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  1. I mean I always figured some if not most of the finds were staged just because you cant have the camera rolling 24/7 but its still something to watch. Ill have to check out some of the other shows suggested on here ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Feeling bored in the cold. Anyone know when Aussie Gold Hunters season 7 starts??
  3. Oh ya Gerry, I know my goose egg days are coming (There's been a couple, I may have exaggerated slightly ๐Ÿคซ). 17" coil would be cool but I gotta get that house built first! I do need to get that 10" for my GB2 for some dredge tailings and some coil covers from you sometime here when you're back from vacation.
  4. I have come to the conclusion that Minelab has discovered alchemy with the GPX6000. It is the only logical conclusion as to why I find gold everytime I go out with it. It must have something to do with all the calculations of the onboard computers and the frequencies of the the pulses into the soil. Maybe a modified flux capacitor is hiding in there. ๐Ÿ˜† Maybe Steve Herschbach has some info on this?? ๐Ÿค”
  5. I got to run the DD for one day about a month ago on my 6. I will say, I was very impressed with its response to EMI. The weekend before that I was in a small gulch that has powerlines running over over the top end of the gulch. I had to stay at the bottom end, about 2-300' away from the power lines with the mono. The DD coil allowed me to detect right underneath the power lines. No noise. Worked beautifully. Didnt get any gold that day but did pick up small lead shot (along with a billion other pieces of trash). AFreakofNature was with me that day with his equinox and we were able to be within 5' of each other! But thats the only time I've used the DD so far. I will most likely need it again in the near future as some of my next locations to check next year are near powerlines as well.
  6. That is a nice looking nugget you got there Rob! That nugget must have been close to the range that the 6 can reach because I had a solid 4.25g nugget at 14" and while it wasn't loud it was definitely noticeable. Or the range of the 6 drops off dramatically somewhere between. But totally agree based off what little I know of the 7 it should outperform the 6 on larger at depth. (otherwise ML would be screwed on their 7000 production lol) Also since there has been some talks of different types of coils. Is there a good thread or book or anything of the sorts that would dive into how coil designs affects depth and sensitivity? Or is that all the secret sauce that every company hold onto.
  7. Nice Finds! One mans trash (or burn barrel) is another mans nugget patch! lol
  8. Thats funny. I think the same thing about mowing the lawn when im detecting. ๐Ÿ˜† I used to mow the parks and cemetery at my home town working for the city when I was in high school and by mid summer when the grass stops growing you had to kinda keep a mental map in your head of where you mowed. (I definitely missed areas still) This is one reason why its always good to go over the area different directions too
  9. I dont mind the shaft twisting. It usually takes a pretty good force to make it twist and its easy enough to twist back. Pushing down on the ground and then twist it back. Also can be really handy to be able to twist it when you are on the edge of old workings or on a hillside. I also tend to find myself liking the controls turned in towards me. Just more comfortable. The only time I really had any issue is when the shaft was wet from a misty day. I could see a nice fix to be is to have longer locks. The added surface area would allow for more friction between the collar and the shaft which would in turn make it harder to twist.
  10. Meant to reply much sooner than this but I found myself caught up with work and sick kiddos. But I wanted to say there has been some great points made. I would have to agree that a patch will most likely never actually run out of gold. Just keep digging deeper! lol Steve makes a good point that if you are still finding garbage, then there's a good chance there is still a piece or three left. Gerry, I guess I will have to buy the new GPZ from you when it comes out and go back to the old patches. ๐Ÿ˜ The idea of frost pushing nuggets up is interesting. In the same way it can heave post or foundations.
  11. I bet that would surprise your nurse someday! I can hear it now, "the guy down the hall eats the crappy nursing home food and shits out gold nuggets!" ๐Ÿ˜†
  12. IdahoPeg, Mine did the same about half a dozen times the first time I went out but it has not done it since. Im thinking there was something, maybe an oil, on the contacts between the battery and the unit. Im just guessing though because its odd to me that it hasnt done it since my first day out. But my headphones will not charge so ill be sending those back this winter when I wont be needing them.
