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  1. I'm lots of pages behind so it may have come up...but your 43, not 44. I've added an entire year to your life expectancy, my shining achievement for the day.
  2. Apparently there are lots of silver coins laying around down there. If you start posting about them too you might start a migration 😀
  3. I have solution. Just put the damn thing down on it's side. It's clearly where it likes to be.
  4. I dont know much, but I do know that deep down you dont believe that.
  5. Simon, since you will be dying to use it everyday anyway take it to the coin field near your house and hit the most hammered area. I'm curious if you pick up any deeper silvers.
  6. I'm going to make my prediction now. GPX 6000, mostly the same as the 5000, other than the chip system to prevent off brand coils 😀
  7. This is the beauty of the forum. If someone builds it someones will buy it and test it and report back. All I have to do is be patient.
  8. Much appreciated Joe. I kinda like Steve's position of keeping the forum focused and on topic so I'll pass on the thread. I'm sure it isn't the only time real world has happened and if it was wanted there would be an off topic area for it. Just having something interesting to read that has nothing to do with neurology is help enough!
  9. I made this version and it worked well and is light as can be. Only change I made was I used a 3/4 inch tubing I spliced to make a circle for the shape instead of PVC, mostly because I had it sitting in my garage.
  10. Have you seen any studies on prices in new Zealand compared to others and how much of the difference is due to consumer protection laws? I like the protections but they tend to get built into prices.
  11. Simon, on the photo it shows the wire soldered onto the post and the tag end extending to short against the post above. Do you think that's intentional and why? I just ask because I know you know this kinda stuff and might have an idea.
  12. Am I reading it right that the 9.5x5.5 is $82 US?
  13. Yeah given the age and break I would think it was on a chain. Good find!
  14. Yeah, I had the same thought, but also didn't want to keep it to myself (it's pretty boring here) or make a thread that is so blatantly off topic. So Simon gets the pleasure of my post 😁
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