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    Repair & building in many hobbies competitive shooting gunsmithing / machining / welding , racing mechanic , ham radio component level circuit board repair etc.
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    Lost about 6 in fire , now Equinox 800 , Garrett AT Pro pointer

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  1. Maybe more because of my computers - the isue with going back to older versions , I do get buggered by updates . So like to see that it is possible to roll back , thanks . I also like to dig all targets and learn how to read the tool . At this time [ low income ] I have to make my one detector - NOX 800 , be the best / only detector there is , maybe some day in the future I can own more than one , but for now it was a stretch to buy this one , so far I think I made the right choice , also bought the Garrett AT Pro pin-pointer . Going to be trying salt water beaches for the 1st time this Jan. FL for a few weeks with a friend - he will be on his boat that I will help look after and he will fishing and throwing everything back [ sick puppy πŸ˜‰ While I will be on the beach looking for goodies , and later go on the boat to play with the Bermuda triangle . Late , who knows when , I will head back to AZ & CA looking for gold new-gets , use to do dredging in No. Cal. 80-90s . If I find enough , I will get back to owning about half dozen detectors . Thanks all , I can not disagree with any of the above .
  2. How to try older versions / reload old version to see for myself ? Thanks
  3. If you give up , there is a group of metal detector types [ us +] that use the net and offer there services to the general public as independent searches . Once you get to the point that there is value , anyone can join , find stuff and make your own deal for the service . https://theringfinders.com/
  4. Without seeing a circuit diagram it's hard to say . Generally we are dealing with a transceiver - the box & 2 antenna systems - 2 coil windings . I say antenna systems because an antenna is 1 component in a system , the feed-line [ the wires ] are another component , and so the box another device in the circuit . So this is RF - radio frequency , that means tuned circuits - every component is tuned to every other component in that circuit . You change something in the circuit , you have to check for the tune of the circuit [ calibrate / measure ] and retune as needed . Without more info on the hole circuit and the ability to test for tuning , you can't really tell how small a change will affect it . Some electricians call RF black magic πŸ˜‰
  5. I need to frequently switch from right to left hand .
  6. Thanks , not in Fl yet , dropping the boat off in Kansas salt mine for storage in a week or so , then in Jan. picking it up to take to Fl . Trying to avoid towing boat in snow , then my friend will be throwing fish back , and I will keeping what I find from the beach πŸ˜‰
  7. In the early 80s got into underwater suction dredging in No. Cal. mostly in the Sierra's , towards the end early 90s I picked up a detector , a Garrett , was just getting use to it at parks and got out of Cal. back to MN . Kept telling my self I was going to get back to Cal. to mine again , but then Cal. banned dredging , took a lot of motivation out of it . But I did find a great metal detector store in the area Metal detectors of Minneapolis , and the owner had a lot of knowledge , and I bought a bunch of detectors including pin pointer , a couple of Whites machines one of the bigger general detectors , and a gold machine , then a diving unit from Fisher and another I do not remember . Manly went around parks & beaches with my German Sheppard - that way we both got a good walk in πŸ˜‰ Then a couple yrs. ago had a fire , lost all detectors and or about $250,000 in tools & equipment . Now also on disability , and Gillie - the dog ran into the end about 13 yrs. / starting to sound like a country western song πŸ˜‰ Well bought a Minelab Equinox 800 from the same shop , dang I stopped by and he had a used one with 2 1/2 yrs. of warrantee left for $700 , I went home to get my saved coin stash about $500 and more stashes and when I got back to the store , the used unit was sold , but he did have a new one in stock . A couple weeks later I went back to get a pin pointer , we both agreed that that the Garrett Pro AT was what I wanted , hay it was on sale too πŸ˜‰ Now taking a friends boat to FL , I'm not into fishing & throwing back - I'm a catch & eat kind of guy πŸ˜‰ This will be my 1st salty beach doin . Oh and we were going to go looking for the bermuda triangle and look for lost stuff - dang the Equinox only goes 10' deep .
