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  1. 1 Tone, you can here it on videos, signal is louder when target clouser to coil (modulated audio)
  2. If someone want's Moded and Tuned BIG BUD+ (Radio Shack Discovery 2) you can get it Perfect MD to find coins in medium soil without digging iron. Just turn it and go listening for 3 tones. After Sens. Boost depth in Disc. is equal to All metal (not in hard ground). Also it has GB in Disc. mode so it goes much deeper on cooper coins than any Big Bud Pro Mod's: - Custom decals with George Paynes visual signature - Boosted Sensivity - Removed Depth meter - All done to make it light (weight 1,1 kg with shaft) Included: - Metal detector - 8" Mono coil 6,6 kHz (fits
  3. George Peyne know how to made real MDs... All we can do now is make them little better)
  4. I will regret to selling my Teknetiks 7500+ but I have Teknetics 8000 (George Paynes) now and I'm not the collector 😐 stop me?
  5. You can Mod it like I do with Teknetics 7500+, much lighter and comfortable
  6. My Moded Teknetics 7500+ Mod's: - Custom decals with George Paynes visual signature - Boosted Sensivity - Li-ion batteries 800x800 mAh, charging from USB Type-C - Removable Depth/Battery meter (no need to use it) - All done to make it light (weight 1,5 kg with shaft) I found Tek 8000 (same as 7500 but with 9 tones), strange feeling to sell... but it must have new owner. It is one of the best MDs that I used with great Discrimination (iron rejected but not losing gold coins). Ideal for hard ground, 4 filter system sees low conducted targets even with mono coil in VLF Disc
  7. Maybe someone can repeat that test on your vlf md... Target medium size cooper coin. Depth test just for info (not bad for 10" mono).
  8. First test's of MD (6,7 kHz) with better discrim on big iron with mono coil, for quiеt work on super trashy areas. 1st video small cooper coin and gold ring 1 gram near solid iron. 2-3rd. video medium size bronze coin and large round iron with hole.
  9. Is that 9" dual coil has 8 kHz on Nexus SE? If it possible shot some video. The thing is that form of ( )( ) coil runs better in heavy soil on 18 kHz. Low frequency works better on other MD, after testing i'll show you more.
  10. Very heavy soil (salty and black), any other digital md shows ferrous on that deep target. Something like my previous post, live digging.
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