  13. The face that big chunker was a high low and not a low high? Great find Gerry! Love the video!
  14. Curious what you all are looking up on your computers ๐Ÿคจ. Also if you use Google Chrome, add the extension AdBlockPlus and that hides the majority of adds on websites.
  15. As I stating in Gerry's Topic "Does Size and or Success Matter?" I have a follow up question for folks. Again there is no right or wrong answer, more just an open discussion on what you do. When do you consider a patch played out? Do you keep expanding the area even though you've been skunked several times? If so how far do you keep going? How often do you go back to "played out" patches in hopes for finding the ones left behind? Will you scrape a whole are searching for deeper bits? I could keep going on with more questions but I think you are getting my point. When do YOU finally say "I'm done here". I am slightly expecting different answers between those who are hobbyist and those who do this for a living. I would expect those who do this for a living to move on once it does not make financial sense to stay there, but it also might not be as much fun to pick up your scraps when there could be more virgin patches near by. I think this is an interesting topic to discuss and I am curious to see what the more experienced members here have to say!
  16. Where was he washing his carpets out exactly?? ๐Ÿ˜ Steve, I agree, I tend to find myself jumping back and forth between auto+ and sens10 and always with the threshold on. ( I love waking up in the middle of the night and still hearing the threshold in my head.๐Ÿ˜ ) I really wish the engineers at ML would show where in the sensitivity the 6000 is auto balancing too if its less than the 10 sensitivity. This would give me better confidence in what the computers are doing. As too the question at hand though. I am always relieved to find at least one small tidily winker when I get out but it definitely is way more enjoyable to get bigger bits (0.5g or better). So I would have to say that size does matter to me. I can always get grain size flakes sluicing if I really wanted to be going after gold that small. But, this also brings up a question I've had and I'll just make a new post so wait to answer on there. But that's when do you give up on a patch/how many times getting skunked until you move on or find it not worth your time going back even if your not getting skunked.
  17. Gerry, I was informed your detector never swung in SD but only in WY ๐Ÿ˜
  18. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ I believe he mentioned he was rather busy at the moment with fulfilling orders. I definitely will take his class, just currently busy with building a house and two young kiddos taking up alot of my time and vacation. Also as "Brian" mentioned above, We travel over into WY to get our nuggets
  19. Oh for sure computers can better adjust settings quicker and more accurately. As long as the engineering behind the algorithms is solid, which with ML I tend to think they know what they are doing more than me! But if I can already run in 9 or 10 sensitivity and maybe get a little chatter, wouldn't that be better than having it auto adjust to say 7. Maybe I am not fully understanding what it is doing in Auto and Auto+
  20. Grab a bag of popcorn and a beer, this is gonna be a long read. (Skip to the third paragraph if you are only interesting in my review of the GPX 6000) Before getting into why I decided to purchase a GPX 6000, I would like to give some background into what got me to the point of making that purchase. My friend "Brian" (Yes the one from Gerry's visit to SD) had been nagging on me that detecting is WAAAY better than sluicing or highbanking for gold. Me being stubborn, I would not listen to him as I was told by many of old prospectors "Theres no nuggets here". Were they hiding something or just oblivious to the truth, I do not know. After a year of recirculated highbanking on my dry claim and "Brian" detecting, it became clear to me that there is some truth to the message he had been preaching to me. That fall I purchased a Gold Bug 2. I loved that it is all analog inputs that require you to actually understand what the different knobs do. It allowed me to gain a better understanding of what the detector was doing. Not just letting the computer on it think for me. That fall gained me no nuggets as I was learning not only the detector but how to be successful at detecting. Many frustration finally led to my first small nugget that next summer. I was getting pretty good I thought as I would come home with a pocket full of tiny lead beebees and if I was lucky, a small nugget. I felt comfortable with the GB2, until I noticed that even though I felt I was doing well with the GB2, "Brian" was doing even better with his SDC2300 