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  1. Is that floating dredge tailing piles or? It looks more mixed and less uniform than our dredge piles here.
  2. Man, I really need to learn welding. Great job!
  3. The only thing I dont like about the equinox is the whole chip in the coil thing. I like to tinker and would probably try coil building if not for that. I'm also sure whatever I created wouldn't work all that great (I didn't say I was a good tinkerer) so in the end it probably just saves me the effort.
  4. Its appreciated, I just figure there will be others that want it more.
  5. You might end up waiting a while as every equinox is still under warranty at this point.
  6. Simon, does New Zealand money expire? Just wondering because you keep saying too old to be spent. US money never expires basically so wondering if that is different there.
  7. I've just put in a solid hour of image and site searching and can't find a single one. Treat it with kid gloves like it could buy you another detector until your sure it won't. It seems to be pretty rare. Are there any markings on the back?
  8. Just fyi, the pin is probably worth more than any of the coins. Lots of people collect that stuff.
  9. Yep. We have investors in the US that have stockpiled millions of the pre zink copper pennies waiting for the penny to be discontinued because the copper is worth more than a penny. Its illegal to destroy them until they are discontinued. The problem with having pennies here is nobody cares about them so they end up as a common nuisance item to dig, marginally more exciting than a pull tab. If the average person drops some pennies they wouldn't even bother picking them up. The truly need to dump the penny and nickel here and make 1, 2, and 5 dollar coins instead.
  10. Could be rebar or something else metallic in the cement
  11. I'm quoting this from another thread because, why not. I already wrote it once and I'm lazy. Next time start in park 2, scan for a couple minutes, then switch to park 1 (remember to noise cancel etc, have to do the startup routine after each mode switch) and you will instantly see the difference. Park 1 is specifically designed to ignore all the tiny bits of foil etc, park 2 is designed to include it (cause hey, maybe somebody wants to search for stuff like that). Its actually a good lesson/demonstration on how much the different modes/settings change the machine. I was impressed. Same applies to freshwater beaches. I was having a rough time with tons of phantomish targets everywhere, every few square feet, none of which stayed in the scoop. I finally realized I had accidentally switched it into park 2 after a half hour of searching. Switched back and knocked out 90% of the signals and almost all were recoverable.
  12. I kinda hate you even though I want to be you...it's a weird feeling. Nice finds!
  13. I'm not saying always, but in an area likely to have lost jewelry like a swimming area or an athletic field it's best to. Gold unfortunately covers the same range as aluminum, so to get one you have to dig the other. In areas much less likely to have lost jewelry, or if you just want to target coins than targeting just those coin numbers is fine and a great capability of the detector. If you are finding lots of old aluminum in an area that would also hold jewelry though it basically means NOBODY has searched it for gold, so I'd at least give it a solid effort and see what you find. If you get to the point its driving you nuts then just hunt coin signals the rest of the day. I mean, it is supposed to be fun!
  14. Its interesting my phone with a super marginal signal using data miles and miles from a power line and high voltage power lines carrying data both cause the same reaction. I guess it must have something to do with data transmission modulation? I'm way out of my depth on this one.
  15. If I was on really rough stuff but still needed it accessible I would use a fanny pack, a quick unzip to access, close to zero chance of loss. I was always a fan of fanny packs. My daughters finally shamed me into not using them much but I still have them and still use them sometimes.
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