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  1. I seem to have messed up and bought another coil 🙂 Nugget Finder 17x13 spoked I might be stretching the boy scout motto a bit far. Be prepared
  2. I was thinking the bigger coil the bigger field so thus increasing power usage.
  3. I was wondering why I haven't seen this question anywhere. Does a bigger coil use more power?
  4. No problem. I'm going to take them to a local jewelry shop soon. I'll report back 🙂
  5. Anyone remember the old Popular Science ads? I thought this was a good classic to share. Even though this ad pre-dates me by 6yrs, it puts a smile to my face :)
  6. My mother is still alive its her husband that died a few months back.
  7. I forget a test on the coins. Magnet They passed the magnet test! Mystery re-opened, lol :)
  8. Oh wow!, i wish i only knew the weight of their coin. Than mystery solved.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm concerned my 5 x 1oz Gold eagles could be fake I inherited these from my mother. Her late husband purchased 30 of them. They pass the "ring" test. They pass the size test. But...they don't pass the weight test... Around 19g ea. on all of them (real eagles weigh about 33g ea.). I'm probably going to take them to a local jeweler soon. My question is we probably know these are fake so is it worth melting these down to get what gold is in these out of them?
  10. I'm curious, how does one get the gold out of that "rock", Is it smelt down by a 3rd party or is it easy to do at home?
  11. Hi again everyone. I went ahead and bought my coils. after many hours of thinking and reading i decided to get 3 additional coils for my GPX. I should be set for life now :) 11" Minelab Commander Mono Nugget Finder 14x9 EVO Detech 15" Ultimate Spiral DD
  12. You can use those silicone end caps for the GPX to protect the ends. I got a pair and than a case to cover it.
  13. Just like to say what started it all for me back in May was watching Bill Southern and his videos. :)
  14. Thank you everyone :) I will stick to the Minelab 8'inch for awhile. But i was also thinking of ordering a Coiltek Elite 9"inch so i'll have it for the future just in case the coils become unavailable.
  15. Okay thanks fredmason. I'm going to stick with Minelab :)
  16. I was wondering if the aftermarket coils were that much better than the Minelab, i.e Coiltek. I'm very hesitant to go Coiltek because the GPX was designed to use only Minelab coils? My fear is i don't want to hurt my GPX 5000 in the long term by putting a coil on it that Minelab doesn't like? It seems like everyone with a GPX is using a aftermarket coil. I especially like the Coiltek 9" Elite I'f you were me would you get a Coiltek coil?
  17. A day out on a claim was what was in the description. I'm going to watch more videos too. I understand most of it all but theres only one thing. Can i put it on Deep when in Fine Gold. I'll have to read the manual again :)
  18. Hi everyone, i'm excited! I just purchased a GPX-5000. I got 10% off the total. With an additional 8" commander mono coil, the total came out too 3.8k. I studied for awhile on which one to get, the GPX-4500 or 5000. I figured for 1k more I could get the better one, so I got the GPX-5000, Yay!
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