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  1. Thanks, Chase. The Wilcox with the long handle might be the item I need.
  2. Used Cherry Pick settings from the Handbook for a brief session in a local park. Found a penny, the handle of a spoon. If it ever was silver plated, that is long gone. Then found a quarter-sized disk, a token of some sort. It says "Where a kid can be a kid" on both sides and one side was stamped OTTS.ORG. I just tried that website and it is apparently closed. There was a message to the effect to leave your contact info if you have any business with this site. Question: is there something more than the Lesche Predator but less than a shovel -- a mini shovel, perhaps?
  3. Received the Equinox Handbook a few days ago and modified Park1 on my E600 per the Cherry Picking program. Local parks dry out this time of the year plus we had below-average rainfall. One park dates from 1920, is one city block, and surrounded by power lines on all sides. Yet the detector was completely quiet but I Noise Cancelled out of habit. I found a Sargent key, an eye glasses temple, 2 pennies and assorted junk. The Cherry Picking settings will prove very useful as dried out parks become the norm. There is a modified Beach1 for land that might be interesting to try as well. The Handbook generated a sale. From Doc's detecting supplies I bought the cover for the control pod and cuff. Docs is mentioned in the list of vendors in the Handbook.
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