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  1. Fantastic day. A beautiful area. Would be great to detect in a area that is not covered with red dirt for a change. Your machine certainly went off big time. With sensitivity at 14 and the machine response so loud why not try in difficult mode? Over here I cant use Normal setting at all. Too much mineral variation and the machine becomes a real handful. I have found that setting my machine to conservative sensitivity I can run close to wire fences. A mate of mine really struggles with his near fences but I can use the coil as close as 1 meter from a 4 wire fence with steel pickets. cheers stu
  2. Hi all, I have been using the Minelab harness as well, but you are right the shoulder straps are quite uncomfortable and tight fitting and tend to make me feel hot and encumbered. I cannot use the original lower struts my overall body size to big. Seeing JP`s set up in videos I decided to give the hip stick a try. Works reasonably well to remove the tension from the shoulders but as the hip stick connects between the shoulder ring and waist band it pulls down the whole harness loading up the shoulders again. I am now going to try using a quality wide belt to hold the hip stick and a smal
  3. Thanks everyone. Probably a small find by most seasoned hunters, but its still out there and a great thrill to find. Would love to go to the USA one day detecting for gold and just soak up the history, but we need to get this bloody virus under control. Stay safe out there, cheers sturt
  4. Hi all. Been out there for a few years now picking up the bits that your lucky enough to walk over. The other day I was up early and on an area that I have been over before. Thought I will give it another go. Nothing found by me in the immediate area before. Tuned up the 7000, adjusted the harness for comfort and proceeded to swing the coil. 7.16 am exactly. Walked I think 11 steps and the machine went of its dial. Bloody piece of junk I thought but stopped and scraped the surface looking for a piece of steel, then I saw it. I take it that everyone has found their dream piece and remembers the
  5. Did you notice how clean the 7000 was? I dont think it had any canvas protectors on it. Wonder who set up the detector. They sure wanted everyone to see the new coil and what It was attached to, cheers sturt
  6. Yes, all okay. Just thought some people might like to see it in action. Looking pretty, attached to a nice gleaming brand new 7000. Should see all the huge nuggets it found. ( that show is getting way out of hand). Must have been quite a few Months back because someone mentioned a gold price some months ago, cheers sturt
  7. I noticed last Night`s episode of Aussie Gold Hunters, are using the new Z search Coil on the GPZ 7000. Looks like it works well, if you can believe what you see, cheers sturt
  8. Thanks David. It seems to me that a few sweetheart deals have been struck between Minelab, Coiltek and NF. NF get to supply alternative coils for the 7000 with the chip in the lead and not Coiltek. But Coiltek get to design and supply alternative coils for the 2300 with the different plug and the existing NF coil range cannot connect to the 2300 without a plug change. Your thoughts? Makes me think that Minelab had no intention of introducing alternative coils for the 7000 all along. Let someone else do all the expensive R&D for the now aging models but keep things under control
  9. Hi all, can anyone advise if the Coil cable attachment to the SDC is the same as GPX 5 pin standard? I noticed that Coiltec have a accessory pack to adapt to the SDC 2300 shaft then use a Coiltec coil instead of the supplied unit. I have old coils that I would like to try out. Wondering what effect using another manufacturers coil would do to the product warranty also, cheers sturt
  10. The still photo at the start made me think it was a toilet paper advert. I thought someone might say the paper was dearer than the nugget. cheers sturt
  11. Bloody hell. Oops mind the language. Just watched the video. Its still out there. Is this ground a high mineral content? Looking at the grey colour. Where I go to is red, red, red. Not a hope of using the detector in a normal mode due to hot rocks etc. and the difficult ability to keep a good even ground balance. Anyway congratulations to the people on the ground. Had to get the heart monitor out to check the RPM. Fantastic advert for the NF coil, cheers sturt
  12. Hi Chris. This location was and still is flogged all Winter each year. The whole area would be probably 25 Acres. There is holes 12 inches to 18 inches deep in some locations. I have spent time all over this and eventually was my reason to change over from the 5000 to 7000 series in desperation that I was missing gold. Nothing worse than turning up to the site and find holes in spots that you have already spent hours searching around. A couple of prospectors told me that it was cleaned years ago but each year I find pieces. Now I know if I setup the 7000 properly and dont rush over the ground
