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  1. It probably has to do with target evaluation. When I'm tired or in a crappy mood everything sounds like junk and I pass on more targets. When I'm fresh and positive everything sounds interesting. Its basically having to be convinced to dig vs. Having to be convinced not to dig. The earthworms probably can't eat the grass right up against the coin as they eat the soil as they move through it. The coin blocks them. Good example of what a difference the worms make.
  2. That one looks more interesting than most, doesn't seem like they will go down the over hyped drama road.
  3. You should retire old pinky to a safe dry place. When your daughter moves away and needs a shovel she will really appreciate pinky. Daughters get sentimental about dear old dads AFTER they move out. We get smarter again too. That's my way of saying the teen years you are about to head into dont last forever.
  4. We've seen Simon's gold. I think his hourly after expenses on coins is....well, its infinitely higher, because it's a positive number 🤣
  5. I completely agree. In this non analog age I wish I could pick whatever I wanted, some nice orchestral sounds or something. They all basically emulate the original analog sounds, which were also annoying.
  6. I hope this stays. I had never heard of it. It looks like an amazing special effect, or pouring slag, which I have seen many times and is also very cool.
  7. The fact that I had never heard of the detexperts until your post is indication enough it never got off the ground, at least on YouTube, which is the only one I regularly use. Its interesting they didn't recruit the people that are already popular on YouTube that favor minelab detectors. Minelab is pretty clueless in lots of ways. It's good that they build really good detectors. I dont think they would have made it on marketing or PR skills.
  8. He's doing a piss poor job. He has half of us wanting to move there.
  9. There is a guy I work with, honestly a fairly simple guy intellectually, that bought a Garrett ace 250 a few years ago. He has been out nearly every fair weather day since, has lost about 20 pounds, and is constantly excited about and talking about his finds. If all that joy and well being means there is less for me out there I just dont care. I know you were joking, but really it's so much better than spending a life sitting on the couch watching tv that yeah, I really do want people out there doing it if it's going to be a life positive.
  10. I kind of agree with your sentiment, but a also think about that pallet of detectors at Costco that people are saying is a pretty good detector for less than $100. Something like that is going to introduce lots of people to the hobby. Yeah, most will be used a few times and put away, but some will find a new hobby in their life. It will be their route to ending up in the specialty shop. Without the whim introduction from the cheap widely sold detector maybe they never would have. I think both routes have merit. What I think is great is the availability now of cheap high quality detectors. Nothing will kill the new hobby idea in a person faster than a peice of junk detector that wont really detect much. A person that tries out that under $100 detector and enjoys it is a future customer for higher priced units. Many of them would have never spent $300 or $500 or $1000+ to try out a new activity they dont really know if they will like. But they will if they are already in the hobby and already know they like it and know what they want.
  11. Haha, yep, you found him. I'm sure you will be seeing a reply shortly.
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