and GPZ7000. He would go back over areas I had just detected and pick up what I left behind. It was a perfect game for him as i would clear the garbage and shallow smaller nuggets and he would get the deeper larger ones. ๐Ÿ˜ค ๐Ÿ˜„ I would even come back over to where he would have a target and check it with my GB2. It became obvious to me that ML technology had a clear advantage over my GB2. About the time I decided to go all in on purchasing a GPX 6000, I joined the detector prospector forum. I did more research into my GB2 and read Steve Herschbach write up on the GB2. Running the settings "hot" still didnt match the performance of the Minelabs detectors. After talking it over with the wife, I gave a call to Gerry at Gerrys Detectors, and after a pleasant 20min call with him I was sold. I gave him my deposit and waited patiently for my GPX to show up at my doorstep. Gerry, being the outstanding man he is, hand delivered it to me as soon as it had shown up at his store. (perfect timing pays off ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Our first day out was a total success. I bagged the largest nugget of the day weighing in just under 2g, my largest at the time. Gerry and "Brian" also did well, both scoring more nuggets and pickers than me. This was also my first gold from this patch. The ground at this patch was very mineralized and had many hot rocks. Listening to my GB2 was a nightmare and I had not been successful at getting any gold from there until this day. There is probably more I can learn on the GB2 but I feared with the larger nuggets being around 10" deep my only chance was to run hot. The GPX ran like a dream comparatively. I was not used to the wobbling threshold that this detector has and it took me some getting used to. We were also less than 500' from a larger powerline and I was still able to get two nuggets that day.(and yes we were just running the 11" Mono) I was able to learn from Gerry while he was there on his trip, but he made the comment to me that I was already doing very well. Everything I learned up this point was from "Brian" who took Gerry's class from one of his past purchases. Gerry and his team must do extraordinary training as I only have had second hand training thru "Brian". I hope to make one of Gerry's training trips to get a chance to do some more detecting with him and his team! On to the GPX6000. This detector has been a dream!! And I really mean that! Ergonomics are very important and ML has indeed hit this one out of the park. I never ran a 4500 or 5000 so I cannot compare to them, but "Brian" has let me run his GPZ, and I was tired after an hour with that detector. Even though the GPX is slightly heavier than a GB2, I do not notice the weight. I can go for 8 hours and not be completely dead, unless of course I am digging a lot of targets! ๐Ÿ˜„ The controls are very straight forward. One thing I always liked about the GB2 is it is quite literally turn it on and go. With at least the SDC and GPZ (as these are my only other references) there seamed to be a long start up. Not with the GPX, turn it on and in 10 seconds you can be swinging. The onboard speaker is decent. I think I would have preferred it to be by the display as the sound is coming from behind you instead of in front of you. Its not a huge deal, I can still hear it fine, I just find that when your coil is making noise going over grass and banging on rocks, I find it harder to concentrate on the threshold. With that being said, I do prefer to run with the headphones as this allows me to concentrate better on what I am listening to. I know there have been alot of complaints about EMI. I would say that the first 15min seem to be extra chatty but after that it seems to settle into it. Maybe it is just my mind canceling it out, but I do not find much issues with EMI. I even leave my IPhone on in my backpack which is usually anywhere from 20'-100' away from me. When I do notice more EMI, I just click the noise cancel and in roughly 12 seconds I am going again. The one thing I noticed is there is about a 5 second delay after running the noise cancel(7 seconds) before it is running properly. (probably has something to do with an averaging function that it is running) The threshold is a bit different to listen to for me at least. Its more of a wobbly hum. Once you get in tune with it you just listen thru it and the targets are obvious. Even when you think you've heard a target, just a simple swing back over the same spot and you will have your answer. The collapsible shaft is spot on. It packs down small so it does not take up much space. Its also nice for getting thru thick areas in the woods. I do not like to overtighten the nuts as this then allows me to twist the coil about the shaft instead of twisting my wrist or arm to keep the coil