  13. Thanks Gold Catcher, been away for a while without the computer. I dont mind digging up.01 Gram pieces all day. Stuffed at the end of the day but a smile on the dial all the way back to camp, cheers sturt
  14. Hi JP. I have experienced the same thing in an area like that which maybe a change in the season temp or atmos pressure. Last October I went to an area that I have been all over with my 7000 before. This area has been scraped before and piled up for dry blowing a long time ago. In two days I picked up 39 pieces all small and very close to the surface, see my photos. Great fun for little reward. I have picked up in the surrounding area larger deeper pieces during the years but this blew me away as how I missed bits in such a close proximity. (check the size of the piece on the left side,
  15. Hi, the Nugget Finder 17x13 evo is fantastic for depth but may miss a few smaller pieces. Over here the 17x13 has held its price fairly stable and you dont see many second hand on the market. Must be good. The spoked version is obviously the lightest option but sometimes rubbing it along the surface for maximum sensitivity can cause the machine to give off false signals, expecially if you catch a rock or stick between the spokes. Not sure if you can get a full scrub plate for the bottom to help you glide over the ground. Anyway a great light weight coil for covering a lot of ground. You tried
  16. Hi all, I started with a 4500, found very little was my bad settings. Then a 5000 for a few years, got better at using it and found good gold. Then came the GPZ and the Bank Manager screamed and walked over the same areas and found the gold I missed. The experts that are helping us novices all the time with the technical details on settings and what to listen to are fantastic thanks everyone. I personally get the shivers when reading what it costs to alter and possibly destroy the original equipment to use someone elses coil. Especially if the GPZ owner like myself has brought the detect
  17. Maybe if you find yellow Koala then your onto a hot spot?
  18. Hi Jin. I just returned from a trip out WA Bush. I have been experimenting with lots of settings as well. The last two days I reduced the sensitivity fairly low in difficult, high yeild and ferrite balanced on Auto. Had two great days finding small nuggets at a location which has been hammered over many years. I will attach a photo. First day picked up 18 pieces and Second 22 pieces. Not high value but very rewarding. The total area would have been maybe 30m x 30m. Sorry the photo is not real good, but you can see where somebody had dug holes and left them open some time back. I hate tha
  19. Hi Andy. I was thinking that if you could buy a complete lead assembly without the coil from Minelab with the chip included then join at the X coil or within the lower shaft area below the coiled section? Then you would not need to butcher your existing ML 14 coil lead? Cheers sturt
  20. Hi all. Has anyone thought of contacting Minelab to see if they can buy the Minelab genuine leads for GPX 7000 without a coil? Is it possible the Russian Manufacturer could sell the coils into Australia without leads for people wanting to use them on the 7000 series. Then either the customer or distributor assemble the units here? Is the lead supplied by the Russian Manufacturer only an issue with the 7000 series because the cable runs inside the shafts? I understand that Minelab may buck a bit but they need to look after existing customers who are cutting up leads of their ML 1
  21. Hi JP. Been watching a lot your work out in the scrub during the years. Thanks for your time very helpful. I`m over in the WA side and need to put my bit in. Even though new to this forum I have gone through the 4500 to 5000 to 7000 series over the years. I look at the posts from persons telling me how good the new x coils work but to me over here I work over old grounds flogged over the years full of hot rocks and minerals. Most areas have been scraped by blades to flatten the ground and get the coils as close as possible to the ground. I am picking up small nuggets usually within 50mm from
  22. Would love to try a Nugget finder coil 17x11 on my zed. I went from a 5000 series with an older series nugget finder coil. Great combo and found plenty. But now im going over areas ive already walked over and picking up what I missed. Just wish the standard zed coils are a bit lighter.
  23. Hi all. New to the forum but been out in the scrub for 6 years. Brought a 7000 3 years ago and going well. With regard to the WM12 I get a loss of reception through the wifi from the machine and the speaker if that makes sense. If I am searching through a spoon full of dirt to find a nugget, while scraping along the coil I get a blanking out of all sound. Not all the time but you do need to check the spoon a couple of times just in case before throwing out the soil. I have found in my use that running the spoon on the rear edge of the coil seems to give the best and loudest response. No idea w
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