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  1. The detectors were probably on the container ship Ever Given 😝
  2. I preordered one from Gerry back in Feb and from what i understand he has over 20 in his waiting list. It might be more, havent spoke with him in almost a month. I figure it dont pay to keep pestering him with when my detector going to show up. I also have a friend who is getting one from Gerry. I also believe there is plenty of gold out there to be found yet. A person just might have to dig into some research to find patches. A bit of research lead me to my first nugget over a gram (1.4g) and ive only just begun detecting last year basically
  3. I'm not an expert by any means, but wouldn't it make more sense to put the 11" mono that goes with the 5000 on to compare it with the 6000 with its 11"? Just doesn't seem quite apples to apples to me to say the 5000 is better when you are using a different style coil.
  4. Ya i was thinking about a 10” when i was writing this🙄. Plus who had to come over and re locate that piece for you when you lost it 😆. Also just because you dug a 3” deep hole doesnt mean the piece was that deep 🤪
  5. Should have been using a Gold Bug 2 with the 10" coil like us real detectorist use and you would have had more pieces like the ones below! 😛 0.4gn, 0.8gn, 0.5gn, 0.2gn. The 0.8 was about 1" deep, the others were within the top 1/2" or so
  6. This is actually what afreakofnature and I were recently talking about. Except for me I would have my Gold Bug 2 instead. I think its a grand idea to be able to pull out a vlf and quickly see if a target is trash or not. Also been thinking about just carrying along a nalgene bottle to put tiny targets into instead of trying to find them in my scoop, then just pan them out later. Hopefully save some time while out in the field. Hoping the 6000's start showing up in the US soon!
  7. Let your friend buy it and be your infantry 😬
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