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    Repair & building in many hobbies competitive shooting gunsmithing / machining / welding , racing mechanic , ham radio component level circuit board repair etc.
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    Lost about 6 in fire , now Equinox 800 , Garrett AT Pro pointer

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  1. It would be a big legal issue I'm sure , this is in a town that would take issue . And maybe involve the feds , a good river - for federal water way . But had the idea of one of those walk-behind tracklaying bucket / diggers and shovel into a sifting system , claim I'm cleaning the beaches , kinda like the beaches in FL . And getting the other 2 sizes of coils for the Nox is on the list . But with so many targets , needing to use more functions of the detector to get good enough to dig mostly good stuff / not much trash . I thought about using my phone and making a vid
  2. I started detecting in the 80s mostly with dredging for gold , then left the gold country and ended up back in MN , got some more detectors with the intention of going back to northern CA - but dredging is outlawed [ bs ] and bought a bunch of detectors in the 90s and worked mostly parks & beaches walking the dog . Had a fire about 5 yrs. ago and lost about a quarter million in tools , equipment and about 6+ detectors . A little over a year ago , bought a Nox 800 , mostly did the FL beaches last winter , not sure if going back this winter . But I have been mostly doing beach
  3. I agree that knowing what your doing , so as to avoid issues . But once you know something , you find that many / most places that are charging $2k - $10k are ripping you off , a lot of that is from fear mongering . Life is hazardous - ban it 😉 Point being that you can [ being well informed ] build just as good of quality for much , much less . Steve I used you link to Keene , where I got my compressor as part of my dredge , now outlawed in CA , and repurposing the compressor . It's a cheaper single cylinder , that does not come up after using your link , probub
  4. 7 months later , these have been working very well , maybe 😉 The only issue was the last time out , the most target rich environment I've ever been , non-stop audio . Good spot to get to know detector fast , endless targets , good & trash . This was the 1st time I had this issue , and cannot confirm where the issue was coming from [ not enough time to bother with all the goodies ] but what would happen is a couple to 3 times during the 3 hrs. - the audio would drastically drop - still could hear , but slowed down to listen , then it would come back to normal level after just
  5. I looked at the prices of store bought at around $2,500 - $4,500 . No way I have a diving compressor from Keene Engineering , that I used on my dredge . I am going to build my own with Lithium battery , shopping for the rest of the parts , motor etc. 100 amp hr. lithium battery for about $600 , motor for less than $100 , regulator less than $100 . The Keene compressor guessing from memory $200 + The biggest problem I have is info on diving off Florida coast 20' or less ?
  6. Got delivered today through Amazon , tried pairing twice by turning the detector on and then headphones , and off and on a 2nd time . Then the 3rd time turned on the detector , then the headphones - paired with the + works good . Now to go out & play . And the price was ok also , https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01A0EAYDI/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Thanks Chase
  7. " I'm kind of surprised by this statement because you know your way around a soldering iron and circuit board like nobody's business. Wish I had that skill. I'm all thumbs and love to burn up electronic components if I try to dive in myself, but the throway nature of surface mount micro-electronics makes DIY repair hard these days. " Chase Goldman What I am referring to age wise , is programing / computer controlled , vs. circuit board work - thats just mechanical working with my hand/eye coordination . Or put another way - I could be a brain surgeon , I can work on brai
  8. I do realize that there is issues , faults all over the place . Generally , maybe partially because of age I get frustrated with over complication , it seems to me most that are younger grew up with all the extra bs and are just use to it / don't know the difference . I've been in one business or another for over 50 yrs. and see an endless gouging [ started at the top and everyone below has to gouge to keep going ] that is just getting older faster than I am ;( Probably pissed some , my way of thinking is you can only piss yourself off , either that what you want or ?
  9. Sure would like to find some of those , every one I've check has been sold out , or other issues and costing excessive . Also most of the comments leave lots of doubt , lack of enough to confirmation , that makes it a toss up ?
  10. This is not Minelabs issue - kinda ? Well they picked the headphones . Might have to find another supplier / manufacture of metal detectors , someone who will not leave customers in a deep dark hole ? Especially when they jackup the price by 2-3 times ? Anybody else a little or more unhappy .
  11. I looked those up , only replies were from Amazon , and none available . I did not have the option of getting into them for a couple weeks , so not real hopeful .
  12. I do my own repairs , but typically I'm last in line ;( Got deeper into the headphones today , and realized I was out of flux for doing ic chips . Got the main IC off the board after taking a closer look & seeing corrosion on the edges . Took some bad pictures , will take some more after I resupply and clean up more . After removing the IC with hot-air station , and turning the chip over you can see [ bad picture ] corrosion - yellow on a couple edges .
  13. Well the battery & charging system works ok , but does not turn on yet . Now have to get to costumers repairs , mine are last in line . Will update on progress .
  14. I can access most of the electrical parts , including the battery , the plastic / case is what I would not have access to . I suspect the battery is ok , it probably just shut down when min. voltage was reached . But I am waiting for the Deoxit carrier drys off , then test . I will report what comes of it .
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