parallel with the surface. It is also more comfortable for me to not hold the display straight up but more turned in towards me. I do not like to run on the automatic sensitivity settings as I do not like the idea of the computer making changes that I am no controlling. (even though I know it is doing some automatic changes with ground tracking) I have been mostly running on 8-10 for sensitivity and normal soil. The spots I have mostly been to are fairly mild soils. When I get a target, I will give it a little scrap and check again in difficult. If the target is still there then I go after it. I have found that the normal soil setting can give you maybe an inch or so of extra depth. If there is a target there, It will go off on both after scraping a little off the surface. I have noticed that the difficult ground settings will give a better response to small nuggets. On to the gold! When I say that this has blown me away, I mean it! I know I am not very versed with other detectors, so for some of you this may not be as impressive as it has been for me. My first trip out after Gerrys visit, I go to a patch we call the E patch. We have worked this patch on and off for several years now and had felt fairly certain we were done here. There is a lot of garbage here, and I mean A LOT of garbage and most of it is tiny shrapnel and the thinnest pieces of wire I have ever seen. My first day here with the GPX banked me 42 pieces of trash and 5 nice nuggets with the two larger ones weighing in both just over 1g. As you can see, that pinpointer is about 10" long and there is another 2" of soil above that. This piece was right at 1g. This was my gold from that day. The top left is the one shown in the hole above. Needless to say, I was a happy camper that day. My next day out with the detector would net me 10 more little nuggets. I have to say, it is a blast when you are getting that many pieces no matter how big they are! It is hard to read, but that total was 1.14g. The smallest of these was 0.03g and this was about 2" deep. In fact this scale would not register it. I had to use a more precise scale to get a measurement. The last day I was out once again surprised me. Both the detector and this location! In about 2 hours I was able to pull out another 10 pieces! this time though the weight would be 8.25g of gold! With the largest piece coming in at 4.25g! My largest pieces yet! This also puts me in the lead for largest nugget of the year in one of my running bets with "Brian". These bets are for a beer for each bet ๐Ÿ˜‰ The depth of the largest nugget was about 14". The image is deceiving. I dug a narrow hole but if i put my hand straight across from the scoop, there was at least another 2" of soil above my hand and the scoop is roughly 12" long. The depth of this piece was about 8". Again this image is deceiving as the hole was fairly wide at the top so the scoop is laying down more. This piece weighed in at 0.35g To sum things up, YES I am well pleased with this detector. It has delivered me gold that I missed with my GB2. It has given me the confidence right from the get go. I know that if there is gold under my coil, this is giving me the best chance of seeing it. I no longer have to wonder if I am missing targets that other detectors would see. Overall I find this detector fairly easy to use and the light weight makes it easy to use all day. Will I ever pay this detector off, that depends on what you mean. It has already paid for itself in fun! It may very well pay for itself financially someday, but I will rely on my full time job to feed me. ๐Ÿ˜† I can not wait for further usage of this detector and will always remember the awesome time I had detecting with the legendary Gerry McMullen! Like I said above, the GPX6000 is not just a detector... It is a thrill ride!
  21. Apple basically did that with their phones. ๐Ÿ˜‚. That is if you wanna use corded earbuds
  22. I would tend to think that locking the coils down with the chips not only protects their detectors but also protects them financially. If you messed up your detector before by putting some cheap(or maybe not cheap) coil on your detector and it screws up the detector, you send it in and its covered under warranty and ML covers the cost because they have no way in proving that you didn't put an aftermarket coil on. Its not like they are making more money by only allowing their coils to go on the detector because they only offer 3 coils currently and it comes stock with 2 of them. Seems logical to me (as a mechanical engineer, so what do I know) that would protect your products however you can. Just about all major companies are making it harder to put aftermarket products on. Try putting an aftermarket stereo in a newer car, almost impossible.
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