  8. Don't forget - if you want a store front near by , buy local . Think about how many interests you have had over time , and they'er fewer independent stores you can goto for too many things , discounting franchises . I took too long [ a week or 10 days ] thinking about a used one at Metal Detectors of Minneapolis . Went back & bought a new Equinox 800 without acc. πŸ˜‰ a week later bought a Garrett Pro Pointer AT and there was a sale on the pointer I wanted . Been buying from this store for 15+ yrs. A lot of info from having someone to talk to face to face , works here too faceless to faceless , I like when all the sources agree on , here and my local store .
  9. Thanks Chase , Since I just got the Nox 800 , I have not been tuning , just in presets on these fresh water beach's I mostly work with Parks 1 & 2 - I did do the noise balance , but may have forgot when switching from Park 1 to 2 . As I get to know the detector later I will adjust settings and build my own profiles . I've been spoiled by ham radio , most equipment come with wiring diagrams / schematics spec.s etc. -- unlike almost any other consumer gear . I do have a lot of test gear , but mostly oriented to ham bands , but then look at adding outside ham bands to work on WIFI , blue tooth , but that means new / more expensive gear , mostly look for broken test equipment & then learn enough to repair , get to have fun twice that way . Also mostly self taught books & internet . I may be wrong , but kinda keep the idea of motors , magnetic & edde currents to imagine how metal detectors work . Thanks again John
  10. Thanks Steve , I'l check that sight out . I used to hang out on a few others , not so much these days . https://www.goldprospectors.org/ http://www.goldgold.com/ A lot of changes since then , I was doing mostly underwater suction dredging in No. Cal. in the 80s & 90s . Did not get into metal detecting until near the end of that , closing down dredging in Cal. One of these day , get back to snipping with detector in Cal. in summer & the southwest in winter , right now stuck in MN.
  11. In my case there are no visible sources , cell towers , power line etc. , I thought of my cell phone , which was on the other side of me from the detector , and I set it down on a picnic table about 50' - 100' from where I was swinging . Of course there are many sources of EMI , I was hoping that some specific / known frequencies were the cause ? In ham radio we deal a lot with this issue and in doing we note the frequency being use or interfered with HF , UHF , VHF , then use various gear that operate on those frequencies to find , as an example for HF [ high frequency , Band (meter) MHz HF 160 1.8 - 2.0 80 3.5 - 4.0 40 7.0 - 7.3 30 10.1 - 10.15 The copy & past didn't work to well , the band meter should be over the 160 column , MHz over the 1.8 - 2.0 column One device a common transistor radio set to AM is used a lot . Not sure if some of the comments meant this , but many misunderstand that not all RF - Radio-Frequencies affect all electronics , there has to be some resonance between the transmitter & the device being affected , depending on a number of factors , quality in design , in both the transmitter & device receiving / being affected , one of those is if chineeze junk that operates outside of there intended bandwith , called a number things like spurious emissions - A spurious emission is any radio frequency not deliberately created or transmitted, especially in a device which normally does create other frequencies. A harmonic or other signal outside a transmitter's assigned channel would be considered a spurious emission. Now have to add to one of my things-to-do-list πŸ˜‰ Bring out some extra gear to pindown some of this , A phrase for MA & PA KETTLE - " I'l have to fix that one of these days " Dang and now winter is near - do not want to dig in frozen ground , and do not think I'l make it south this yr. , DOGGEY DEW
  12. New here , not sure " Rob's forum " that I know that one , at least by name yet . A link ? Thanks John Just bought a new Equinox 800 & Garrett AT Pro pointer
  13. ColonelDan Or others on EMI Not familiar with that beach , I imagine a large open area ? Where would EMI be coming from ? One of the closest fresh water beaches near me MN , I get what I think is EMI - a semi steady multi tone , almost like rattling , even when just setting the coil down flat with no movement , a little less with no movement . This is in Park 1 & 2 after noise canceling . Another hobby for me is ham radio , also do component level board repair , so wandering what frequencies affect this detector , have had my new Equinox 800 about 2-3 weeks .
  14. I must have missed it - factory reset , update & reset again . It makes sense , but I have not come across till this post , I have read bunch of posts on at least 2 forums and a few videos . But I did a reset the last time I used it , then did the update yesterday and have not used since the update , but some time between . 1st since buying new from a local store , have not read rule to see if linking sources ? Digging vary little trash [ except when digging all targets to calibrate targets , new 800 machine to me ] as compared to my last detectors , 10-15 yrs. old lost in a fire .
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