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  1. Another early Saturday visit to GOD again for all the good oil? cheers sturt
  2. Well done. Great find. Great start to the year. This is not the way to start the year. I wondered a couple of years ago how did the old timers miss this big piece. Right next to some old diggings. The noise of the machine was fantastic. It was the hottest time of the year and produced lots of sweat. Lucky nobody was with me at the time as I had to vent my spleen. Dig everything I hear them say, cheers sturt
  3. I have now just realized why JP gets all the best gold. He is obviously on a first name basis with GOD.😇 He gets all the best GPS tips on offer for the weekend early Saturday morning and gains a 24hr head start before all of us. I need to get in touch with my minister straight away and get him out of bed early Saturdays.🙂 Joking of course, Cheers sturt
  4. Wow, things have changed here since I last looked. Great news. I`m fairly new to prospecting only about 8 years. The bug got me fairly quickly a long time ago, but for years, no matter how hard I tried to work out what exactly I should be listening for when I passed a nugget, I had no success. I needed some tuition and was too pig headed to do the research. Going back before the 7000 was around I finally decided to listen to the experts, JP most of the time. And finally got some success with the 5000. Then came the 7000. Well that caused some huge commotion at home with extra financial c
  5. Thanks for sharing guys. Great find. I thought we where looking at a piece of Tin as well when I first looked. Made my heart race as well, cheers sturt
  6. A very good point. Sharp rocks hitting the battery cover are a real issue. You only need to drop the detector once to loosen the clip on slide. What would ML reaction be to warranty? cheers sturt
  7. Just looked at the new video of the 6000 on you tube. Looks to me the terminal layout for the coil supplied is three pins across the bottom and two higher up? Its been a while since I had a 5000 but i`m sure the 5000 series coils have a circular pin set up and the adapter can only couple one way? I take it that all the earlier made coils suitable for the GPX series are not usable? check the video yourselves, cheers sturt
  8. Hi all. Just been looking at a news conference in Western Australia 30 minutes ago. WA is closing down the borders again to other states effectively as of Midnight tonight. Be careful if thinking of booking any cross state travel in Australia, cheers sturt
  9. Thanks everyone. Probably a small find by most seasoned hunters, but its still out there and a great thrill to find. Would love to go to the USA one day detecting for gold and just soak up the history, but we need to get this bloody virus under control. Stay safe out there, cheers sturt
  10. Hi all. Been out there for a few years now picking up the bits that your lucky enough to walk over. The other day I was up early and on an area that I have been over before. Thought I will give it another go. Nothing found by me in the immediate area before. Tuned up the 7000, adjusted the harness for comfort and proceeded to swing the coil. 7.16 am exactly. Walked I think 11 steps and the machine went of its dial. Bloody piece of junk I thought but stopped and scraped the surface looking for a piece of steel, then I saw it. I take it that everyone has found their dream piece and remembers the
  11. Did you notice how clean the 7000 was? I dont think it had any canvas protectors on it. Wonder who set up the detector. They sure wanted everyone to see the new coil and what It was attached to, cheers sturt
  12. Yes, all okay. Just thought some people might like to see it in action. Looking pretty, attached to a nice gleaming brand new 7000. Should see all the huge nuggets it found. ( that show is getting way out of hand). Must have been quite a few Months back because someone mentioned a gold price some months ago, cheers sturt
  13. I noticed last Night`s episode of Aussie Gold Hunters, are using the new Z search Coil on the GPZ 7000. Looks like it works well, if you can believe what you see, cheers sturt
  14. Thanks David. It seems to me that a few sweetheart deals have been struck between Minelab, Coiltek and NF. NF get to supply alternative coils for the 7000 with the chip in the lead and not Coiltek. But Coiltek get to design and supply alternative coils for the 2300 with the different plug and the existing NF coil range cannot connect to the 2300 without a plug change. Your thoughts? Makes me think that Minelab had no intention of introducing alternative coils for the 7000 all along. Let someone else do all the expensive R&D for the now aging models but keep things under control
  15. Hi all, can anyone advise if the Coil cable attachment to the SDC is the same as GPX 5 pin standard? I noticed that Coiltec have a accessory pack to adapt to the SDC 2300 shaft then use a Coiltec coil instead of the supplied unit. I have old coils that I would like to try out. Wondering what effect using another manufacturers coil would do to the product warranty also, cheers sturt
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