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  1. I mean I always figured some if not most of the finds were staged just because you cant have the camera rolling 24/7 but its still something to watch. Ill have to check out some of the other shows suggested on here ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Feeling bored in the cold. Anyone know when Aussie Gold Hunters season 7 starts??
  3. Oh ya Gerry, I know my goose egg days are coming (There's been a couple, I may have exaggerated slightly ๐Ÿคซ). 17" coil would be cool but I gotta get that house built first! I do need to get that 10" for my GB2 for some dredge tailings and some coil covers from you sometime here when you're back from vacation.
  4. I have come to the conclusion that Minelab has discovered alchemy with the GPX6000. It is the only logical conclusion as to why I find gold everytime I go out with it. It must have something to do with all the calculations of the onboard computers and the frequencies of the the pulses into the soil. Maybe a modified flux capacitor is hiding in there. ๐Ÿ˜† Maybe Steve Herschbach has some info on this?? ๐Ÿค”
  5. I got to run the DD for one day about a month ago on my 6. I will say, I was very impressed with its response to EMI. The weekend before that I was in a small gulch that has powerlines running over over the top end of the gulch. I had to stay at the bottom end, about 2-300' away from the power lines with the mono. The DD coil allowed me to detect right underneath the power lines. No noise. Worked beautifully. Didnt get any gold that day but did pick up small lead shot (along with a billion other pieces of trash). AFreakofNature was with me that day with his equinox and we were able to be within 5' of each other! But thats the only time I've used the DD so far. I will most likely need it again in the near future as some of my next locations to check next year are near powerlines as well.
  6. That is a nice looking nugget you got there Rob! That nugget must have been close to the range that the 6 can reach because I had a solid 4.25g nugget at 14" and while it wasn't loud it was definitely noticeable. Or the range of the 6 drops off dramatically somewhere between. But totally agree based off what little I know of the 7 it should outperform the 6 on larger at depth. (otherwise ML would be screwed on their 7000 production lol) Also since there has been some talks of different types of coils. Is there a good thread or book or anything of the sorts that would dive into how coil designs affects depth and sensitivity? Or is that all the secret sauce that every company hold onto.
  7. Nice Finds! One mans trash (or burn barrel) is another mans nugget patch! lol
  8. Thats funny. I think the same thing about mowing the lawn when im detecting. ๐Ÿ˜† I used to mow the parks and cemetery at my home town working for the city when I was in high school and by mid summer when the grass stops growing you had to kinda keep a mental map in your head of where you mowed. (I definitely missed areas still) This is one reason why its always good to go over the area different directions too
  9. I dont mind the shaft twisting. It usually takes a pretty good force to make it twist and its easy enough to twist back. Pushing down on the ground and then twist it back. Also can be really handy to be able to twist it when you are on the edge of old workings or on a hillside. I also tend to find myself liking the controls turned in towards me. Just more comfortable. The only time I really had any issue is when the shaft was wet from a misty day. I could see a nice fix to be is to have longer locks. The added surface area would allow for more friction between the collar and the shaft which would in turn make it harder to twist.
  10. Meant to reply much sooner than this but I found myself caught up with work and sick kiddos. But I wanted to say there has been some great points made. I would have to agree that a patch will most likely never actually run out of gold. Just keep digging deeper! lol Steve makes a good point that if you are still finding garbage, then there's a good chance there is still a piece or three left. Gerry, I guess I will have to buy the new GPZ from you when it comes out and go back to the old patches. ๐Ÿ˜ The idea of frost pushing nuggets up is interesting. In the same way it can heave post or foundations.
  11. I bet that would surprise your nurse someday! I can hear it now, "the guy down the hall eats the crappy nursing home food and shits out gold nuggets!" ๐Ÿ˜†
  12. IdahoPeg, Mine did the same about half a dozen times the first time I went out but it has not done it since. Im thinking there was something, maybe an oil, on the contacts between the battery and the unit. Im just guessing though because its odd to me that it hasnt done it since my first day out. But my headphones will not charge so ill be sending those back this winter when I wont be needing them.
  13. The face that big chunker was a high low and not a low high? Great find Gerry! Love the video!
  14. Curious what you all are looking up on your computers ๐Ÿคจ. Also if you use Google Chrome, add the extension AdBlockPlus and that hides the majority of adds on websites.
  15. As I stating in Gerry's Topic "Does Size and or Success Matter?" I have a follow up question for folks. Again there is no right or wrong answer, more just an open discussion on what you do. When do you consider a patch played out? Do you keep expanding the area even though you've been skunked several times? If so how far do you keep going? How often do you go back to "played out" patches in hopes for finding the ones left behind? Will you scrape a whole are searching for deeper bits? I could keep going on with more questions but I think you are getting my point. When do YOU finally say "I'm done here". I am slightly expecting different answers between those who are hobbyist and those who do this for a living. I would expect those who do this for a living to move on once it does not make financial sense to stay there, but it also might not be as much fun to pick up your scraps when there could be more virgin patches near by. I think this is an interesting topic to discuss and I am curious to see what the more experienced members here have to say!
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