 8"inch commander mono. Im very new i just got my EQ800 in December and just got my GM1000 two months ago. I only used the EQ800 for about 1hr total.
  2. I was about to order a new pick 🙂 very well done.
  3. I was just curious and was wondering what the GPX-5000 has that the GPX-4800 doesn't have?
  4. On your 11" elite, have you noticed a improvement from the stock 11" commander mono?
  5. That's impressive, what's your opinion on the 14x9 evo?
  6. I actually cancelled the 17x13 order because i wasn't to sure if that was the best one or the 15"inch evo. I haven't touched a GPZ7000 yet. I still need to open my GPX5000 box lol. Sept 18 is when im heading out to the fields.
  7. He did mention in his Amazon author biography that he has/had terminal cancer. Let's hope he's okay. I searched and couldn't find his death. What's interesting though some of his books were published in 2017
  8. Here's some info about him. https://www.amazon.com/Donald-N.-Hester/e/B00J6ZVP4U%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share http://www.donaldnhester.com/biography.html
  9. Hi my name is Boomer! I'm 3yrs old and my owner thinks i'm a american staff./sharpei. I want to go prospecting really bad with my owner, he likes to dig rocks and i like to smell them. I don't think he'll let me go because he thinks i will smell this plant called a cactus and my mouth will end up looking like a angry porcupine. I've begged to go... Occasionally I sneak inside this motorized human buggy. I also got crazy and found my own buggy.
  10. There must be some serious electronics inside a GPX-5000, wow!
  11. Thanks i think i understand. So a piece of "metal" in the ground completes the circuit sorta speak.
  12. I seem to have messed up and bought another coil 🙂 Nugget Finder 17x13 spoked I might be stretching the boy scout motto a bit far. Be prepared
  13. I was thinking the bigger coil the bigger field so thus increasing power usage.
  14. I was wondering why I haven't seen this question anywhere. Does a bigger coil use more power?
  15. No problem. I'm going to take them to a local jewelry shop soon. I'll report back 🙂
  16. Anyone remember the old Popular Science ads? I thought this was a good classic to share. Even though this ad pre-dates me by 6yrs, it puts a smile to my face :)
  17. My mother is still alive its her husband that died a few months back.
  18. I forget a test on the coins. Magnet They passed the magnet test! Mystery re-opened, lol :)
  19. Oh wow!, i wish i only knew the weight of their coin. Than mystery solved.
  20. Hi everyone, I'm concerned my 5 x 1oz Gold eagles could be fake I inherited these from my mother. Her late husband purchased 30 of them. They pass the "ring" test. They pass the size test. But...they don't pass the weight test... Around 19g ea. on all of them (real eagles weigh about 33g ea.). I'm probably going to take them to a local jeweler soon. My question is we probably know these are fake so is it worth melting these down to get what gold is in these out of them?
  21. I'm curious, how does one get the gold out of that "rock", Is it smelt down by a 3rd party or is it easy to do at home?
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