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  1. E600, 11" coil, Minelab wired headphones, Park1 and F2 at 2. All default settings. Found 2 clad quarters, 4 pennies, other metal scrap. Steel bottle caps produced a choppy signal that included some chirps. No mistaking the caps for good items. Of course, not every ambiguous or choppy signal should be skipped. The Guide recommends using all metal to take full advantage of F2 so I tried that for while. Went back to discrim pattern to screen our other junk items.
  2. Downloaded the update file at a wi fi coffee shop yesterday then went home and offline installed the update with no problems. Like that lower back light setting. Maybe some unannounced changes will involve how the different modes weight the Multi-IQ responses. I had changed Park1, Fielld2 and Beach1 per suggestions in the Equinox Handbook. Perhaps these settings will operate differently now. So I did a full reset before updating and will use the new defaults for a while. There are parks within walking distance of my apartment so I'll start off with the new Park1.
  3. Local park, E600 with 11" coil and running default Park2, got a 16 on the meter. There was a bracelet on the surface but hidden by the grass. I guessed it was copper. Searching the name on a tag hanging from the bracelet, Alex and Ani showed a wide variety of bracelets. I'll guess this one cost $28 or so. Then switched to Park1 Cherry Picking and found some recent drop coins.
  4. Just received the Equinox Charging Essentials from Doc's Detecting. It came fully charged and the power bank seems to be a solid piece of equipment. Cost $63.45 including shipping. As soon as my local park detecting sessions drop my E600 one battery level, I'll try it out. Maybe I should also buy another charging cable before venturing to remote areas. About a month ago I also obtained Doc's cover for the 600. Both sales resulted from references to Doc's in the Equinox Handbook. Speaking of the Handbook, I have changed Park1 to the Cherrying Picking settings, Field2 to the souped up version, and Beach1 to Beach for Land. The latter nabbed me a 1952 Wheatie in a hammered park.
  5. Thanks, Chase. The Wilcox with the long handle might be the item I need.
  6. Used Cherry Pick settings from the Handbook for a brief session in a local park. Found a penny, the handle of a spoon. If it ever was silver plated, that is long gone. Then found a quarter-sized disk, a token of some sort. It says "Where a kid can be a kid" on both sides and one side was stamped OTTS.ORG. I just tried that website and it is apparently closed. There was a message to the effect to leave your contact info if you have any business with this site. Question: is there something more than the Lesche Predator but less than a shovel -- a mini shovel, perhaps?
  7. Received the Equinox Handbook a few days ago and modified Park1 on my E600 per the Cherry Picking program. Local parks dry out this time of the year plus we had below-average rainfall. One park dates from 1920, is one city block, and surrounded by power lines on all sides. Yet the detector was completely quiet but I Noise Cancelled out of habit. I found a Sargent key, an eye glasses temple, 2 pennies and assorted junk. The Cherry Picking settings will prove very useful as dried out parks become the norm. There is a modified Beach1 for land that might be interesting to try as well. The Handbook generated a sale. From Doc's detecting supplies I bought the cover for the control pod and cuff. Docs is mentioned in the list of vendors in the Handbook.
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