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  1. Apparently there are lots of silver coins laying around down there. If you start posting about them too you might start a migration 😀
  2. I dont know much, but I do know that deep down you dont believe that.
  3. I'm going to make my prediction now. GPX 6000, mostly the same as the 5000, other than the chip system to prevent off brand coils 😀
  4. I made this version and it worked well and is light as can be. Only change I made was I used a 3/4 inch tubing I spliced to make a circle for the shape instead of PVC, mostly because I had it sitting in my garage.
  5. Have you seen any studies on prices in new Zealand compared to others and how much of the difference is due to consumer protection laws? I like the protections but they tend to get built into prices.
  6. If it's an area silver has been found silver ore is possible. All I really know though is watching meminer vids on youtube. They rub the silver ore samples hard on their pants or something and the silver will show in some of the rubbed areas.
  7. How hard would it be to convert a GPX battery pack to removable 18650's . If possible that might be the easiest solution for long trips. Then you could just leave the batteries home and buy/borrow new ones when you get there that you leave behind. 18650's are common and cheap pretty much everywhere.
  8. It will be interesting if someone can find the actual regulations. Every single person on the flight is carrying one or more lithium battery (cell, tablet, laptop, power bank, ecig, etc). They power everything now. They could do a size restriction, but anything that restricts a detector should also be hitting laptops size wise. It would be interesting to see the actual regs and probably a good idea to know them better than the check in agent.
  9. As a more general note, I havent tried to put the equinox in a backpack yet but I used to do it lots with the lobo. I personally never found reassembling and disassembling the 3 peice shaft to be cumbersome at all. I doubt it took me a minute.
  10. This is a thread I though was interesting with Steve testing different detectors for gold
  11. That's exactly what I was going to suggest is do some testing. If it passes the bic pin test or detects tiny lead shot it should be fine for occasional gold hunts. If it doesn't detect that small maybe not.
  12. Interesting, didn't know it was an option, although it makes sense. Do you have a link to the part? I'll search around too.
  13. If they can make the magnet strong enough to suck the iron out of the ground without digging I think everyone will be sold on that solution!
  14. Kindred spirit Norvic, I will take the advice to heart.
  15. Haha, everything I do in nugget hunting falls under the "prospecting" heading, I intentionally go to areas that were mined 100+ years ago and ignored since. I do that because there are no current claims to worry about, but there is obviously potential for gold. That said, my recovery rate is currently zero. It's fine, I have fun, but minelab (etc) should hope I find something because the only way I pay thousands on a new detector is cleaning out a new area with the equinox and knowing I can likely find more with xxx detector worth the investment. So far that is certainly not the case. I'm not discouraged, I already have several spots picked out for when the snow melts. But I'm a realist, I fully understand I'm most likely tilting at windmills. I have a severe cold and am quite drunk, so if that doesn't make since, well, sorry...
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