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  1. Can't you just order one from Australia? On the globe you guys kinda look like neighbors.
  2. I'm a kind of person that is pretty immune to that. I have multiples of some things because I am bad at getting around to selling stuff, not from chasing the shiny new thing. I have one good fly rod, one good big game rifle, one good bow, etc. I have a 20 yo bow the 6 yo bow replaced, but that's just laziness. Eventually I'll come across some kid needing one and give it away. With the equinox I dont have any real urge to buy anything else. I probably won't for a long time. All my cars are 15 yo+ too though. I just dont get the same thrill buying things that most people get. Not sure if that makes me lucky or unlucky. Once I have one good tool to pursue whatever hobby I'm pretty much done.
  3. Sounds like a business opportunity Simon. You can go into semi-retirement 🙂
  4. Dilek posted this in August "Yes, we will have a smaller coil available but not at launch... a little after...do not know when but it should not take too long. I believe the team is already working on a smaller DD 8.5'' round."
  5. Interesting test. It looks like high f2 could be pretty useful if the main goal is a high percentage of good targets dug.
  6. I'm sure videos from the US are coming. It just looks like people in the UK got them a bit quicker.
  7. Welcome aboard! My favorite uncle lives in Hobart. I've always wanted to visit.
  8. Deus came in a solid 3rd, your safe from that video. It might have you buying a simplex though. It was kinda funny. They did the simplex first and clearly thought the equinox and deus would do much better so kept playing with the settings on them to dial them in better. Short summary would be "simplex did just as well at 1/3 price in mild ground on coin type targets buried deep. Surprised testers"
  9. Interesting. If the simplex does as well in a variety of conditions it should be a heck of a deal. Even if it doesn't it will be a heck of a deal for some people in mild grounds.
  10. I'm exactly the same. I originally planned to learn it in 50 tones from the start, but then I just went detecting in stock settings, mostly in park 1 or gold 1 and didn't get around to changing anything. I agree it's probably time to pull up the manual and figure out changing tones and just set them all to 50 and try it for a long while. I should probably scale back the iron bias too, as that is still in stock settings (along with everything else).
  11. I agree it should be included on the list just to put it in the range of options for someone trying to pick a first detector that doesn't know much about them and may not consider it otherwise. A multi purpose detector that performs on par with the gold monster is a very solid choice, and is probably the best choice for someone just starting out nugget detecting and may migrate into other types of detecting anyway. The guide is mostly there for beginners so it makes tons of sense for it to be there (in my humble opinion). Edit- I realize it's a slippery slope, but the equinox does seem to be the exception in multi purpose detectors performance wise on gold.
  12. I'm looking forward to you trying it and telling me.
  13. I suppose you could just pull the lower shaft out and lay it alongside in the case
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